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☕️🇬🇧🌹🦁🏵 English rose Gen X-er. Northern lass now on the South Coast. Hobbyist photographer and gardener. 📸 👩‍🌾🪴 Avid drinker of tea. 🫖 Music lover. ☺️ 🎧 Minor fantasy geek. Sometimes write a bit of fiction. Occasional graphic designer. Also interested in upcycling, dicking about with AI graphics, and home improvement/decor. I like bringing life back to old and/or rather sad-looking things (including myself - results have been mixed). ✨️ 🐼
location_onEngland, United Kingdom
Composer for Sector Six, Light of The Locked World, Ephemeron & more! Level 34 Bardbarian
Queen of controversial conversations.
Free thought lives! Unorthodox viewpoints in politics, science and art | To submit an article contact [email protected] http://quillette.com/
Irascible, foul-mouthed, drunken, skirt-chasing, but generally lovable author of fiction.
Hey, I'm white and orange (very unpopular right now), about 1'5 (ear to paw), and all Feline. I am available for photoshoots (nude only, no fashion) and modeling. I am also interested in adverts and video/film (DM me for hourly/daily rates... starting at four/six figures respectively). I will not work with dogs or politicians (both tend to leave me puffy...). I'm also involved in a serious relationship with the bunny across the street, so... no, I'm not into you and no, I won't do private parties.
Part-time joker and baker, find me here or on my IG page https://www.instagram.com/otter.goodies/
I'm a “Boudoir in Nature” model. My photos is: -= ART =- https://nonnie.bio.link
La exitosa bloguera de Laura
My name is Madison! I have always loved art, its gotten me through so many difficult and trying times. I first learned how to paint ceramics when I was very young. In high school I learned about many other mediums and although I never finished an Art Degree in college I did learn much more about painting. Today my dream is becoming a reality, I'm building an art-based business and am able to care for my children with it! I work mostly with acrylic paints and canvases, however I do enjoy mixing it up from time to time. I love sculpting jewelry and small figures with polymer clay, painting on wood, rocks, denim, even 3-D printed items and so much more. When I'm feeling artistically stuck I like to make bows and other small crafts. I also enjoy my garden - its art to me :) you can find my business site at https://creativephoenixarts.com
England, United Kingdom
Feb 2021
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