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@MrGsRoundhillNY Rising out of age-old (early 1970's) ashes, from memories of ever-aging & vanishing souls, Mr.G's was a place of solace, respite, escape... music, dance, love, drama, living and Life. There won't be a lot of politics here, hopefully not too much arguing but a lot of discussion, debating, reminiscing and yes... #Music #70sMusic !  (And other years, other places, other languages, other cultures... because that's what G's was: "Other".) For more info, history, comments, &c. please visit: There's a "forum" you can participate in, to contact people, start a discussion, communicate. You're always welcome to send messages of suggestions, recommendations, I read them and I take them to heart. If you have photos you'd like to post, they're always welcome.The site is as the place was: Open... always open. And of course, there's always right here, where you're equally welcome and always appreciated. G's was that way... this is G's legacy. Meanwhile, please accept my heart-felt gratitude to you for being a part of this little bit of Heaven on the Internet. I appreciate it more than just some typed words can express. In addition to the music posted here on the channel, AND the Juke-Box on the web-site, come by the "Group" where it's music across the ages... and nothing but music: *** THE 20s *** Announcing: the "new group/juke-box" dedicated specifically and solely to the #Music of the 20s!!! Come by, have a listen, add your favourites. ADDITIONALLY: 46th Anniversary of the devastation of The Lodge: Four New "Groups" featuring the music of #1971 #1972 #1973 #1974 *** SPECIAL THANKS *** To those of you who are supporting this channel THANK YOU for giving a real breath of life! And be sure to come to the site where you're listed ON-LINE with gratitude: (in alphabetical order): @chesschats @darkstormz_entertainment @Debrasmith48 @delastman @FretzCapo @GenXpat @gwensyoung @Israphel @Jim270 @JudahKessler @JK_Woodhauler @Keffus @kestrel_black @lilycreek @Luculent @Milica42 @mizantroop @moto1 @naturespirit @PapaTroll @roo3story @Secftblgirl @Southerndream @the_artist @TheStrike @tomtomandt @UndercoverAngel @Willieleev1971 @yelruhasil
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Mr. G's Round Hill Lodge isn't just a memory of a place once beloved by many, and it isn't just a "channel" or a "blog"... "The Lodge", as we knew it, it now part of the great ether. Once only a notion & a dream, G's is now it's own web-site where, as G's, "The Lodge" always did for so many, the "doors are open" 24/7 & the "Welcome" is always the warmest. Friend, stranger, sojourner, all who were there were true Family, & so too, all who come to the site. You'll find a "juke-box" with some of the "hits" that were played by & for all, to keep the dancing, the joy, the memories, the love forever alive through the nights, the week-ends, the holidays... every and any day or night one happened to drop in. #Music... #60sMusic, #70sMusic, a little bit of "soul" & a LOT of "get off your ahhhh". There's a little bit of "history", some images, "Souvenirs" (that I'm hoping more folks will feel free to contribute to). There's a "forum/board" where all are welcome to share memories of old or begin new memories. And there's a "Thank You" page, with a list of those who have been SO incredibly wonderful in helping to support his channel (which keeps the memory of some of the most wonderful days for a great many, very much alive). Please, when you have a moment, stop by, peruse the pages, listen to the music (AND DANCE!). And if you will, please leave a note at the "Sojourners" page. But no matter what, always know that the site, as with this channel (& other social media presences) it's all done with the deepest & most sincere love... and you're ALL a part of a heart that created this... You're ALL held in deepest respect, esteem & gratitude.
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Latest News: The "Juke-Box" 1971-1974 Top 100 Billboard Hits! I can't believe how quickly all the years have passed! It's said that the older we get, the quicker it all goes by & yes, that's more than certainly true! On Monday, 20 January 2020, 46 years will have vanished between now & that horrific, cold and sleet-full night when the stately old "main house" of Mr. G's was transformed into a cloud of black smoke and a cluster of sparkling red cinders, sent Heaven-bound & taken away from all of us who had called it our destination, our respite, our resort and, for some of us (if not many), our "home". This channel was created to commemorate G's, to keep it some-what "alive", & primarily dedicated to the era that was "G's"... the early 1970s. And since music was such an integral part of the place, the people, the experience, "MrGsRoundHillNY" at Minds has been, for the most part, rather dedicated to the music of that time. There's been changes to the channel, to the "Juke-Box" page on the parent site AND to the "Groups" on Minds, trying to keep things "fresh", keep the channel & the site "alive". Best to check the "Blog" on the site for the particulars at the direct link below. If you've not been too the site before, I hope you'll browse around. Along with an historical blurb (the actual history of G's remains a bit of a mystery), there's a direct contact page AND an open, free-to-post-and-participate "forum" that I hope you'll be inspired to use at will. (The forum is "moderated" but not "censored", primarily to eliminate spamming & inappropriate content.) The "Juke-Box" listing, created, at first, specifically for Minds-folks, is now up to over 600 entries/links with modifications to that as well... easier to navigate. Please, click/check the link, have a read, have a browse, but above all else, accept the most sincere gratitude for your on-going support of this channel & the parent site. No, there's no financial investment involved; your comments here, "up-votes", "wires" & visits are all the "support" needed. Except for the occasional "do", or to take room, there was never a charge to be at G's... that tradition continues. Thank you ALL, with all sincerity... thank you.
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