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Minds Soapbox

Gerry GeronimoJun 4, 2019, 6:20:14 PM

This is an index to a series of blogs I've recently written about Minds.

When I started this series of blogs, I didn't know where it was headed. Nor the number of blogs in the series.

The first two blogs tried to explain where I'm coming from as a Minds consumer using the Safari browser.

* Too Much Information, So Little Time

* Entertained and Informed

I then explained the parts of Minds I found useful to me. YMMV (Your mileage may vary) and probably will.

* Consuming Minds

* Controlling Your Newsfeed

* Your Subscriptions To Minds Channels

* Minds Newsfeed Interactions

* The Minds Channel

* Minds Notifications

* Minds Shadow Banning?

At this point, I started thinking about what I think Minds needs to "walk the talk" on censorship.

* Minds Value Proposition

* Minds Block Channel

* Minds Hide Boost

* Minds NSFW

* Minds Jury System

* Real Power to the People

* Simplicity

Minds already has the tools to empower its users to control what they read, see, and hear for themselves. And to remove Minds completely from moderation.

The key is Block Channel which must block all posts from a channel, whether reminded, boosted, or part of "unsubscribed feeds."

Minds must make it easy to Block Channel. I'm not really sure how it is done because I've only blocked one channel who tried to scam me. I'm not into blocking channels.

I suspect that Block Lists will become very popular if Minds follow this direction.