Unmaskingthepoet: Here I post videos of me reciting my poetry that I write under the pen name REbEL WAStE. The theme of the channel name UNMASKiNG-tHE-POEt is the concept of how writing and expression in this fashion is a way for us to remove the masks we wear, opening ourselves up to all that exists, both safe and terrifying. The strait jacket is an extension of this theme, worn to demonstrate "all that binds" us in ourselves. The removal of the mask and strait jacket at the end of the videos show the unfettered freedom that comes when one expresses themselves truly, and through doing so teaches and learns and grows. Think metamorphosis...this is all a type of metamorphosis. Specifically poetry as a metamorphosis. REbEL WAStE: Longer, more essay type videos, in contrast to my poetry channel. Rather than the poem itself, I go more in-depth as to concepts presented.

A random dude venting into the void, but usually not

Having observed that the advent of music has influenced the hearts and minds of the present generation of youth, which is detrimental, it is also the observation that music, in like manner, can have a very positive influence on the same group. Music, thus, can be utilized as a tool of intellectualism and inspiration rather than a means of blinding the minds of the youth merely for money. Thus, it is purposed with me that I may war against the elements of the current state of music and its influence; because at some point, someone at least has to try with sincerity if anything will ever change.

You’re missing the point if you feel left out. You can be as involved as you want to be, just go make something happen. Find something you think needs doing, recruit some people to help if you need help, and do it. Are you waiting for an invitation or permission from somebody?

Opinions, art, comics, and anti-sjw shit. You can also catch me on Youtube, baby.

Scottish anti-globalist; anti-regressive; anti-thought policing freethinker.

I am an author who has 6 published books available on Kindle and paperback options. https://www.amazon.com/Alberto-Pupo/e/B01CQGXSA4/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

Miner Dave Everist Report Twin Cedar Mining District LLC Minerals Mining Metals Media investments Exchange website twincedarminingdistrict.net work in progress needs some time

Rapper from Vancouver BC, one half of the duo Bi-Polar Bandits, and solo artist, poet, painter, activist/hacktivist, Libertarian, ex-con turned Buddhist, trying to make a difference.

I Red Guy... I BAD!!! a hunderd persint!!

https://www.cybrink.com Technology / Science / Future

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