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WHBQ | SUN STUDIO, MEMPHIS Dewey Phillips radio booth at Sun Studio. In 1954, WHBQ was acquired by RKO General, which later turned it into a leading Top 40 station. Its reputation was developed by Dewey Phillips, a disc jockey who played rhythm and blues music on his night time show, "Red, Hot and Blues." In 1954, Phillips played a recording of "That's Alright Mama" by Elvis Presley, a young truck driver and budding musician, marking the first time an Elvis recording was broadcast on the radio. Copyright Amanda White 2019 #art #myphoto #travel #indoors #photography
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WAITING FOR SUMMER | NOVA SCOTIA - (RE-UPLOADED DELETED BY ACCIDENT) No boating on the lake at this time of year! I have shot this boat house a few times in the past, usually in Autumn rather than Winter so it was nice to get a fresh take on it. Copyright Amanda White 2016 #art #myphoto #travel #outdoors #photography
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