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Minds Jury System

Gerry GeronimoJun 1, 2019, 6:54:07 PM

Ditch the Minds Jury System.

The Minds Jury System is simply a cover for the moderation decisions made by Minds.

Empower the Minds user to make his/her own decision to read, see, and hear what s/he wants.

Minds can easily do this by modifying its existing tools: subscription, block channel, hiding boost, and the NSFW option.

The key tool is block channel. It must be modified to block all posts by a channel, whether it is a remind, boosted post, or part of an "unsubscribed feed." Completely. And without exceptions.

Then Minds totally eliminates its need for any moderation.

Including the Minds Jury System.

The onus is placed on the user to do his/her own moderation. Minds provides the tools.

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