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#Bukowski had it, as did #Kafka & #Woolf, & they were kind enough to pass it along to me. And if Kafka & Woolf ever had a bastard child... I write. I author. I wonder: Am I a #Writer ? Am I an #Author ? I wander, and as I wander I wonder and I ponder. Therfore, indeed, I am a wondering, pondering wanderer. I know that I am full of wonder and that I write of my wonders. Perhaps, then, I am a wonderful writer? #FarewellTour2018 https://www.minds.com/blog/view/911270575966658560 #Revelation It Took 64 Years https://www.minds.com/JudahKessler/blog/revelation-995161551064424448 #Music #DeutsheMusik #Deutschland #Schlager (und #Schlaflieder) meine deutsche Hitparade Schlagersahne von Deutshcland "Cream of the Hits" from Germany. https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1083102166025228288/feed Studio Minds https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1079580506033430528/feed
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And when we part from them, no matter how the parting be, they always remain there, in our hearts, a gentle purring, the call in the morning, the warmth against our soul... always & forever.
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#MyNY #MyLogo © I've grown tired of the political associations with my "home state" of New York. Yes, I'm a "New Yorker" (Noo Yawkuh, as it were), lived 97% of my life-time in "The City" of NY, across The Bronx (where I have 3 generations of history), Manhattan, Queens & a short residence in Brooklyn, but I've also lived/resided in the Hudson Valley, the Shawangunk mountains, & "The North Country" (which is actually a geo-political region, clearly defined & delineated) Adirondack Mountain "Blue Line" region. "New Yorkers" are, by history & heritage, strong of work ethic, never shying from even the most arduous labour, from construction of contemporary high-rise skyscrapers to the provision of food, supplying local & global populations. We are urban, metropolitan & rural by life-style. We are ultra-contemporary, "avant garde" & "rustic". We are creative, imaginative, aware of & sensitive to the concerns of planet & persons. We are intelligent, collegiate & auto-didactic. We are compassionate, sympathetic, empathetic. We are also notoriously "conservative", in politics & common living, believing in hard work & the philosophy of "What is good enough for one is good enough for all." And we are diverse, in all aspects of life & being. We are tolerant, as long as actions of others are not detrimental to us or others. Our state is as diverse, geographically as well as geo-politically, as our people. From the most contemporary of cities to the wilderness regions of our state park-lands, including the Catskill & Adirondack parks, designated as "Forever Wild". It is also home to some of the most diverse flora & fauna to be found, enjoyed, admired, loved & cherished. We, "New Yorkers" are NOT our government, nor are we simply "New York City". Many are familiar with the "I Love NY" (or "I 'heart' NY") jingles, logos, &c. I find that all too vague, & all too often associated with NY city. Therefore, today, I present the "MY NY" logo. A heart which surrounds the image of a brilliantly sun-illuminated horizon view of part of our 6 million acre (2428116 hectares) "Adirondack State Park". "MY NY" (My New York) is MORE than just the politics, MUCH more than the stereotypes. "MYNY" is the land, the water, the people, our work, our leisure, our history, culture, our attitudes, our stoicism, our work ethics, our dialects, our architecture, & every aspect in between & beyond. I'm at the end of my tolerance of/for the insidious misrepresentations of New Yorkers. (Yes, we're "tolerant", but not accepting of abuse, which "common reputation" has burdened us with for decades, if not longer.) So, to this end, I present "MyNY", "My NY" & extend a warmest welcome to ALL "New Yorkers" of value, respect & dignity to copy the attached & use it as you wish, with respect. Attach it to "your New York" as you wish. (I'll be working on various "official" merchandise in the coming days, but wanted to post this now, in preparation for a new "campaign", as it is, focused on the greatness of the STATE of NY & our people. Contributions will be most sincerely appreciated. "DM" for details.)
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