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Operation Secret Santa™

Japhy RyderSep 6, 2019, 3:55:41 AM

Operation Secret Santa 2016

Ho! Ho! Ho! it's 2.0

Once again, Christmas is quickly drawing near. Called upon last year to play a key role in helping establish the world's 1st "Operation Secret Santa" ( #OSS ), we've been asked again to work on building upon 2015's groundbreaking success. 

Actively canvassing, networking, and consciousness raising  

What is Operation "Secret" Santa?  The answer's a LOT more straight forward than what some might assume: ultimately, it's nothing more than EACH ONE OF YOU.  

Boots on the ground.  AD HOC, open-sourced, and ANONYMOUS; while acting, advertising and mobilizing others, mostly on a regional and local basis; doing whatever it takes to help spread the word and draw people's attention to the 2.0 version of our organic "Robin Hood" styled grassroots world campaign.

Humanity has countless millions, of all ages, suffering as they struggle to make a go of things. IF we can do what we can to volunteer even just a few hours of time and energy over the  course of the holiday season, this will do wonders helping bring at least a glimmer of hope and comfort to a few desperate peoples lives. 

Donations may come in the form of virtually anything, ranging from small ca$h offerings, food stuffs, new or used clothing, appliances, household or medical items, volunteer or BARTERED services etc.

N.B. Our project is in large part driven by direct or "referral" guerilla styled marketing.  Acting simply as mediators, we thereby DO NOT touch or lay a finger on a single penny.  In the purest spirit of Christmas, ALL volunteer time and energy is the highest, and most classic "GOOD KARMA" form of selfless human charity.    


First and foremost: ELVES will be needed to help manage regionally based APPEAR.in chat rooms. Each of these virtual gathering places are able to accomodate as many as EIGHT people at one time.  As an added PRIVACY feature, they can also be LOCKED down by the owners. Anyone hoping to enter the room must then "KNOCK" before potentially being allowed to join the others.  


If presenting themselves directly on camera, ELVES will be expected to wear at least the basic traditional red & white Santa hats, or some other form of easily recognizable seasonal costume garb. If limited only to AUDIO, do your best to HAM things up, free to become as creative storywise, and have as much frolicking fun as you'd like.   


 ELVES priorities will be to:

1 ) Collect personal bio, particulars & backstory information of only each "NEEDY" case

2 ) Share this information, ( generally detailed case files ) with potential regionally based "Secret" Santas i.e. sponsors

It's been suggested each donation limit be capped at a $1000 price value

Q: How do Secret Santas have their monies, gifts and donations delivered to the needy?

That all depends. Here are a few suggestions:

SANTAS may themselves directly work out logistics with the recipients, OR 2 ) ELVES can act as clerical intermediaries, helping to clarify, note & establish the particulars; e.g. PAYPAL as an option; Fed-Ex; on location, in-person "hand" delivery via other regionally based friends, or "ELVES"

THINK globally, ACT locally.  While more logistically complicated, and typically costly, far-flung internationally based donations and acts of seasonal charity may also be pursued as well. 

TELETHON hosting and entertainment

A further key area of the campaign involves broadcasting and use of as many of both alternative as well as online social media outlets.  "Hosts" will be defined by their ability to  produce shows of any length, general Christmas themed content, or character.  

Employing ANY form of social media or platform.  Streaming via MINDS, or You-Tube shows will be one way to activate the LIVE feed.  Whatever the case, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to access and TUNE into.  

Along with remembrance and reflection upon the enduring and UNIVERSAL SPIRIT of Christmas, ENTERTAINMENT content will be a valuable feature.  Producers should be sure to line up speakers, acts, and performers well ahead of time, securing e.g. LIVE musical as well as comedic talent, etc.  


This is key to the success of virtually all campaigns. Remember e.g. to announce, TWEET or "remind" any donations, local charity requests, or "Secret" Santa success stories and related developments. Do your best to keep your crew's flow of high energy, information & colour commentary rolling along. ELVES of course are famous for their humour, positivity, mischief, mirth, wit, and what have you. Remind listeners we want to hear from the public, whether they be those in urgent need, or able to assist help bring about some minor magical "SPONSOR" miracle.   


When your show segment closes, try & hand things off to a NEW team of hosts located, potentially in another TIME ZONE. If noone can be lined up to take things over for the next few hours, streaming canned music with periodic #OSS ad-plugs is one creative compromise strategy.  Finally, be sure to remind listeners to tune in to your next LIVE stream. 

Remember: exact donation formula methods, and all other further AD HOC logistic particulars will be largely worked out BEHIND the scenes via the handy-dandy "ONE- CLICK" REGIONAL APPEAR.in video chat and ELF conferencing rooms.      

More hands make for light work.

We plan on formally kicking this year's campaign off on December 15th. How much we'll actually be able to build on last year's overall success is largely up to YOU!