Raina 🌹🎄☃️

🌹☕️ 👩‍🌾👩‍🎨 English rose, anti-woke, Gen X-er. Weary of cancel culture, the rejection of nuanced thinking, and tinnitus. I take photographs, grow things, read and drink tea a lot. Music lover. I write a little fiction, purely for my own enjoyment, and I've usually got a few random decor/home improvement projects on the go. I'm a former digital illustrator, currently on hiatus due to shoulder injury, but I still have great love for character design, and digital clothing design. My programs of choice were Marvelous Designer and PoserPro. Most of the figures in my illustrations are characters from my own fictional worlds. Law graduate - some time back in the Jurassic Age - and still have an interest in certain areas of this field. ⚖️ I have an online gallery for my artwork at: raina-hopkins.deviantart.com My existing works are available for commercial licensing. 📸📚☕️🌺☺🍧🎶 ✒️📜
location_onEngland, United Kingdom
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