Kestrel Black


I do art stuff and sometimes take pictures. Believer in free speech and free expression. Busy with commissions and my day job.
If anyone was wondering what my #coronart tags were about. Certainly, @denungeherrholm wasn't the only one to come up with the hashtag but his idea is definitely something I can get behind. For those of you who read my posts you may know I recently submitted my art to a show, that was canceled shortly after. As a, for lack of a better term, part time artist the pandemic certainly isn't hurting me financially as much as some. I'm lucky I suppose. But I'm still feeling it. So please #support your favorite artists and creatives however you can. And definitely show Kim some appreciation and support. He was the first traditional artist I found here on minds, and is one of my favorites. Even if all you can do is remind the coronart story, it would be much appreciated. #supportartists
I know a took a couple days off, so this is day 13 of Coronart. I guess I missed inking, so I did something a bit different (for me). Tell me if you like it. Would love to get the feedback. #art #coronart #isolationart ##watercolor #myart
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