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Hello friends ! How are you all? Im in austria 10 minutes away to the border of italy .as some of you maybe know is there an hard outbreak of covid-19 virus.even if austria is still low in offical infected people ..our country stop now everything.closing schools ..bigger bars ..export / inport ..surgerys ...normal life contacts..and so on....allready 2 weeks back shops in my region had become empty with food.we have allready problems to get medicine and antibiotic or desinfection also the economy breaks allready.the media is full of lies ..sometimes only panic news..or like in austria calm and not serious about the real situation our goverment had took it too easy and well yes now we have a mess pls i wanne know how you all feel the impact in your real life with this virus in your country? Bec . The news ..i dont trust if i see what happen here not a parnanoid panic person ..but we do feel heavy now that history changes with this event Many greetings and stay save friends @minds
Feeling like the lord of the BOT's #minds #art #byme
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