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🌹☕️ 👩‍🌾👩‍🎨 English rose, anti-woke, Gen X-er. Weary of cancel culture, the rejection of nuanced thinking, and tinnitus. I take photographs, grow things, read and drink tea a lot. Music lover. I write a little fiction, purely for my own enjoyment, and I've usually got a few random decor/home improvement projects on the go. I'm a former digital illustrator, currently on hiatus due to shoulder injury, but I still have great love for character design, and digital clothing design. My programs of choice were Marvelous Designer and PoserPro. Most of the figures in my illustrations are characters from my own fictional worlds. Law graduate - some time back in the Jurassic Age - and still have an interest in certain areas of this field. ⚖️ I have an online gallery for my artwork at: raina-hopkins.deviantart.com My existing works are available for commercial licensing. 📸📚☕️🌺☺🍧🎶 ✒️📜
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The Constitution Matters. Without it we have nothing. You can never ignore the principles & core values on which the USA was founded. It’s principles and standards are what.makes it great. It’s never about “We the Government” no, it’s the People that matter , it’s the people that ultimately rule. Be careful worthless & crooked politicians, we will always find a way to Flush you on Election Day.

Just trying to enjoy life one bud at a time. Posting stuff I found on the internet. Shit out there is getting crazy, don’t bogart that, pass it along.

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Official Meme viewer

Ciao, I'm Elaine and welcome to @lacasadielaine.... my virtual home on Minds..... Decorated in a theme of 'eclectic-chic', you will find favorite images my camera lens has seen throughout the years, I hope you enjoy them too..... And, I LOVE to craft..........tra la tra la........so I'll be sharing the wreaths and items I design and decorate........... Expressions of my love of life are displayed here... As I dance through life, dance with me........... Ciao................. ( ❤️ ❤️ )

Content undecided.(story of my life)

England, United Kingdom
Feb 2021
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