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Not only antifungal Organic Fungus Nuker creams, but you can also find a vast selection of other foot care products, such as pedicure kits [], toenail softening creams, and foot care creams [] here at great prices.Toenail fungus syndrome affects at least two to eighteen percent of the population of the world, including from about three to five percent of the American people. The good news is that children under 18 are less likely to be affected, but people grow more vulnerable to this problem as they get older. It is surprising that more than 2.5 million Americans suffering from this malady, do not consider it necessary to seek cures for toe fungus, even with the advice of a podiatrist.Probably few people consider toenail fungus to be a serious problem, but the fact is that the fungus is contagious and can even spread from one foot to the other. The infection is even easier to see in certain conditions: public areas such as locker rooms or showers; in people like athletes and military personnel; or in victims of AIDS and other diseases.The toenail infection is caused mainly by one of several fungi, which colonizes when dirt accumulates around nails and cuticles. Trichophyton rubrum is the most common cause by far, though there are other such fungi. People who live unhealthy lifestyles are especially prone to toenail infection. The fungus can easily grow on sweat- soaked feet. Wearing dirty shoes and socks also creates a fertile environment for the condition.

Living the Vegan life with my 16 year old non-vegan daughter in the Oil Patch..

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