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☕️🇬🇧🌹🦁🏵 English rose Gen X-er. Northern lass now on the South Coast. Hobbyist photographer and gardener. 📸 👩‍🌾🪴 Avid drinker of tea. 🫖 Music lover. ☺️ 🎧 Minor fantasy geek. Sometimes write a bit of fiction. Occasional graphic designer. Also interested in upcycling, dicking about with AI graphics, and home improvement/decor. I like bringing life back to old and/or rather sad-looking things (including myself - results have been mixed). ✨️ 🐼
location_onEngland, United Kingdom
The place to go when you realize you are not a meme lord
An unaffiliated and certainly unauthorized rip-off of MemeSupreme for Dog Memes.
This group is all about memes poking fun at history or trying to educate with bite-sized bits of information in a comedic meme format. THE RULES 1. Memes must have something to do with history. 2. Try to have fun. 3. The sidebar chat can be used as a live chat. 4. No spam. 5. No Nazi, Fascist or Communist apologists or posts. Posts unironically supporting these ideologies may be subject to moderation. 6. Historical Revisionism may be subject to moderation. Let's get our nerd on. Use #historymemes if you can please. Group created by @megamouthgames Mods: @ghoul777 @coel
Frog posting and frens Please don't Fedpost. Non-frens stay away!
This group is a place to upload images, preferably ones you created, made or took yourself. The group is moderated by long standing members and creators in our community. The general rules are as follows: We're always open to improvements and ideas! - No Memes - No short links - No Porn or explicit content - Only moderators may share urls Check out more groups in our little community https://mindsgaming.glitch.me/ #MindsGaming #Photography #Art
England, United Kingdom
Feb 2021
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