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Amateur photography from Wisconsin and anywhere I get the opportunity to explore. All images are my own. Tips are greatly appreciated they help me fund my adventures to create these images. Thank you to everyone who has contributed!!! Prints available in Canvas, Metal, Acrylic & Fine Art Paper. Go to:
location_onWisconsin, United States

Self taught Artist Blacksmith, avid skier, avid whitewater kayaker, outdoor loving, family man.

Abstract and fine art photographer. Well kind of anyway. I can be found in Springfield, OR. Home of the Simpsons. Decided it was time to slowly back away from the current major social media sites, away from the politics and drama and kind of get a fresh start. I tend to say what I think rather quickly. Being as my only filters are the ones on camera lenses this has been known to piss people off?? Dad always said “Better pissed off than pissed on.”

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Wisconsin, United States
May 2019
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