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Hello Visitor, My name is Dennis Haupt aka 3DHaupt. I am a 3d-artist for modeling, texturing, rigging and animation since 2008. My favor software is Blender 3d but I also work with 3d-Coat or other 3d/2d-programs.​​ I use minds as portfolio and blog and I really like it. Here are some other websites I'm also using: Homepage: My 3d models and animations on Sketchfab: My gallery on Artstation: Free3d: Sharecg: Blend Swap:
Very Best in Computer Animation
As our Universities betray us, acquiescing to the childish demands of marxist thought police, our governments silence us with free speech restrictions and mandatory language, our airwaves communicate only the acceptable narratives. Europeans and North Americans forced into a macabre death dance as hosts of the diversity project. Too many have already fallen in-line chirping the mantra of the blind collective. Subjective feelings trump reason and fact. War is upon us and our weapons of Truth and Logic become illegal under the weight of expansive government, driven by the whims of minuscule minds. Have we woken up to find the current year is 1983, only to bear witness to the death knoll of enlightenment and to lurch obediently toward that most ominous year? Deus Vult!, Fág an Bealach!, Tyr!, Odin eier dere alle! Odin ejer jer alle! Til Valhall!, Dex Aie!, Urrah! Hakkaa päälle!, Alala!, Desperta Ferro! Barritus!, Oorah! Hooah! Hooyah!, Ut Ut Ut! .
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