Big Old Donkey blocking the Produce Department. Send in Animal Control Unit. I only post my own original photography. I look at all the astounding and amazingly beautiful, weird and even common sights, realizing how special every cell, every atom is, much less the utterly incomprehensible totality of existence. I hope to capture some tiny measure of that awe and wonder with my photography. Thank you to all of you who like my photos and have subscribed to my channel. My flower photos are taken "en plein air" in natural light and are not staged.

I write my own words, I take my own photos. I live in Saigon, Vietnam, and this channel is the overflow room of my mind, excluding all the fiction I write. Whisky enthusiast and connoisseur. Gourmet and gourmand. Pretentious and self-deprecating. Teacher, photographer, writer and entrepreneur.

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I am a proud citizen of the United States of America. I am revolted by the mounting evidence that seems to link Trump with Russia criminal behavior and becoming President as a result of Russia's interference. I am heart-sick that a President and an AG would cruelly and brutally steal children from their parents' arms without any intention of returning them. It sickens me to know this was done to inflict as much pain as possible to people that only wanted a better, safer life for their children. I believe this is a crime against humanity and one day Trump and Sessions will have to answer charges for these actions. I hate hearing the President and some members of the GOP accusing without proof the intelligence community of misconduct. I am appalled by the threats of Trump to interfere in the Justice system. I am filled with rage hearing the President insult me by lying about issues where the truth is readily available. I am not stupid and despise that Trump thinks I am. I hate the attacks by the GOP and Trump on the press. They are protected by our constitution and are the heroes that work long hours investigating issues, policies, events, and people, and once they have multiple sources, they report the facts. They are the heroes of our nation by presenting the truth to the citizens where too many elected officials, especially those in the WH, lie constantly. And I hate the false term fake news which Trump thinks is so clever. It’s not. There is no fake news, only lies and the ones I hear are coming from his mouth and those of his toadies. I am sick of watching and listening to the President disparage people of color. I am sick and tired of Trump insulting our allies and fawning over our enemies. I am furious at members of Congress, almost exclusively the GOP who sees these un-American actions taken by Trump but who are too lazy, or too spineless or too corrupt to act. Their duty is to the citizens not to the GOP or their wealthy campaign donors. The America I know, the one I grew up loving is worth fighting for. I ask everyone to let Trump and the GOP know they can not, will not overpower the millions of patriots that put country before party and will resolutely stand against those that seek to subvert our government and our way of life. I hope you feel the same way.

Jul 2017
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