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To watch the walking tree, and the moving mountain is wild. The witches are trying to paint me into this reality. They failed. My thoughts are unclear in yet I can see my fairy tale mountain moving while my tree is walking back.



Come sit.  Think a bit.  Realize what you thought might not be right is wrong truly.  What you need to do is sit at a cafe.  Cafe Shi no. Shi is some awkward name now a  days.  You need to think about Christ.

That Christ is a unique person and should be listened to is obvious in yet his teachings change with the passing's of worlds.  https://www.tiny.cc/deadsunfall

His statement of soup should have made me understand my dilemna which is mildly awkward to say the least.  I had listened to the wises man in or the world according to the bible. Who would have thunk that I was a middle of the road person?  I lived, I have died, I now watch in horror at events unfold that should not happen in yet if God did not cut the time short humanity is lost.  How so?  wifi5 nanobots within the body the realization a mark on the head or arm could be voting in this coming election.  How evil is reality when all your life you tried to be good.  Do good, stop evil. In yet, I had desires. Should I have been born rich? No I think I would have turned out to be like people I feel nothing for.  Should I be born poor?  No then I would have had much more desire and would have done something stupid I suppose. Am I where I am at because of that? Who knows?  DO GOOD BE GOOD STOP EVIL

Solomon said do not be to good or you are taken to soon.  Do not be to bad or something another or else.  Walk the middle path.  If I would have realized Solomon wandered the multiverse of the past realities and saw all things were done better in the past instead of just reading it and assuming on my one world that ideas and buildings were built better back then than now instead of a parallel reality which I walk with the valley of the shadow of death and I wonder.  If I meet people here will I meet people there?

People say things and do not realize things.  I am shy, quiet and think more these days.  I wonder for what purpose was this trip?  Am I going backwards in time now going forward in time to my old body?  humor May 18 2016, I realize that as a lie.  As good a lie as any I suppose.  Am I afraid?  I am no longer assured anything and a bit confused.  Afraid?  I am evil so I suppose I should be afraid.  What happens in this great adventure?  Does a spirit go to his real body on the day of judgment?  Or and here is the awkwardness of this story does the spirit return to his original body find it nice and ready then goes picks up seven more spirits?  Confusng?  I suppose being a Myth incorporated character is that way at times.  Did you not recognize my stories?  Dimension travel which this is certain to be means one spirit is traveling. Shamen, witch doctors, witches 88 the evil eye in yet.. Who knows.. I do not recall this path in yet here I am at in this reality today.  To stay?  Who knows?  

Probably the wildest journal you will ever read.. https://www.minds.com/Talon123/blog/journal-with-out-periods-or-slashes-because-blogs-evidently-1028661834468573184










































People I think are afraid to ask.  What is the meaning of life.  The awkwardness is when you realize you are nothing more then an advanced gaming toy in a gambling.   TO BE GOOD TO DO GOOD TO STOP EVIL.


Poor William's Almanack, February 21, 2015, Are We There?




How many light years across is the diameter of the Milky Way? What is the distance of the known universe's diameter

Alan Bustany, Trinity Wrangler, Owner of 200mm Dobsonian Telescope

Answered Apr 20, 2015 · Author has 6.3k answers and 18.5m answer views

It is a little tricky to determine the edge of a galaxy, hence it is difficult to give a precise answer for the diameter of the Milky Way. The conventional answer is 100 to 120 thousand light-years but it could be up to 180 thousand light-years across.


9 18 2019

Suns' worth of mass (solar masses), within a radius of around 129,000 light-years.


We're embedded deep within our galaxy, the Milky Way. It's a big flat disk of stars measuring up to 120,000 light years across. Our Solar System is located in the middle of this galactic disk.18 feb. 2014

Where is Earth located in the galaxy? - Phys.org

https://phys.org › news › 2014-02-earth-galaxy




see the past, future, makes one wonder where exactly am I in the present.  the frequency makes my stomach turn. So for the points.  30000 light years looks like earth is a lot closer to the middle of the galaxy then 25000 light years.. maybe the painter got it wrong or the UFO sold the wrong postcard of where the earth is today.


Early in the 20th century, our galaxy was estimated to be: about 35,000 ly (10 kpc) in diameter. It was the distribution of ________ that showed Harlow Shapley we were no where near the center of the Milky Way in the 1920s.

9 19 2019

The Location of the Solar System in the Milky Way Galaxy

www.astrodigital.org › astronomy › solarsystemgalaxy

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An article that identifies the location of our Solar System in the Milky Way Galaxy. ... Just as the Earth has an equator, so too does the galaxy and we are about 14 ... the best guess is that we are 26,000 to 28,000 light years from the center. The estimates vary due to uncertainty in the exact size of the galaxy and the time it ...

Mass of Dark Matter Revealed by Precise Measurements of the Galaxy

October 3, 2012 | Science

Research Overview

A research team, led by Associate Professor Mareki Honma from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), has succeeded in precisely determining the astronomical yardstick for the Galaxy based upon the precise distance measurements with VERA from NAOJ and other advanced radio telescopes. The new findings are that the distance from the sun to the Galactic center is 26,100 light-years 

The latest alien post card show earth much nearer the center of the galaxy. https://astronomy.stackexchange.com/questions/822/how-far-is-the-earth-sun-above-below-the-galactic-plane-and-is-it-heading-towar

The awkwardness of having a space force US military presence and having no idea what section of space to defend or when the heavenly host will descend and humorously does it matter?  This one show we are going clock wise now instead of counter clock wise meaning that year it speed forward into a future which exists only in the photos you see here. What do i mean?  Dreams are real in the time of tribulation.  If the clock is real 2 billion years of time is less than 3.6 years.  Significance with the new realities I am seeing awkward how to point to this reality and say you realize the Tower of Babylon the deity allowed that culture to continue until he or them got tired of that game and went on to the next game level.  This whole experience is to play a game at the next level on a huge gambling reality to a culture so advanced they can free a reality for billions of years until it allowed the spirit that was hidden by the evil one during the time of planting good seeds and bad weeds some 2000 years in this past in yet if I understand the new timeline actually 200,000 years times a probability factor.  What does that mean.  Ron Hubbard I called crazy but he saw what he saw.  He saw Musks nanobots create a horrible reality where 800 trillion souls are stuck on 80 planets.  Same with Montuak boys they created a reality where Ayn Rand reality worked to a sense with computers making humanity into a zoo.  German time line my memories and what I have read are horrible to.  Without the tree of life and a sense of direction the multitude instead of  creating a heaven on earth make a reality similar to horror movies.  The sadness is creativity I was expecting I would have gotten better or my spelling would have improved instead I argue with spell check on a or e or i and u or t and no t or g and no g.  The rationale reason is I am no longer speaking English as I know it.  For the eyes and ears are the creator and only what he wants is seen or heard.  That is ridiculous or you are nuts.  Believe me I argue with people and I find out that what I read and what they read are not the same article in yet it is written supposedly by the same person and is the same link.  Example Who can enter into Mecca? My point was Brennan is a Sunni and pointed that only a believer of islam can enter.  The person arguing kept on arguing even I wrote it out referenced it etc.  He however kept on referencing something that was not on the page.  After a time it dawned on me that either he is crazy or the page he was reading was not the same page.  Awkwardness to think I am being read in Egyptian who thinks he is speaking Egyptian to me in yet I read it in english.  When I write english he read egyptain and is content to not realize the context of the words have different signifance to me.  You say nuts everyone is writing and reading English?  I doubt that very much these days.  I watch television in English and the lips keep moving when the english is done speaking.





Oct 3 2018 photo




Oct 3 2019..seems we are fallen into the black hole one way or another.




9 21 2019

I think many people forget and forgot the terms of agreements that were put in place and changed to make realities survive and the significance of first will be last and last will be first. In reading the book of the last and names in every lasting life God just starts at the back of the book. I did not understand that statement when I read it a long long time ago in a reality that I am no longer sure exists any more. I thought I was unique and alone. I have seen more realities in the past few years than I could imagine exist and that as a weed or a seed that I can say that life is fated in some book and not determined by actions day by day is awkward to say the least. For each story is so close that if I did not remember who I am and why i am I would have said yep this is my reality in yet it is not. That I am traveling backwards in time to the day of judgment to exact day of my death is borderline crazy in yet I see it now. I am dead a lot longer ago then the two billion years that I have tracked in Facebook, and minds. Laughter two billion years or three years a twinkle in the eye. That was where I got hung up. You see flash freezing a humanity and putting them in a different reality at times makes them question things like why after i just washed the car is there a layer of dust. The sick realization that flashed freezing pushing all the dust down around the area frozen in time makes sense. It also makes sense when some day after I wash an apple bite it instead of a fresh apple, I get something that is frozen like to eat. Along with the hairs... I think hair gets me even more than the realization of what I am talking about. You see A lot longer ago man kind challenged God and how and why you can watch Montauk project. Each time it changes and each time I get near the end of my life, I get tempted to do something stupid, so I have stopped. What exactly am i talking about. To begin with my reality, I do not recall Montauk project. I think that was where the end of the hiding of the seeds of life got pushed out to. Meaning when God seeded the field and man enemy came in and flung weeds from the fields let alone did he fling weed seeds he moved the good seeds around in realities. How or why?? Montauk talks about evil people watching the day of judgment and then going and moving 10,000 souls so that their souls could not be found in the book of life. I did not think much of that when I heard it the first time. I wrote it down in my journal and went on. I went back to the Montauk project when I found another thing that they said to be truthful and listened yet again. This time they said that 25000 souls were moved around. I checked and I had written 10,000, so I thought maybe they just upped their number to make it sound like a bigger project. I went on and something else popped out. So I re listened, and the number went to 250,000. You ask the significance well it went to 25 million before I realized what they did was move souls around to locations where they could see the book of life not allowing in people that were supposed to be in the book of life. Kind of wild I said at the time I wrote a bit more on it and did the analysis on time which I think was 1.5 billion years different from where I remember starting out at .6.5 billion years meaning earth they state were 5.03 billion years old at that time. The more memorable point was John Von Neumann lived until May 1957 in that reality, and his math paper describes exactly what is happening to that experiencing Mandela effect. The book of life is a molecule level reality revealed source moving souls back through time to their day of judgment in their original bodies. You see we are dead and living one day in the life of someone so close to us that you could not tell the difference unless you asked something personal. How can that be changed or what is the meaning of this? The war in heaven is over. On Sagittarius where I started out the lion which was noted as Satan had given up. Here God is trying to save those changed via Montauk project from their fate of trying to murder Christ has changed the bible from lion laying with the sheep to wolves among the sheep for a purpose. There are several more wolves nearby then I remember in yet the meaning seems the truth. If you know what I am talking about our souls are going back to original bodies to be judged on th last days. How?? The flashed freezing process seems to indicate via time you can look up Fallon, Montana that these earths are much older than 4.5 billion years stated. The red sun hidden by the mirror means these are close to 20 billion-year-old worlds we are visiting prior to the end of time. Why or how? The flashed freeze process is meant to undo what was done via the wicked man who is standing in front of God. Will I be sinful there? After re-reading the end parts again and over again the possibility is not if I want to survive meaning surrounding totally to God is the only solution if you want to survive. The murder of Christ is a past illusion which was allowed to see where mankind would go after killing their God. The outcome on most of those realities is more of a living hell or robotic life where if you were not part of the system, you are aborted or removed from their system. October 31st like June 23 will be interesting to see. Like I said in a reality I was in, I saw June 21st UK stay with EU 54 and then relived Thursday twice seeing UK leave the EU. The path is narrow and which path will get you into heaven. I have not a clue. However, the message is clear be good, do good, stop evil where you can The end of time is upon those that are traveling across realities and whether we get into heave or not if you do, and I do let us find each other one day for ad rink to times and awkward acquainted because, in reality, you would at no time have met me in my world, and I would have most likely not at any time met you in your worlds.





So what does that mean that our souls are going back through time and how?  During my travels I have meet people remembering 20 billion year old earths, I have met people remember 100 million year earths. The difference if you listen to them is technology and advancements. Some worlds were depleted of resources and left without knowledge causing souls that at one time or another would have been great actors, scientists, politicians to become well what you are now a days.  The change is dramatic to those that realize the outcome of the reading of the book of life.  Up until your name is read you possibility changes daily like the walking tree or moving mountain I watch.  The witches painted both in with rocks, and paint in yet watching I see the changes daily and am amused at times trying to figure out why one day there are trees in the painting and next no trees.  Never the less I am still moving towards an ordained outcome.  Am I evil?  I suspect I am. Do I believe in Christ?  Yes.  Will I be saved?  That is the issue is it not.   I am reading Christ description of hell.  In one of the alternative stories of the bible.  His explanation if you listen is you are in a spot and dare not touch the walls for the feeling which when described sounds more like a freezer then a heated room.  Meaning being in a refrigerator for billions of years is awkward to say the least.  That you could be awake during that time and experience what Christ describes makes reality a question in mind.  When you realize Satan is the morning star, and Christ is the morning star, and now in Revelation that the Jews will bow to throne of Satan and you realize that montauk project might of in some evil reality caused Christ not to be whom you know is wildly evil.  The evil comes full course when you realize in this reality Trump following Obama the antichrist has now converted to being Chabad jewish with the potential of being possessed with a fallen angel which CERN is actively looking for.  Evil is evil.


So how is this done.  We are moving back in time through a nebula column of galaxies.  Using closed time curved loop technology on a much larger scale than anything humanity can do.  Meaning this galaxy was first shrunk, frozen, and put on hold until the days were right for a larger galaxy to pass and allow souls to be produced, lived up to a point, and die.  The soul ie CTC loop dust that is described floats through blackholes which none were known on my reality in May 2016 means black holes can pop up to move a specific soul to a specific day in time, space, and light towards the day of judgment.  Why is this important?  Day of judgment requires the body be with its soul to go through what is wildly going to be an interesting time for the soul to either go to hell or heaven I suppose.


So why has the government not done anything? Oh they do. The outcome is not good.  When they touch a reality change it speeds up the end of the reality where this happens.  How fast?  On a technological estimate from May 2016 being part of my world number 1 defense contractor almost 150 to 70 years faster.   

On a day by day estimate.  No one knows the hour God will come.  Meaning if to many things happens he just pulls the plug on that reality and a number of events can happen.  Example CO2 cloud kills all of east coast, and much of europe.  Nuclear war the nuke did hit Hawaii.  A plague unleashed combination of nanobots not working correctly and ebola  meshes creating in these realities zombies.  Zachariah in my reality for a long time Doctor Vermon MacGee talked nuclear war where people flesh melted from the heat.  While here people fight with their arms like their minds are gone.  


September 22 2019 When Liberty was on Ellis island and there was no bridge it was used in at least three movies because the ferry had metal detectors so guns were supposedly not allowed on.  Here you can take a bridge sooo I wonder what happens in those realities?




September 23 2019 

For those that remember me. I spoke and wrote of June 21st where I saw UK stay within the EU 54 to 45. And then I lived Thursday June 23 twice and saw the second day 51 to 48 UK leave the EU. October 31st should be interesting time in the life of those in a closed time curved loop travels. That we are moving towards the end of a narrow path where some of humanity turns into robots, is a truth. Just like December 2017 some of us say Hawaii nuked. October 31st will be a wild time. Be Good Do Good, stop evil if you are for a narrow path. For those that are evil. This realities zombie rage is wild my dreams are even wilder these days then what I wrote in 2014 when I was dreaming of me being an auditor in a different reality. You see Katrina was called in to stop the zombie plague wiping out humanity once. This time I do not know. Yesterday I had three fences up to prepare for the zombie attack. One of my fences is now knocked down completely. Am I paranoid? Sort of more anxiety to see what happens October 31st. Am I saying Iran and US will be at war? In some realities yes. Is war good for anything no. Death destruction of humanity is evil and should be stopped. Will people listen? I think in one reality yes and in another reality no. The bible states people will cry peace peace and get nothing but war. I can see that reality happening now a days. Sadness and sickness the ebola plague has spread. Trees if you looked at the fires in Africa, Russia, Brazil you realize the mirror sun above us has burnt up close to three fourths of the trees. If you are paying even closer attention the oceans are about to forget their boundaries which is the end of humanity and the start of robotic zombie land. Do I tell you this for a reason? Yes stop being bad stop being evil. Life during the coming realities for some people is or are going to be hell. Just stop it. Stop war Stop evil. Awkward a person who would enjoy war saying to you stop war. In yet here I am and here you are and if you do not believe me well all I can say is the end of time is nearer today and this too has happened before.


September 23, 2016 at 9:03 AM ·

For those that know me forgive me for writing this irrational story. For those that have read about my adventures for the past 100 plus days I am trying to recap my discovers and thoughts. To the creator of everything forgive me for not recognizing your glory to begin with.

I am writing this to tell a story of a child lost in the universe. I was living in La Paz Bolivia at my mother in law's home. On May 18th, my biggest goal was to finish a poetry book translation and send it out. I had watched Grimm the fairy tale program that night and went to sleep.

On May 19th, I was awoken by my thought to be my wife. She was in a hurry and did not seem to be herself. I watched as my clothes were given me.

I asked a question. When did I get new socks? You see being disabled; I am comfortable with my socks and know them personally. My wife or thought to be my wife said that I had always had them. I got up and went to dress. My clothes were tight. They fit nicely. For those that know me, I am a bit chubby and my clothing has stretched. A bit being in these clothes was like having a new outfit.

I went with my mother in law to her chemo therapy. Now the hospital changed dramatically. Instead of a dark sitting area, it was lighted and the whole area was filled with pregnant women. Now the compare is wild. I had taken her to this place a few times and in all the time, there was never anyone sitting in the waiting room always I sat alone.

After less time than expected we got out of there and headed to the next appointment. I was astounded. The embassy of the US had changed. Instead of a grand building with large windows and the whole block, it was struck and lifted. I would say there was an additional five floors, but the building windows were or were like arrow ports now.




So in 90 seconds, for example, we all move some 12,500 miles (20,000 km) in orbit around the galaxy's center. Our Milky Way galaxy is a big place. Even at this blazing speed, it takes the sun approximately 225-250 million years to complete one journey around the galaxy's center https://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/milky-way-rotation

So either we are slowing down or 


The earth rotates once every 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.09053 seconds, called the sidereal period, and its circumference is roughly 40,075 kilometers. Thus, the surface of the earth at the equator moves at a speed of 460 meters per second--or roughly 1,000 miles per hour.

Not sure if I should be worried if NASA is not doing the numbers right or if the change of speed is so much more.  

One states we move 1000 miles per hour, so the other states we move 12500 miles per 90 secs.. 

September 24 2019

The Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy with a diameter between 150,000 and 200,000 light-years (ly). It is estimated to contain 100–400 billion stars and more than 100 billion planets. https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Milky_Way

https://phys.org › Astronomy & Space › Astronomy

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18 feb. 2014 - When you consider our place in the Universe, everything really is relative. ... In fact, at this exact time it's further away than any object I you can see with ... of the galaxy is about 27,000 light years that way, and the edge of To those that read my experience of time. I watch the paths. I can see the Montauk project path. I can see India's path. I can see a narrow path to heaven even. I can see a Sunni Jew attempt for evil path. I have seen the Chinese path and the Japanese path. When you ask montauk path how? The black knights are around me. do I care. no. The walking tree is on its path. Will I survive? I have been here before. You ask how? John Von Neumann final paper when he died in May 1957. The only way a path of a soul can be here is it passed through here once before. If the soul had not the soul could not be here. Am I scared of this reality. Someone has removed the fae ring around the tree and it is moving south just as it moved north in 2018. The cycle of life. Is there a way to change which path a person ends up in? I think so. I recognize something which to me was myth not witchcraft in yet I see it here and there. Can witch craft change a person destiny? No. However the amount of the story being told can be hurt more and pain can be increased that is a truth. Fate or Destiny is awkard I always thought I was unique and to live in someone else shoes that were so close to mine if i did not know I wore sketchers not skechers I would think I was at home in an evil mirror worlds. 



September 25 2019


Nelson Mandela's prison death in the 1980's

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USS Akron

Ed McMahon


Ed McMahon/PCH Carson

Mona Lisa Theft


Mona Lisa stolen for 2.5 years

Elvis Presley


How did Elvis die?

Vitruvian Man


Vitruvian Man

Building on the moon


NASA broadcast a building on the moon

Kurt Cobain


Kurt Cobains pink jacket

Laughing Cow


The Laughing Cow

Smiley face on Mars


Mars smiley face

Hitler Crystal Meth


Hitler was addicted to Crystal Meth

The Mandela Particle


The mysterious Mandela particle

Picard's Crystal


Star Trek: Picard's Crystal

Dr Martens


Doc Martins/Martens boots

Mrs Cakehead


Mrs Cakehead: Cover yourself in ____?



Blue Moorlocks



Columbo's secret first name

Harry Dean Stanton


Harry Dean Stanton




Flag of the Soviet Union


Soviet Union flag




Bruce Springsteen


Bruce Springsteen Bandanna

Ericsson car phone


The Ericsson car phone of 1910

Statue of Liberty


Statue of Liberty

Korean fan death


Korean fan death

Shaggy's adams apple


Shaggy's adams apple

Paul Merton


Paul Merton exposed Jimmy Saville

Blue Tarantula


Blue Tarantula

Kim Jong il


Kim Jong il never went to the toilet

Roy Orbison


Roy Orbison blind



Target rings

Alaskan Airlines


Alaskan Airlines

Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson ear bite

Roy Batty


Roy Batty: Tears in the rain

Judge Judy's gavel


Judge Judy's gavel

Coke Zero


Coke Zero

Proctor & Gamble


Proctor & Gamble

52 US States


52 US States

Peace symbol


The Peace Symbol

The Great Wall of India


The Great Wall of India

Mickey Mouse's tail


Mickey Mouse's tail

James Bond


___ name's Bond, James Bond

Christ the Redeemer


Christ the Redeemer

James Bond


Opus: Life is life

James Bond


Dollar symbol

Scary Movie


I see white people

Frankensteins bolts


Frankensteins bolts

Fats Domino


Fats Domino died way before 2017

The Exorcist


The Exorcist

Human heart location


The human heart

The Storming of the Bastille


The Storming of the Bastille

Malcolm Young


Malcolm Young's death

Niagra Falls


Niagra Falls

Charles Manson


Charles Manson is dead again

Tales from the Topographic Ocean


Tales from the Topographic Ocean

Yoko Ono


Yoko Ono

CERN logo


CERN logo

Cat Stevens


Cat Stevens

Bob Marley


Bob Marley didn't sing 'Don't Worry, Be Happy'

7 Dwarves


Heigh-Ho, Heigh-ho







Iggy Pop


Iggy Pop is alive again

Jackson 6


The Jackson 6

Oxy Clean


Oxy Clean

WOW Signal


The WOW Signal

Marie Celeste


Marie Celeste

Bee Gees


Bee Gees - How deep is your love?

Barbie Girl


Barbie Girl



Grease ultramatic car

Run you fools!


The Fellowship of the Ring

JAWS Poster


JAWS movie poster bite mark

Deer Hunter


Deer Hunter

The Diary of Anne Frank


The Diary of Anne Frank

Serving US Presidents shot and killed


How many serving US presidents were shot and killed?

Singing in the rain


Singing in the rain

Sweet Home Alabama


Sweet Home Alabama

Deer Hunter


Gremlins: "Spike" or "Stripe"?

The Boston Strangler


The Boston Strangler

The Sun


The color of the sun

The Man in the Moon


The man in the moon



What color is Chartreuse?

War of the Worlds radio broadcast


War of the Worlds radio broadcast

Mother Teresa


When was Mother Teresa made a Saint?

Phil Collins


Phil Collins: In The Air Tonight

Winston Churchill


Winston Churchill

Uncle Sam's hat


Uncle Sam's hat

Human Skull


Human Skulls have holes in the jaw

Leonardo Di Caprio


Leonardo Di Caprio's Oscar



Where is Nokia from?

Karate Kid


The Karate Kid's headband

Cousin Itt


Cousin Itt

Jack the Ripper


Jack the Ripper

God Sistene chapel


Michelangelo painted God's bare butt on the Sistine chapel roof

Human Kidneys


Kidneys moved



Nostradamus or Nostradamas?

Kennedy Assassination


Kennedy Assassination: How many people were in the car?


Capricorn is not a goat


The Laughing Cow's ear rings


FDR paralysed from the waist down and no-one noticed?

Journey - Don't stop believing


Don't stop believin'

1834 signalling system


World's first network telecoms hack was in 1834

VW Logo


VW Logo

Thomas Jefferson


Thomas Jefferson fathered 6 children with his slave

Theme from


Theme from 'Friends'

Elvis was a Karate Black Belt


Elvis was a black belt

Pilsbury Dough boy


Pilsbury Dough boy




Norma Jean Mortenson aka Marilyn Monroe


Norma Jean Mortenson aka Marilyn Monroe

Mick Foley


Mick Foley

Independence Day: Welcome to Earf


Independence Day: Welcome to Earf

The Sound Of Music


The Sound Of Music


Dirty Harry

Mona Lisa


The Mona Lisa's identity

Steve Bartman


The Steve Bartman catch

Jack Daniels Whiskey


Jack Daniel's Whiskey

Jack Daniels Whiskey


Humpty Dumpty is not an egg

Jack Daniels Whiskey


Popeye's enemy

Queen Victoria


Queen Victoria took coke?




Kirk Douglas


Kirk Douglas

Easter Island statues


Easter Island statues

Mad Dog Murdock


A-Team: Mad Dog Murdock

Whatever happened to Baby Jane?


Whatever happened to Baby Jane?



How many moons does Jupiter have?

Stove Top Stuffing


Stouffers Stove Top Stuffing

First Fax


First Fax




Early electric car


First car to hit 100 kph



Cinderella's ears

John Lennon


Imagine John Lennon's suit

Great White Shark


Humans killed by Great White Sharks



The Pyramid Mummies

Pearl Harbor


Pearl Harbor: Newspaper detailed attack in 1937

Christoper Reeve


Christoper Reeves

Jet Engines


Jet Engines

King Arthur


King Arthur

Burning Bra


Burning Bras

Mighty Mouse


Mighty Mouse

Raisin Bran


Raisin Bran Sun's missing sunglasses

Billy Joel


Piano Man

Status of Liberty's gold torch


Statue of Liberty's torch flame

Nieuport 16


Earliest air-to-air missiles

George and Gracie


Say Goodnight, Gracie

Hiking emjoji


Hiking emjoji




The Fly


The Fly

Three little pigs


Three little pigs

We can do it!


Rosie: We can do it!



Was Atlantis a continent, or a city on an island?

Denis Norden


Denis Norden

Wile E Coyote


Wile E Coyote

Traffic light


World's first traffic light



Tunguska deaths

First self driving car


First self driving car



Boiling a frog




British teeth


British teeth

Break dancing


Break dancing

Nigerian Prince Scam


Nigerian Prince Scam

They Live


They Live

Rip Torn


Rip Torn

Freddy Krueger


Freddy Krueger's sweater

Gilligan's Island white hat


The white hat of Gilligan's Island

Gilligan's Island black hat


The black hat of Gilligan's Island

Rip Torn


Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!

The Blackout Ripper


The Blackout Ripper

Fort Knox


Fort Knox



Titanic Champagne bottle

Neil Armstrong


Neil Armstrong & Mr. Gorsky

Mickey Mouse Suspenders


Mickey Mouse's Suspenders

Mickey Mouse Suspenders


Snoopy's tail

Mickey Mouse Suspenders


Alas, poor Yorick

A1 Sauce


A.1. Steak Sauce

David and Goliath


David and Goliath

St Nicholas


St Nicholas clothes

Father Christmas


The Father Christmas brand

Richard Simmons


Richard Simmons Headband

9/11 Twin Towers


9/11 New York attack

Bermuda Triangle


Bermuda Triangle

Fonzie's Jacket


Fonzie's Jacket

Little Richard


Little Richard

Abraham Lincoln


Was Abraham Lincoln a Christian?




David Carradine


David Carradine

Dukes of Hazzard


Dukes of Hazzard car color



Cleopatra's Tomb



The Inception Foghorn



The Unabomber and MK Ultra

Demolition Derby


Demolition Derby

The Bare Necessities


The Bare Necessities

George W Bush


George W Bush Assassination attempt

Three wise men


How many wise men?

Birdman of Alcatraz


The Birdman of Alcatraz

David Soul


David Soul

David Soul


The Gospel of Judas

The Great Tartaria


The Great Tartaria

Mount Kosciuszko


Australia's highest mountain

Al Capone


Al Capone's milk bottle expiration dates

Apple mouse


Steve Jobs stole the mouse from Xerox

Salem Witches


Salem Witches



Slash died in 1992?

Albert Finney


Albert Finney

Mount Everest


Mount Everest is not the highest point on earth

Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs first said 'Great artists steal'?

Agatha Christie


Agatha Christie's disappearance

Cats vs Dogs


Cats vs Dogs



Seal: Kiss from a rose

London Bridge


What killed the Dodo?




Hitchcocks The Birds


Hitchcocks The Birds: Color or Black and White?

Spongebob Squarepants


SpongeBob SquarePants

Olympic Flame Relay


Olympic Flame Relay

Library of Alexandria


Library of Alexandria

Science fiction


World's first Sci-Fi story written in second century?

Grumpy Cat


The 9 lives of Grumpy Cat



Switzerland is a third world country

London Bridge


London Bridge



Tomato sauce



Einsteins insanity quote

Walkers cheese and onion crisps


Walkers cheese and onion crisps

Leonardo Da Vinci


Leonardo Da Vinci invented contact lenses


What is Earth's location in space?

Well, Earth is located in the universe in the Virgo Supercluster of galaxies. A supercluster is a group of galaxies held together by gravity. Within this supercluster we are in a smaller group of galaxies called the Local Group. Earth is in the second largest galaxy of the Local Group - a galaxy called the Milky Way. The Milky Way is a large spiral galaxy. Earth is located in one of the spiral arms of the Milky Way (called the Orion Arm) which lies about two-thirds of the way out from the center of the Galaxy. Here we are part of the Solar System - a group of eight planets, as well as numerous comets and asteroids and dwarf planets which orbit the Sun. We are the third planet from the Sun in the Solar System.

Milky Way Galaxy: Facts About Our Galactic Home | Space

[Search domain www.space.com/19915-milky-way-galaxy.html] https://www.space.com/19915-milky-way-galaxy.html

The Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy, about 100,000 light-years across. If you could look down on it from the top, you would see a central bulge surrounded by four large spiral arms that wrap around it. Spiral galaxies make up about two-third of the galaxies in the universe.



Sept 27 2019



The 12.6 billion where is the 13.8 billion and if you pay attention to the circle of 6000 light years it would  appear when this postcard was purchased from the alien vistors earth was only 11,000 light years from the center of the milky way galaxy.  Just saying NASA still has no clue where earth is in the milky way.

What's the distance between Earth & center of the Milky Way ...

[Search domain answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091203003008AA19a2B] https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091203003008AA19a2B

Answers. Best Answer: I measured it last night. It's about fourteen inches. Well it is approx 30.000 light years sources patric more.to the centre of the milky way,in miles that is approx billion miles.and as when you travel at the speed of light,186.000 miles per second that's equal ot 6 billion Miles a year approx,the...

The secret that the witches do not understand.. a mountain does not understand paint.. and a painting does not stop a mountain moving.  lol.. as for the walking tree.. it has slowed down a bit..or has it?

How far is the center of the Milky Way galaxy from the earth ...

[Search domain www.answers.com/Q/How_far_is_the_center_of_the_Milky_Way_galaxy_from_the_earth] https://www.answers.com/Q/How_far_is_the_center_of_the_Milky_Way_galaxy_from_the_earth

There is no galaxy 200 light-years from the Milky Way. The Milky Way is very big -- the center of the Milky Way is 30,000 light-years from Earth.

Sun's Distance from Center of Milky Way - vCalc

[Search domain www.vcalc.com/wiki/vCalc/Sun's+Distance+from+Center+of+Milky+Way] https://www.vcalc.com/wiki/vCalc/Sun's+Distance+from+Center+of+Milky+Way

Sun's Distancefrom Center of Milky Way. The Sun's Distance from the Galactic Center is 27,000 light years. The value above is in light-years (ly). However, this can be automatically converted to other distance units including parsecs, megaparsecs and kilolight-years.

Old Earth creationism - Wikipedia

[Search domain en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Earth_creationism] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Earth_creationism

Schroeder, though, states in an earlier book, Genesis and the Big Bang, that the Earth and solar system is some "4.5 to 5 billion years" old and also states in a later book, The Science of God, that the Sun is 4.6 billion years old.

amazing I am on an older earth, farther away from the center of the galaxy today.  What does that mean?  humor the mirrors and candle light work but no the way expected I suppose.

Freaky I lost either 100 million people or this clock is off. https://www.census.gov/popclock/  

Components of Population Change  7600850999

September 29, 2016 ·

Running a test to see who is from here and not from here.. TAKE a test with me for those agreeing with my answers I would like to know when you started to notice the changes.


A list with my answer to the left.

*Berenstein Bears is now BERENSTAIN Bears Berenstein

*Interview with a/the vampire Interview with a vampire

*sex in/and the city Sex in the city

*mirror mirror on the wall/magic mirror mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all

*chic-fil-a/chick (some remember chik) chic`fil a

*luke/no, I am your father Luke, I am your father

*If you build it they/he will come If you build it they will come

*Smokey the Bear/Smokey Bear smokey the bear

*beautiful day in the/this neighborhood It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood

*we're gonna need a bigger/you're gonna need we re gnna need a bigger boat

*daylight savings/daylight saving time daylight saving time

*cruella Deville/De vil Deville

*book of isiah-the lion shall lay down with the lamb/the wolf shall lay down with the lamb the lion shall lay down

*sketchers/skechers (shoes) sketchers

*Proctor & Gamble/Procter & Gamble procter gamble

*Life is/was like a box of chocolates Life is like a box of chocolates

*dilemna/dilemma dilemna

*You say tomato/You like tomato you say tomato I say tomatoe

*new zealand moved from above to below australia new zealand above australia one island

*Australia moved closer to Southeast Asia looks farther down to me

*Panama Canal is now north to south not east to west east to west

nsync/*nsync (look up current spelling if formatting is not working)

*Reba Mcintyre/McEntire McEntire

*puce changed from yellowish to pinkish not sure

*Chartreuse changed from burgundy/purplish to neon yellow/green (almost as if they switched) not sure

*JC Penny/JC Penney JC Penny

*Charles Shultz/Charles shulz Charles Shultz

*looney toons/looney tunes looney toons

*52 states, not 50 states and 2 territories. Flag still had 50 stars there was 50 plus 2015 Rico voted itself statehood

*Madagascar did not have 22 million people living there not sure

*Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down In THE most delightful way/In A most delightful way in the most delightful way

*VW logo didnt have a line through it separating the V and W no space

*Picture of Henry the VIII with a turkey leg?? nothing in that time frame

*Dr. Doolittle/Dolittle Doolittle

*Fruit Loops/Froot Loops Fruit Loops

*Publically/Seperate not sure

*MLK assassination was fairly close, multiple shots, handgun not sniped with a single shot with a rifle

*“Go home, walter” was mike not the black guy not sure

*Jiffy/Jif peanut butter jiffy

*Barbara Streisand/Barbra Streisand Barbara Streisand

*Svalbard? Norway seed bank is now Svalbard Seed Bank not sure

*North Pole ice land mass and explorer Edmundson never existed ice mass

*Japan is next to Russia and Korea instead of China Japan next to China

*Fidel Castro died around 2008 he was alive in my timeframe

*“Me Tarzan, you Jane” never happened not sure

*“Beam me up, Scotty” never happened either Beam me up Scotty happened

*Curious George had a tail no tail

*Oscar Meyer/Oscar Mayer Oscar Meyer

*Hitler had bright blue eyes? no blue eyes

Sun is yellow or white yellow

Abe Lincoln senator or representative senator

Grimm captain name Bernard

Penelope or Vanalope wreck it ralph Penelope

Japan next to koera or china ie no japan sea no japanese sea next to China


September 30

Size of the Milky Way:

For starters, the Milky Way is really, really big! Not only does it measure some 100,000–120,000 light-years in diameter and about 1,000 light-years thick, but up to 400 billion stars are located within it (though some estimates think there are even more). Since one light year is about 9.5 x 1012 km (9.5 trillion km) long, the diameter of the Milky Way galaxy is about 9.5 x 1017 to 11.4 x 1017 km, or 9,500 to 11,400 quadrillion km.




So, it is approximately slightly towards the edge, given that the distance ratio ≈27,000 ly50,000 ly=0.54

favours the edge than the centre.

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7733912999 https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/    


october 4 2019

La tierra ocupa el 3 lugar en la galaxia de la Vía Láctea, o simplemente la Vía Láctea, es una galaxia espiral donde se encuentra el sistema solar y a su vez se encuentra la Tierra. Según las observaciones, posee una masa de 10¹² masas solares y es una espiral barrada. Wikipedia

Radio: 52.850 años luz

Magnitud absoluta: -21

Edad: 13,51 miles de millones años

Estrellas: 250 miles de millones ± 150 miles de millones

Espesor del disco estelar delgado: ≈2 kly (0.6 kpc)

Período de rotación del patrón espiral: 220–360 MYR

Constelaciones: Orión, Sagitario, Escorpio, Andrómeda, Carina

At its center, surrounded by 200-400 billion stars and undetectable to the human eye and by direct measurements, lies a supermassive black hole called Sagittarius A*, or Sgr A* for short. The Milky Way has the shape of a spiral and rotates around its center, with long curling arms surrounding a slightly bulging disk.21 jul. 2010

What's at the Center of the Milky Way? | Live Science



October 5 2019

Closed time curved loop travel is not what I was expecting in my life time. That the service occurred and changed humanity's perception of death, life, and total lifestyle within my life time. Well made the whole experience questionable about God, Satan, and morals.

To begin with the perception as a person was split. What was considered the real or current fated storyline in the world that he or she was living in changed. Prior to the occurrence happened people were going about life normally. The hadron collider machine working on splitting atoms and looking into the past realities of how the galaxies were made had not shown success. When the discovery was made that the scientist working on the program had been changed.

No one was paying attention. Their bodies were the same. No one noticed much differences. An occasional slur in words, and typos was passed off on people thinking that the head of scientist department was really busy.

Then different decisions were being made that had people worried. Why were lead scientists remembering unusual math formulas and not remembering basic math formulas? Soon, the stories from the people changed making their decisions questionable to say the best.

When the discovery was made that the hadron colliders were stealing perceptions or souls from different parallel realities at first the science project was shut down. Then the program was opened up again to change the reality of the worlds willing to try to change space, time, and light.

By slowing down time in some realities could watch parallel realities that made decisions without having to go through that pathway.

Examples? All of history was up for review with the hadron colliders clockworks functioning properly. Meaning? Think of Saddam Hussien being allowed to conquer Iran. What or how would you change that reality? In this, reality asked about George Bush Jr, on why he remembers Saddam Hussien murdering Nelson Mandela? Give another example? Then what if the United States had 57 or 58 states? Would the United States be better off or more progressive or what would be the potential? What or how would you change that reality? In this, reality inquires about Barack Obama on his memories of 58 United States of America. What if Abe Lincoln was a senator not a representative? Ask Hillary Clinton on her memories of Senator Lincoln.


What do I mean by these absurdities? Just a speculation piece on why the world's leaders seem to be making mistakes on common factual information from history, to numbers, to dates.

Does this mean this reality is suffering from the Hadron collider effects? The commonly known Mandela effect with names, dates, and history modifications means at the very quantum level someone, somewhere, is varying reality as this is being written. The reality question is it for the good or for the bad of humanity?

When speculating on fiction, which deals with non fiction the awkwardness comes out that in this reality for sometimes people's decisions have been changed to modify an outcome of a war ongoing has been going on beyond time.

Meaning this is a ghost story being told to you by a dying writer having seen the multiverse and realizing that this story has been circular for so long that all the players have played this loop before. What do I mean? Deja vu is real. Spirit or perceptional viewing or caught in a loop watching the same past, present, future and nothing changes. The ignorance is we are all caught in a time loop that cannot be broken without a fatality to some reality somewhere, which might be end-all of humanity in a single deletion of a thought throughout the galaxies. Nonsense. There is no such event as the Mandela effect. There is no closed time curved loop travelers.

What if I am telling you the truth? Be good, do good, stop evil. What is evil? From the point for the writer, digital technology at present seems the most common theme of destroying humanity.

What? Wifi5 causing death and taking over humanity via cellular phones, and television dominating life.

Put down your technology go out and talk with humans. Do something? Be something. Live a life. Damn it, do something more than read this screen. Be human.

Is this fiction? Is this non fiction? Think about history. Think about the past and the present. Question your reality and think. Think please before what was is gone, and you do not even remember what the past used to be like.

Personally, I think the most dramatic issue I have is the sun. Go out. Remember when a kid you could see the sun. Now it appears too bright. Is it truly a sun or a mirror set up there somewhere around 450 to 650 miles above funneling light upon the earth from a much older sun? Mirror, mirror upon the earth? Or is it magic mirror burning the forest below? 

coolcosmos.ipac.caltech.edu/ask/62-What-is-Earth-s-location-in-space- Well, Earth is located in the universe in the Virgo Supercluster of galaxies. A supercluster is a group of galaxies held together by gravity. Within this supercluster we are in a smaller group of galaxies called the Local Group. Earth is in the second largest galaxy of the Local Group - a galaxy called the Milky Way. The Milky Way is a large spiral galaxy. Earth is located in one of the spiral arms of the Milky Way (called the Orion Arm) which lies about two-thirds of the way out from the center of the Galaxy. Here we are part of the Solar System - a group of eight planets, as well as numerous comets and asteroids and dwarf planets which orbit the Sun. We are the third planet from the Sun in the Solar System. 





I have had many interesting adventures in my life. In 1997, I was invited to a party at a small community in a rural area in Bolivia. The town Chuma, Bolivia to be specific with old houses and lovely views of mountains. I was told to show up and have a bear's custome. Which I did have and did show up. For the next two weeks I sang, dance, and ate throughout the town.

It was the town's party for the year. Everyone showed up and being a grengo in the 1990s the party was a blast. Everyone was friendly and being invited by the mayor's niece to attend I was accepted as an outsider, and since I brought my own custome, I got to dance more than most. Meaning there were twenty one groups of dancers, and I got to dance with all of them at one point or another via switching streets, staying at homes where the food was being served, or being introduced to people or shown off to the older ladies of the town that loved being twirled by a bear which was not part of their dance routine.

The old ladies enjoyed being invited by the grengo and danced with me throughout the town, and of course I got invited to eat at more homes. I recall 50 homes were my last count in that two-week period. The bands were full of drums, flutes, and trumpet. The rhyme of the dance is somewhat like Lame Deer, Montana Sundance beat and the dance step sort of like a waltz with a deep dip tilt side to side. Normally, the bear just gets to wander the sidelines and shake people's hands. I, being a grengo and shaking hands with an older lady, I grabbed her and well waltzed her through half a song before changing for her neighbor. Since, no one said no. I did that throughout the two weeks and had a lovely time being chatted with several of the older ladies and getting the better deal of the meals which were served at each home.

Now, the food was culturally Bolivian fried pork, and other items of potatoes, yams, and lots of bread. However, they also like to play a drinking game while eating. Now, the drinking game was the server would offer, and then you point to the next person to drink with. At some point, people started to keep on pointing to me. Now, I would say chicha is not the drink to do this too. I had prior experience of how they made the drink in Cochabomba, Bolivia at a Chicharia. You see to make chicha usually requires a local lady to chew the corn, and spit it into the large jar and then add pure alcohol. So, being the pitcher I decided if they were going to try to out drink me, well I would have fun as well. When they would point to me as a server to drink one with them, skillfully I poured one more for myself and after that offered them again. Meaning twofold shot, and then require the player a double shot. Well, they could only handle that for four houses before they brought out the real stuff to drink. Triago. Now, singani is a double heated evaporated pure liquor drink. Triago is a third time heated drink. Meaning the home which I had danced to the second day was trying to impress the town and well. That drink started me on the wildest dance party I have had a chance to be at and then it happened. For the next 12 days and nights, I danced. From a little before 6 AM until 3 AM usually the following morning. You say nuts, and when did you sleep. You say nuts to you. Well, I remember dancing with all 21 groups, throughout 50 homes, day and night into weeks without sleep. It was a lovely time. Chuma, Bolivia in a bear custome one beautiful summer in 1997. Years later I was informed there was only a three day party. Which makes no sense because I lost two weeks in August of 1997. Time travel? Maybe this is when Iw as taken. Did I die that night on a street drinking and dancing with people that hate to love me? Such is life.

Oct 6 2019

Oct 6 2015

Choices are made whether directly or indirectly. Choice not to change fate steps in for the chance whether good or bad. Famous quotes state may your choices reflect your hope of change instead of your fears. Choices come and go onward without a moment's notice. There are paths of choices one must existent life within either accepting the current choices that the world environment has put you in or deriding to take a chance a responsibility to make a change. Everything in life is a choice everything in our lives is a reflection of our past choices. Results of our choices are our current salutation if you want to see a distinct reality start making unlike choices. Ponder the choices that make the world a better place and the reflection of those choices will carry those with it like magic to the reflected choices. Sometimes the hardest choice and the right choice reflect the same reality. Life reflection is that of a multiply choice exam sometimes life choices confuse reality, not the question of life itself. Life reflection is a magic choice never to accept being someone else second choice. Life is about making choices always strive for quality of choices for the best ones, and always try to learn from the mistakes of the past ones. Choice well, reflect will this cause harm to even one person or tension within the mind then that is a wrong choice. Life is about choices' risks and ventures life requires action instead of words. Make good choices often taking the road of more opportunity for dreaming of what could have been or should have been only brings sadness. Choice life is only lived once. Realization is bad events happen. The choice is will that event define thoughts, destroy thoughts, or build new choices of thoughts. When choices are made about a bad event one can continue to follow or choice to stop at which point eventually the right choices will by chance catch up with a provide an opportunity. Life choices are about living, doing, working to fulfill the hopes, dreams, wishes that are magically given to chance. Life is what is chosen today make the mot of life. Life is what is lived after reading this so choice wisely. Freedom to choice is made daily but the consequences also are there after that chance choice. Consequence of that choice is what is lived with afterwards and reflects the reality of the chance opportunity being lived today and tomorrow. Make better decisions to have a better chance to make a good choice in the future by staying close to good decisions and choices. For those that are good reflect goodness and those decisions and choices that reflect terrible often times continue down the same path because the choices do not differ. Make the change choice a different path from being black-hearted.

To wear a monocle or not to wear one.. which is in your memory of the monopoly board.. 




October 7 2019



That awkward moment in 2019 October where you lose 20,000 to 300,000 light years and you wonder at the end of the nebula column swirly black hole do you come out alive or dead at the end?  

when you realize the US government has no clue how old earth is.. 

Geologic Time: Age of the Earth


AGE OF THE EARTH. So far scientists have not found a way to determine the exact age of the Earth directly from Earth rocks because Earth's oldest rocks have been recycled and destroyed by the process of plate tectonics. If there are any of Earth's primordial rocks left in their original state, they have not yet been found.

How close to the center of the galaxy are we?

Galactic Center - Wikipedia


The Galactic Center, or Galactic Centre, is the rotational center of the Milky Way.It is 8,122 ± 31 parsecs (26,490 ± 100 ly) away from Earth in the direction of the constellations Sagittarius, Ophiuchus, and Awkwardness seems we lost anywhwere from 500 light years to gaining 1500 light years.. To make this number something you can think about 5.88 trillion miles in 1 light year.. so it would seem we misplaced or cyclied anywhere from 500 times 5.88 trillion to 1500 times 5.88 trillion miles outside of where 25,000 light years it was last time I checked.. What is a trillion years after all?  Humor a life time or so.

Light-year - Wikipedia


The light-year is a unit of length used to express astronomical distances and measures about 9.46 trillion kilometres (9.46 x 10 12 km) or 5.88 trillion miles (5.88 x 10 12 mi). As defined by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), a light-year is the distance that light travels in vacuum in one Julian year (365.25 days).

October 8 2019

In memory of 2016 minus 2 billion years or so..

and today 

He was not my dog.

eternity will remember a wagging tale

was he crying all this time with eyes brown tears I see

amazing my wife cried today

silly, me these are not my peeps..

not my worlds not my dog

open sadness to see an assoicate pass away today

time to rethink eternity don't you think

my world my body for the day of judgment

you say you are not dead


open your eyes you are in the valley of death a freezer if I might say

gosh, darn it be good do stop evil today

I have not heard from anyone in some time. I believe I have been kidnapped to a wild weird world.. Let us play along.

A list of changes along with my recollection to the left. Come play along.. copy and paste your answers in the comments.

*Berenstein Bears is now BERENSTAIN Bears, I remember Berenstein bears going to church.. DO you

*Interview with a/the vampire. I recall the Interview with a vampire

*sex in/and the city how sad I remember Sex in the city

*mirror mirror on the wall/magic mirror. Come now it has always been mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all

*chic-fil-a/chick (some remember chik) my memory is fair it was chic`fil a

*luke/no, I am your father... Come since when is no ... it has always been Luke, I am your father

*If you build it they/he will come... Who is he.. it should be If you build it they will come

*Smokey the Bear/Smokey Bear. The bear and me will always be smokey the bear

*beautiful day in the/this neighborhood. Song this in the shower since 6. It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood

*we're gonna need a bigger/you're gonna need. There were more than one person on the boat. we re gnna need a bigger boat

*daylight savings/daylight saving time The only state without daylight saving time was Arizonia

*cruella Deville/De vil I would say Deville for my mother would not let me watch anything with evil..

*book of isiah-the lion shall lay down with the lamb/the wolf shall lay down with the lamb. I remember it as the lion shall lay down

*sketchers/skechers (shoes) My shoes were sketchers up to May 18

*Proctor & Gamble/Procter & It twas Gamble procter gamble

*Life is/was like a box of chocolates.. Speaking of a Life is like a box of chocolates

*dilemna/dilemma I am in a dilemna

*You say tomato/You like tomato. I wonder you say tomato I say tomatoe. Let us call the whole thing off.

*new zealand moved from above to below australia new zealand I recall wanting to live there which was above australia and only one island

*Australia moved closer to Southeast Asia. Recollection looks farther down to me

*Panama Canal is now north to south not east to west. It ran east to west

nsync/*nsync (look up current spelling if formatting is not working)

*Reba Mcintyre/McEntire Her name was McEntire to me.

*puce changed from yellowish to pinkish not sure

*Chartreuse changed from burgundy/purplish to neon yellow/green (almost as if they switched) not sure

*JC Penny/JC Penney I do not recall an e.. It has always been JC Penny to me.

*Charles Shultz/Charles shulz The t was something in my memory Charles Shultz

*looney toons/looney tune. Cartoons are looney toons

*52 states, not 50 states and 2 territories. Flag still had 50 stars. My timeline there was 50 plus 2015 Rico voted itself statehood

*Madagascar did not have 22 million people living there not sure

*Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down In THE most delightful way/In A most delightful way. I sing this song in the most delightful way

*VW logo didnt have a line through it separating the V and W There was no space between the V W

*Picture of Henry the VIII with a turkey leg?? nothing in that time frame to reference a turkey leg with.

*Dr. Doolittle/Dolittle Come now Doolittle

*Fruit Loops/Froot Loops I love Fruit Loops

*Publically/Seperate not sure

*MLK assassination was fairly close, multiple shots, handgun not sniped with a single shot with a rifle. Recollection bad but it happened in a hotel single shot with a rifle I believe

*“Go home, walter” was mike not the black guy not sure

*Jiffy/Jif peanut butter Peanut butter jiffy

*Barbara Streisand/Barbra Streisand In my land Barbara Streisand

*Svalbard? Norway seed bank is now Svalbard Seed Bank not sure

*North Pole ice land mass and explorer Edmundson never existed ice mass Ice land mass controlled by Norway I believe.

*Japan is next to Russia and Korea instead of China In my mind Japan next to China no Japan Sea

*Fidel Castro died around 2008. he was alive in my timeframe

*“Me Tarzan, you Jane” never happened The original movie yes.

*“Beam me up, Scotty” never happened either Wow.. so where did Beam me up Scotty happened

*Curious George had a tail there was no tail in my timeline

*Oscar Meyer/Oscar Mayer My hotdog has a first name Oscar Meyer

*Hitler had bright blue eyes? He was not ayran no blue eyes

Sun is yellow or white My world the sun was yellow

Abe Lincoln senator or representative Conspiracy theory senator. JFK was a senator same as Nixon. JFK and Lincoln both senators, both shot in the head, both presidents in years starting 64

Grimm captain name Bernard

Penelope or Vanalope wreck it ralph Penelope

Japan next to koera or china ie no japan sea no japanese sea next to China

COME folks copy and paste in the comment section your memories.. before they are eaten by..

The great delusion has happened. The end of the world is upon us. People say yes we are evil.. But people forget to read the Bible.

The days will be like in the end Days of Noah.

Noah lived beyond the flood. His end days were when Babylon occurred. The creator did something then too. He changed peoples languages. Make a bet if you asked those people if they were in the same world they would realize that they were not.

Meaning realities and persons personalities have changed. What was important to someone yesterday is not today. Meaning in the end days people will be lovers of themselves. Why because they have lost their natural affection for their family. Why.. Because they do not recognize their family. Why.. Because in their world maybe they did not have kids, or why I am writing this dogs. I have noticed people have forgotten their dogs, and pets. Once normal caring people have forgotten who they were not because they are uncarrying but because they have lived a different reality up to the point where CeRn switched their mind or the creator. Either way you have to realize something.. The end of times are upon us for several more decades or years or generations or less. We have to change to Christ if you want to live forever. If you want to die and go to hell that is a choice too. But think. If you realize that nothing matters but the afterlife.. Just think.



Oct 14, 2019

Major shift in reality expected tomorrow through November 29. I think the awkwardness of misplacing something one writes is well not awful, nevertheless, the time consumption if I did not do x what did the person do here? And if I did do x and it disappears did or was it saying something I should not be saying? I find that the most interesting. Like I remember the galaxy going clockwise, now that it is going counter clockwise does that just mean I am rewinding to some point in this life to redo everything again or and here is the issue is this me going back to my original body for the day of judgment? If it is I can honestly say several things at present more sense, then where I came from. No one asks like way. Tensile strength as an example. For the longest time I could not figure out why this body I am in is so much better than mine. The answer is tensile strength. The closer we are to the black hole the stronger stuff is built or works against the gravity pull. Example is trees that are grown in a building falling over without wind. The closer you are to the gravity well of the black hole the stronger stuff is built. Example La Paz, Bolivia tallest buildings were limited to 16 floors due to strength tests and potential of a earthquake. Here I see 34 to 40 floors on the same buildings. Which lead me to the strange reality of with all this extra room. Where are the people? So I watch at night, and no one lives in the buildings. It is spooky. 34 story buildings and like 120 apartments and 6 lights on. You say curtains, no checked, what else I at times wonder buildings looking for people... Kind of creepy going to floors that never existed in your reality and trying to find someone there. I know sure sure this is what you do in your spare time besides running a dog with a cane, and writing poetry... well I eat too..




Oct 15 2019

The awkwardness of time travel and memory's past and music. I am hearing bagpipes, which is wild. I wonder where exactly I am going. To earth of misfit souls and wandering perceptions looking for a solution to why am I evil and just. How long have I been traveling across these Many years?You see I recognize something to this adventure that most Mandela effected people are not talking about. Like what Clint? Simply put perceptional changes of the people I come in communications and physical contact with daily. You see this has happened before. I went through hell before and now again. I pretty sure I would have brought a bigger bucket if I realized what I was part of the first time around. That and would have beaten the fire out with the bucket if I could have. Be good, do good stop evil... The times are a changing faster then the computer can update location of the Waldo wandering earth where is earth today.. Shall we see? Milky Way. It’s a big flat disk of stars measuring up to 120,000 light-years across.


Our Solar System is located in the middle of this galactic disk. And by the middle, I mean the center of the galaxy is about 27,000 light years that way, and the edge of the galaxy is about the same distance that way. 



Oct 16 2019





The awkwardness of gaining 500 light years distance from the center of the galaxy while losing 20,000,000 mile years to cycle of the earth around the black hole.  What does that mean?  Well, I would say the US Air Command a has no clue where exactly they are in the galaxy.  b the speed of the earth has picked up.  And light distance speed has increased by 4,000 light years.  Meaning to me tensile strength is important.  The closer you are to the center of the center of the galaxy the stronger reality becomes.

Red sun represents a red dwarf sun ie the mirror sun protecting this planet must be huge and as people say HARPA and Boeing space shuttle are burning this realities trees to the ground.



Oct 17 2019

Memories 2017

The end of the world acrostic

The end of the world by 2025

honestly, the CIA and US army do predict

eternity is not what I expected to see 280 million US citizens die by 2025

end of times you read deagel.com

near the bottom you will see the US Army, Navy, and CIA claiming the end by 2025

death to America by 2025

of this for sure there is something going to happen by 2025

forever is in the balance

world ends by 2025

or only the US of A by 2025

reality of the end of the world by 2025

live life with merit

death has US by 2025.

When deagel.com changes daily and you wonder.. https://www.facebook.com/clint.flashman/posts/10209905076815267 which reality is truth. which survives.

Halloween tale for the night' two galaxies colliding and the end of the cycles of this planet called earth. For when two galaxies collide who or whom is the real creator and what if anything is reality to be sought Meaning for those that believe Niburo a fast moving planet that exists underneight our galaxy is causing texas size hurricanes on saturn' what will happen here on earth .. the last time the continents were split a part and the dark ages, prior to that Josephs drought that made Eygpt the richest country in gold, prior to that visit Noahs flood. This halloween when you think you know what is going on think. Zombies caused by the government to control the mass population via rabies, via drugs, via bath salts via satellites frequencies turning a brain on and off making people forget everything. that was the hard part for me to understand in the book of revelation if people knew that they are lossing why would they not repent and change their ways. the mark of the beast nano technology controling the masses. or war with a fourth of the world... humor trick or treat

10 20 2019  thoughts from 2016

I believe in Christ Jesus. I believe he is alive. I believe he covers my sin. The issue is dealing with the bible and multiverse, and white sun versus yellow sun. The bible from my universe has changed dramatically. There is more detail here then in a yellow sun world. Revelations seem a bit more different. I remember 970 years instead of 1000-year imprisonment for the evil one. The issues as I see them. Christ says to the end times people will argue brother against brother father against son, mother against daughter. Rationale different realities. If you grew up in the yellow sun world, you were more private. You cared more. Reasoning if you remember the US civil war, 545,433 people died. Here a million were killed. Abe Lincoln was a senator in our world while here he is a representative. MEANING this world history is different. Meaning from my world, there are 1.2 billion people missing. HOW.. wars white sun worlds seem more mean and accurate... Meaning their bible gives precise numbers of those killed in battle while in mine, I remember a large number or a number uncountable while here they say million, etc. NEXT since we are yellow sun people, mostly on this link because we realize we are not from here there is an issue. CAN we be saved on a different world? MEANING if you ask CHRIST into your heart is your heart on this world or on the other world. FORGIVE ME but I believe only our mind has changed not our hearts, nor our souls which I speculate might be in our yellow sun world. Save yourself just ask Christ back into your life. Acknowledge him as lord, believe he is alive and Jehovah is lord and creator. NEXT the beginning of the end. Notice in Mathew that the minds are the arguments are the first thing to occur. THEN Kingdoms against kingdoms and nations against nation. NOTE none of this is Gods doing. MEANING everything that is happening is done by man. I had to reread the whole books to figure this out. However, when Christ or Jehovah does something, he claims it. Examples Noah´s flood claims, Joseph's drought he claims. The mind swap the only claimers I can find is the DWAVE computer pulling out items from other parallel universes, and CErn portal allowing this to happen. Both claim to be doing what has happened to us. SHAME on them. WHAT does this mean? IF you are in NEW York city move or vacation for a time away from there. FOR if the bible is correct that place will be targeted. IF you read about its destruction you can see or feel a nuke hitting the whole city. Just an insight after rereading everything a few times. When that happens except earthquakes again I looked, and the creator or Jehovah does not claim responsibility for these either. HARPA or satellite articles on odd news claim to be producing these things. Speculation again but the end of the world is man made not a creator made. RATIONALE there is roughly 230 years before the 6 thousand years the creator gave a man kind to live outside of his domain. MEANING all this is happening because someone here in this time frame feels they can fight a deity. I have records of 72 plus 1 earths that I have seen. From changing mountains, to death of Bob Crane, to state of liberty facing France not New York, to Japan not being off the coast of China but off the coast of Korean, to South America moving eastward at 500 miles per day. I have looked and seen the beginning of the end of the world. You might say I am crazy, and I agree but it still does not mean what I have seen and kicked is not real. Meaning when I see something not in my one old world, I at times go up and kick it to ensure I am not dreaming. Remember Christ for in all these mutliverse parallels, they want to fight the creator. At issue are three items without Christ, there is no life. ie your spirit or life energy or what you call a soul is from him without it; you are dead and after a time realizes there is no humanity. Two they are spending trillions on fighting him. Cern 9 billion plus, large weapon systems that do not work, etc ie a force field around earth and the sun was the latest I saw advertised. None of which works. Why fight someone who made everything? Three if you find Christ hold on to him. For I am still fighting my mind on grasping what I have seen. https://www.facebook.com/clint.flashman/posts/10207180414220405

Ok good night... it's time for a good night story. Once upon a time in a land far away but not too far away perhaps in the following county or maybe over there in the ensuing tree house. There lived a family before 5 if you count their puppy, I guess since the puppy usually came along with them; you should count them so there is 5 in total. There enters the pirate is no eyes missing his left foot and his right ankle remembers the stories are not his first one was June 25th 2013. He's pushing his boat out into the Great Salt Lake, when will the hole, he saw a pregnant woman and two kids and there was a time in Salt Lake shark going after them around in their water, and it got them save them the tire Salt Lake shirt got his ankle all the way down to the bone? He and his wife were walking together the considerable outdoors in Yellowstone Park at this moment getting off the snowmobile there a grizzly bear happy about it came running after him and does the pirate just breathe again any saved as WiFi throughout Europe into a tree but of course the grizzly bear cut into the pirate took off his left leg and buried in the snow drift free froze to death almost hey I'm here let's came took him to the hospital thought amount what I'm saying, and health insurance decided not to pay for his leg or is I surgery because of the cold snow, and he was left destitute nearly I'm aligned so I feel it. To the great outdoors of Bolivia where he decided to live with the dogs, he took his wife, his two kids and the dog down to Bolivia. Where in Bolivia within the first three-week nigger dinner into. . It's time for a good eight stories. Once upon a time in a land far away but not too far away maybe in the mix county her may be over there in an extra house. Hulu the family before 5 counter puppy I guess since this puppy usually came along with them you should count them so there're 5 in total. Who's into the pirate is no eyes missus life what plans right ankle.

October 26 2019



october 27 2019

The weapon system HARPA is it actual? Is the sun real or has the sun been replaced with a mirror https://www.tiny.cc/deadsunfall? Like June 23rd 2016, I plan on living a day twice... People say what? I keep on telling people I am not from here and that through my travels, I saw on June 21st 2016 UK stay within the EU. Vote was 54.5 to 45 to stay within EU. You be crazy Clint. Oh no doubt about that. However, I lived June 23rd twice and plan on living again. You doubt me? So what being a closed time curved loop traveler I have witnessed enough in this reality that plots and plans if I ever get back well. Life will be more productive. Clint you are a waste of taxpayer's money. No doubt. I, however, am me and plan accordingly. If Ron Hubbard can live to a past where humanity was stuck on some 70 worlds with trillions of souls on each world. I can survive back in time to where I might do humanity some good. I have learned and know quite now to change some of my choices enough to influence humanity. Clint you cannot influence humanity. The bible is written and foretold, and everything is happening according to some sick person idea that a black messiah or evil leader is something humanity wants instead of giving up and hoping for the best. I am me. I can do correctly, be good, if I can stop evil. properly, that is a truth that needs to be looked into. Humanity does not desire to be enslaved to becoming robots if the nanobots in your systems works with Musks 20,000 satellites frequency wifi5 turning humanity into robots, or if the frequencies are off into zombies is a rather older story line then what I can believe in yet I see humanity more as robots today than yesterday. The death of humanity is man made. Each time God does something he claims it. If you read Revelations, the destruction of ocean boundaries is man made via Japan. The destruction of three-fourths of earths trees are set of fire or gone via the mirror you call a sun here. Stop being evil. Do good. Being a robot is nothing you want to become. Humanity could do better and should do better. Evil is wrong. Pray for your perception or soul October 31st. 2019 will be a change in reality. 



October 28 2019




awkward we gained anywhere from 1.550, 3,000, 1,000 from 26450 to 25000 to 27000 light years distances in this photo sold to the US by local aliens painting a picture as to where and how long does it take to cycle throught the galaxy.  Also note we are now according to this painting going clockwise not counter clockwise.. wild.

Oct 30 2014.. the awkwardness is I have been here before..

I realize my Halloween tales are not being read. Nevertheless, this tale was told me and well might as well... Nibiru is coming starts 214 years of strangeness that I am not sure what to believe. A golden cloud looking like a gold calf in the sky, heat enough to cause volcanoes to shift earth plates. Starvation that a fourth of the world is either perishing of dies from it. Plagues such as my zombie cocktail of rabies air borne from Africa, designer drugs from Russia, bath salts from China, to war with a 4th of the world between Israel Russia and Europe with America having an antichrist as their leader. Seems like a weird tale to tell along with the satellites with frequencies that can turn off the human brain and reboot to no memory with a small Nan material inserted via water into the human brain. I always questioned. Why would any human not give up and plead for mercy instead of burn or be destroyed by the creator. With that introduction let us turn to a next page which I find even more in creditable or unbelievable at this time and age. The person of interest series is the prop for the real supercoiled computer being tested recently on some rather large numbers. You like pie the number pi what is the end number' and would that mean or make the universal code. Conversely, better yet what is the word or sound that makes everything come together or fall apart. Humor when I read the article, I realized not one idea of my story is not backed up nor does anyone care. Evil is now good and good is now evil. The coming of the messiah and the restoration of the temple for those of the Jewish religion. For those that are not a note, Noah's law is what we are under. Which means that we are safer than those that religious for a time? Notwithstanding the ideology the seriousness. The question is what if prayer worked? What to pray for... That all people would be kind and good. That is just it. PRAY is kind being good. Those words I discovered in a book recently on crystal structure along with love and hope build wondrous crystal while hate and evil crystals seem to fall apart. Meaning there is power in the word. Frequency of the waves the sound of waves. I usually am good. Not because I wanted to be. Even so, it benefited me. Even boring at times. However, it gave me time to read. Now without eye's sight and mind to read I find my thoughts traveling across a different path. What would happen if we all prayed for peace and love and just kept at it? Those that are evil their prayers are considered by the Jewish creator hated and blaspheme if I understand the tale. Even so, what if peace could happen if we just were peaceful. Humor... A dream on a cloud with pirate losing body parts without disability or job. What to say. Pray protection from evil. The heart of evil in 18 century was possible to be destroyed by a rabbi who did not do it. What would have happened if evil was not around would we be better off or worse the guise of spending 9 trillion dollars ... comes the fait money which the federal reserve is turning off in hopes of inflation that prices will go up. The problem was the math. You see in 1970 Nixon environmental study proved to someone that population was the issue not destruction of the environment. Which permitted them to keep the abortions and increase it to allow those without money to have an abortion? The problem without those laborers you have to import people to do those jobs. This was acceptable and lowered the property taxes because the schools did not need to educate a population any more the US just handed the successful road to steal or offer a better life to certain people. Those keys influential people that will change the world. _You take you take Gandhi out of India and wola you have British Empire still ruling strong in India. Who have we stolen from China or Russia or elsewhere that would have led the following revolution the next stage in human evolvement? Until we stole enough that we decided the procreation was not needed. Evil is now good and decent is at the moment evil. Trick on US










Who remembers the movie Gremlins, Where one of them are called SPIKE?
Says it’s never been spike it is “STRIPE”
I for one remember the gremlin being called Spike

“it’s off to work we go” but now - “it’s home to work we go”






 black tip of a tail or not?




to be honest I do not know. I do not watch pokemon..



If you build it HE or THEY will come?


Fruit Loops or Froot Loops?











Sweet DREAMS are made of THIS or THESE?




"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."


"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto,"

I dont know where I am in the multiverse today.. But my monkeys fly my prettier fly.. not just fly fly fly.. https://www.thevintagenews.com/2022/06/23/margaret-hamilton-sesame-street/?fbclid=IwAR00SEsL7dMzrF8UCgEs09lHmsDsMf_p_Js2Qn-3iL5RaYswEO6QzkxR_gI



 Fly Fly - OR Fly my pretties FLY..

The fun question for NRA and everyone else.. What happened to the gun when he went with the flying monkeys and did they just fly fly fly or fly my pretties fly... which do you remember?

https://www.cbr.com/wizard-of-oz-scarecrow-gun The Tin Man is holding a giant pipe wrench and his signature axe, the Lion has a hug net and bug spray, while the Scarecrow has a walking stick and a silver six-shooter. There is no explanation for why the characters are suddenly brandishing weapons, which vanish in the following scenes just as quickly as they arrived. https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1352014721942818826 the classic question if this is real.. What else is real? And why is this picture or photo here and not everywhere else? NRA supports wizard of oz.. the wicked disney witch in the white house is after your kids..

When you grew up in a rough neighorhood.







22.(Celebrity Singer name change.)Reba McIntyre/Reba McEntire https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1499&dat=19940521... 23.(Celebrity Chef name change.)Gordon Ramsey/Gordon Ramsay https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=2706&dat=20090318... 24.(Celebrity Chef name change.)Andrew Zimmerman/Andrew Zimmern https://www.google.com/#q="andrew+zimmerman" 25.(Composer name change.)Hans Zimmerman/Hans Zimmer https://www.google.com/#q="hans+zimmerman" 26.(Celebrity Singer name change.)Barbara Streisand/Barbra Streisand https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1755&dat=19840723... 27.(Celebrity Singer name change.)Bruce Springstein/Bruce Springsteen https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1916&dat=19810810... 28.(Cereal name change.)Fruit Loops/Froot Loops https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1957&dat=19980916... 29.(T.V Show name change.)Looney Toons/Looney Tunes https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=2457&dat=19910816... 30.(T.V Show name change.)Merry Melodies/Merrie Melodies (Couldn't find a good article, but it's still considered a change.) 31.(Candy bar name change.)1000 Grand Bar/100 Grand Bar (Couldn't find a good article, but it's still considered a change.) 32.(Restaurant name change.)Crispy Cream/Krispy Kreme https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=968&dat=20050920... 33.(Restaurant name change.)Chic-Fil-A/Chik-Fil-A/Chick-Fil-A https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=375&dat=20030129... https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1817&dat=19941103... 34.(Product name change.)Depends Adult Diapers/Depend Adult Diapers https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1346&dat=19921129... 35.(Store logo change.) Some people remember the Target logo differently, having two outer circles that are no longer there. What do you think? http://www.logospike.com/.../2014/11/Target_logo-6.png 36.(Car logo change.)Some say the Ford logo changed, the curly looking thing on the F being new. What do you think http://www.car-brand-names.com/.../2015/07/Ford-emblem.jpg 37.(Car logo change.)Some say the Volkswagen logo changed, the V and W now separate, while they used to be merged. What do you think? https://upload.wikimedia.org/.../2000px-Volkswagen_logo... 38.(Car logo change.)Some say the Volvo logo changed, the arrow not being there. What do you think? http://thenewswheel.com/.../themes/patterns/timthumb.php... 39.(Movie Quote change.)"Luke, I am your father."/"No, I am your father." https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1980&dat=19970330... 40.(Movie Quote change.)"Warriors, come out and play."/"Warriors, come out to play."41.(Movie Quote change.)"Do you feel lucky? Well do you punk?"/"Do I feel lucky? Well do you punk?" (Articles not talking about the right topic.) 42.(Movie Quote change.)"If you build it, they will come."/"If you build it, he will come." https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=799&dat=19950810... 43.(Movie Quote change.)"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."/"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1320&dat=19901130... 44.(Movie Quote change.)"Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?"/"Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me. Aren't you?" https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=348&dat=20030302... 45.("Made Up" Movie Quote)"Me Tarzan, you Jane." isn't really a line in the Tarzan movie. https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=888&dat=19751107... 46.(Movie Quote change.)"Fly my pretties."/"Fly! Fly! Fly!" (No news articles, but it's still considered a change.) 47.(Movie name change.)Interview With A Vampire/Interview With The Vampire https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1454&dat=19930129... 48.(Movie name change.)Mommy Dearest/Mommie Dearest https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1499&dat=19910904... 49.(Movie name change.)The Candidate/The Campaign (No articles, but it's still considered a change.) 50.(Movie name change.)The Rum Diaries/The Rum Diary https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1350&dat=20031120... 51.("Made Up" Movie Quote.)"Beam me up Scotty" isn't actually said in Star Trek. https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1310&dat=20050721... 52.(Movie Quote change.)"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"/"Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=2199&dat=19920301... 53.(New Geography.)Some don't remember the Southern Ocean (No news articles on this specific topic.) 54.(Fictional Character name change.)Smokey The Bear/Smokey Bear https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=932&dat=19761109... 55.(Store name change.)Home Depot/The Home Depot https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1350&dat=20031209... 56.(New T.V Shows.)You might remember The Brady Bunch, but some don't remember The Brady Brides, The Bradys, The Brady Bunch Variety Hour, and The Brady Kids Cartoon existing.



The Moment that woke me me up to this phenomenon was the scene from James Bond Moonraker and the scene with Jaws and the girl with the ponytail and braces on her teeth - only now she isn’t wearing any braces. This is what connected the scene with Jaws metal mouth and the braced girl being compatible and falling for one another. If you search long enough you can find residual evidence of the changes. A good example is the Voltzwagen logo. I remembered the Beasty Boys from the 80’s wearing them as medallions and if you go and find their old music videos they STILL have the old JOINED VW logo around their necks. Same is true of Sally Fields (now Sally Field). Some old film listings still have her down as “Fields”.






he Olympic is now the Britannic and the Britannic is now the Olympic🤯🤯🤯

BIG ME for me. What do you guys remember. Back in 2000 the Russian Submarine the Kursk sank and rescue efforts came from all over the world to help get the sub to the surface before they all died on board. They found that the entire SUB HAD FLOODED with NO SURVIVORS, I repeat, NO SURVIVORS. But in this timeline there were dozens of men who survived. I remember the Americans heard a knocking from the inside of the sub but when they got into it, it was only something metal clanging on the wall. Russia had nearly a week or mourning the loss of ALL ON BOARD. What do you guys remember. I watched this rescue effort for days and days. I KNOW what I remember.



https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/topic/nibiru-planet?from=mdr Wonderful India is showing topic of Planet X.. Media is silent in US.. meaning? what will happen? https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1443957814094467091 planet x https://sciquest.org/a-supermassive-black-hole-is-now-facing-earth/ PBC J2333.9-2343 is approximately 11,507,747,240,000,000 miles away from us (with all zeros). This is equivalent to about 11.5 quadrillion miles. https://www.minds.com/Talon123/?query=mandelaeffect https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1297926310407966731 Black hole https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1489062456369090563 #mandelaeffect https://mixed-news.com/en/nuloupe-ar-magnifying-glasses-announced/ https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1438282257545564163 alternative https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooGVDjXFbJk https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1437276993467977742 #flatearth We live in a simulator.. and the eye see what the simulator wants to be seen. Multiverse Theory - the idea that there may be multiple parallel universes - https://arxiv.org/abs/0906.2718 Simulation Theory - the possibility that we are all living in a computer simulation - https://arxiv.org/abs/1210.1847 Time Travel - the possibility of traveling through time either forwards or backwards - https://arxiv.org/abs/1307.2541 Dark Energy - the unknown force causing the universe's accelerating expansion - https://arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/0601001 String Theory - a theoretical framework attempting to reconcile general relativity and quantum mechanics - https://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/0409174 Wormholes - hypothetical openings in space-time that could allow for faster-than-light travel - https://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/0405068 Quantum Entanglement - the phenomenon where particles can be connected across any distance in space - https://arxiv.org/abs/quant-ph/0103053 Black Holes - extremely dense objects in space where gravity prevents anything from escaping - https://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/9712019 Antimatter - particles that are the opposite of normal matter, with opposite charge and spin - https://arxiv.org/abs/2001.11290 Parallel Dimensions - the possibility that there may be other dimensions beyond the three we experience - https://arxiv.org/abs/hep-ph/9508406

https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1437276993467977742 #flatearth https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1443957814094467091 planet x https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1437276993467977742 flat earth https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1352014721942818826 #mandelaeffect https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1438282257545564163 alternative https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1386019473999269905 #bloodmoon NASA fake photos and other stories https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1484989982987784208 #NASA https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1506626465771294737
https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1437276993467977742 #flatearth https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1386019473999269905 #bloodmoon


Name of the franchise. Many people remember the name of the franchise as "Looney Toons," but it is actually "Looney Tunes." The "Toons" was added later, in the 1940s.
The spelling of "Jif." Many people remember the peanut butter brand as "Jiffy," but it is actually "Jif." The "Jiffy" spelling was a popular misspelling that was eventually adopted by the company.
The color of Tweety Bird's feet. Many people remember Tweety Bird's feet as being yellow, but they are actually white. This is because the yellow feet were a popular misconception that was perpetuated by merchandise and coloring books.
The order of the words in the line "Mirror, mirror on the wall." Many people remember the Evil Queen's line in Snow White as "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" However, the actual line is "Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"
The death of Nelson Mandela. Many people remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s, but he actually died in 2013. This is a common Mandela Effect because Mandela was a very prominent figure in the 1980s, and many people were aware of his imprisonment.


https://phys.org/news/2022-09-mandela-effect-bizarre-phenomenon-false.html New study seeks to explain the 'Mandela Effect', the bizarre phenomenon of shared false memories https://english.news.cn/20220927/d14545d853274974b5507baf633c0fd6/c.html Chinese astronomers detect non-accreting neutron star using LAMOST https://www.healthline.com/health/full-moon-effects How Does a Full Moon Affect Our Physical and Mental Well-Being? Blood moons, black holes, and Mandela effect?? Blood moons - well will it occur November 2nd or 7th? https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1386019473999269905 black hole which is the closest one? 960, 645, or closer light years away? https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1297926310407966731Mandela effect - how many do you recognize? https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1352014721942818826 https://www.minds.com/Talon123/blog/to-watch-the-walking-tree-and-the-moving-mountain-is-wild-th-1020330370164928512 



That humanities fringe elements have been moving between worlds since January 7th has come home. That I should have watched Resident Evil June 6th 2016. And have written that I was excited to watch it in December, January 8th, then January 19th, and finally caught up with the movie on Janaury 27 here in Bolivia proves to me that I am being mind swapped rather rapidly.

Mandela effect on the Trump presidency is harsh. His total cabinet needs to relearn their history, and current affairs. Meaning their minds all of them has been swapped out with another person who has a close approximation history but a completely different thought process.

What does this mean. The advisor that just spoke about a terrorist attach at Bowl state. I remember it. There was seven people murdered there. Also I remember an attack on Ohio State University recently. What does that mean. It means humanity has been swapped out.

Check this test.

My swapped mind took this in sort of like Alice in Wonderland. Curiouslier and Curiouslier what changes to expect and how to understand they took up some of my days. Here are a few of those items which I know are considered Mandela Effect.

What color is your sun?

Where is South America?

Berenstain or Berenstein bears?

Mandela died in 2013 or earlier?

Where is your heart?

Where is Japan?

Where is New Zealand?

How many islands or island made up New Zealand?

Is there one Black Sea or two?

Italy is it north to south or northwardly to a southeast?

Outer Mongolia is owned by Mongolia, Russia, or China?

Sketchers or Skechers?

Abe Lincoln senator or representative?

United States of Ammerica population 365 million or 322 million or 430 million?

How many states are in the United States of America?

Then check your history. Bet some of the facts have changed. You say Abe Lincoln being a senator Hillary Clinton remembers that. I know so do I. You say Japan being off the coast of China and now it is off the coast of Korea. What has happened?

The world is different. Parallalism is a new world of travel. Cern has been turned on January 6 2017 and left to run until a fallen Angel falls through. Some how people do not read their bible correctly here. The small evil looking flying beast that come through are nothing but evil fairies. Their power is to cause pain to those that can not die. Beware for what you wish for.

Life writing essay. I use to have a pretty stable life. I would get up disabled. For I am missing my left foot. The foot died from lack of care I suppose. My right ankle died the year before. The scares are all there. They say diabetes is consuming me bit by bit sort of like the ants eat a dead elephant I would guess. The last few years I have been fighting for my eyesight. I lost both eyes to blood 2014, 2015, and 2016. The swirl was like that of a miniature galaxy spinning in my eye.

On May 18th, 2016, I went to bed in my normal fashion. I did skip Grimm the final program thinking to watch it another day. On the other hand, who would think of a world change, that I would watch it later. On May 19th, 2016, I awoke in a brand-new earth complete with a different history, colors, and geographics. This was something unknown to experience.

My swapped mind took this in sort of like Alice in Wonderland. Curiouslier and Curiouslier what changes to expect and how to understand they took up some of my days. Here are a few of those items which I know are considered Mandela Effect.

What color is your sun?

Where is South America?

Berenstain or Berenstein bears?

Mandela died in 2013 or earlier?

Where is your heart?

Where is Japan?

Where is New Zealand?

How many islands or island made up New Zealand?

Is there one Black Sea or two?

Italy is it north to south or northwardly to a southeast?

Outer Mongolia is owned by Mongolia, Russia, or China?

Sketchers or Skechers?

Abe Lincoln senator or representative?

United States of Ammerica population 365 million or 322 million or 430 million?

How many states are in the United States of America?

These are some of the questions being a multi-verse traveler you have to think about. The parallelism is such that people have lived all their existences on one planet. While other people need to realize that, their reality is not the same as those that they are speaking to.


This story begins May 19th, 2016 south of Florida. I awoke to a new reality. Some call it Mandela effect or circle of time changes. Others blame CERN, or D Wave computer, or an AI computer hooked up to MineCraft or another game.

All I can say is I am no longer with my family that I had May 18th. I am with a completely new family. Each day since then.

The reality even changes a bit more with my research or reseach depending on the universe. Montauk chairs, time travels, etc. are common talking to points to people that are missing their home and trying to get home. The point gets to a Navy base just north of Miami in a bit.

Up until May 23, I had not heard of Montauk nor its experiment. In my world the Philidelphia project was something talked about. Anyway, Montauk started a long evil tale.

The first time hearing about the Montauk chair, there were only to be one of these out of New Jersey with 27 frequency chairs spread throughout the US. This tale had it that if there was more than one, the time frequency would get all screwed up. And guess what it does if you follow the story line with me.

The second time I heard or read about the Montauk chair the story changed and of course I was not in the same reality as the day before. In that reality there were three chairs. One in England for whatever reason, two in the US. Guess the Navy base north of Miami has a chair. Anyway, that timeline was screwed up a bit. Meaning more Mandela effect people were talking about CERN, etc.

The third time I heard or listened to the tale, there were five time machines. Two in the US, one England, one or three in Japan, and China had recently attained one via something dealing with 2012 and an expected end of the world scenario. I wrote Peter Moon, Duncan Camero, and two others about this, and their reply was to stay in one place to be silent and stare at a candle to concentrate on staying in one place. I wish I would have listened that day.

Because things just got worse, and worse. Then there were seven time machines. Threee Japan, two US, one England, and one China and a war broke out. Crime, people being evil, an attempt upon my life, head aches until I gave up Facebook and searching for a way home. By that time, there were seven confirmed time machines running and Mandela effect was skipping things around. Meaning Jiffy or Jiff, etc. Then it happened the story line changed dramatically.

The Germans in some timeline won World War II. They had a time machine also. The Chinese attacked the three Japanese time machines and then Japan cars, and economic interests in Bolivia started to disappear being replaced by China. Meaning instead of Japan Toyato, there is a company called China Motor which to my knowledge in my world could not make a engine design to function at this altitude.

The Montauk project according to some history lines ended 83, or 84. Which was then picked up by the Navy in 90. The Chinese attacked the Japanese time machines locked in three underground bases per conspiracy radio. And that is when China started to replace all the past history with their own.

Example Mount Illimani in Bolivia has been searched for years for gold. Guess what happened 9 months prior to me ending up on this timeline. The Chinese found gold or some type of material they are digging it out of the mountain and Bolivia is not making a profit from it. The Japanese car market has slumped or disappeared here and now all is China new cars.

The evilness of Montauk the Germans evidently are influencing sometime portals. Per the story line they fought Christ murdering him on their timeline. Their future believe it or not makes the Greys which come back in time because they can no longer clone themselves.

How does the murder of Christ occur one asks. First attempt is little kids being sent in the past to try to murder Christ. The one or two bible lines about Christ saying to let the little ones come to me is the reference in the bible supposedly on this attempt. The second attempt is to switch minds of adults who are happening nowadays. ie If you think you are saved you might not be. ie. You saved your body, your spirit but having to be switched mentally, the new body you are in might not be saved. ie they are using your body and mind to attempt an assanation on Christ. Thus the line they will knock saying they prophesied in your name. And Christ response I know you not.

That is evil one. Evil two in 83 the reason Bigfoot showed up was because those timelines were going to steal someone else chair. In fact, they did or at least, some of the timelines succeed and blanked out the minds of the people supposedly responsible for the project. ie this is why Al, Duncan, etc. remember parts of their lives is their memory swipe was not done in their world, but in another universe and their frequencies are different allowing them to remember certain fact's details, etc.

Evil three nanobots are being used to quantum level. Change your body. I know this odd but evidently the tgoal is a superhuman. Which they accomplish to an extent but not to immortality. Meaning this timeline if the story is correct also ends up with people not being able to breed only to clone and dies out after a long time.

Evil four Al story and the Windfinders which represent an AI computer or D Wave computer attempting to change history so that humanity does not die out again due to murdering Christ, which is spirituality and or sexuality if you listen to enough of these videos. Evidently, there is a third plan one super humans to fight two attempts on Christ's life, and a third which must succeed because the Windfinders are there but their story line does not tell how they succeed or why. And thus is my story of a Florida Navy base north of Miami.


This Mandela effect has to do with major history changes. Concerning Phoenicians. Basically now Israel is part of them so is Moab. And in this timeline Moabites survived Moses btw. However I find this strange with Phoenicians being now all of cannon instead I remember them being northern Syria and in turkey right bordering Greece and Israel being a huge kingdom bordering Egypt and Phoenicia to the north. Now this is a bunch of different kingdoms and history mess







Mandela Effect

Mandela Effect has taken over my life

America used to be right above South America

North America what happened to you

dare you to think outside the realm of one-world

eternity is existing with parallel worlds'

live activity with merit in all of them

America are you ready for a chance to change

effect of Mandela Berenstein or Berenstain

Fearing that Japan is at present next to Korea not China

Forcing yourself to realize New Zealand is at the moment two islands not one

estimating world populations and chances that the changes mean something

time is space divided by light frequency everything is vibration.


No monocle in this realities monopoly  

Once upon a time in the grand city of Monopolis, there lived a well-known and affluent gentleman named Mr. Moneypenny. He was known far and wide for taste, sophisticated, and of course, his signature style of always wearing a monocle.

Mr. Moneypenny had his empire on the foundations of Monopoly, the renowned board game that had captured the hearts and people across the globe. With his remarkable business acumen and an astute understanding of the game's principles, he had accumulated vast amounts of wealth and property, earning him the title of "The Monopoly Man."

Clad in his tailored suit, top hat, and never without his trusty monocle, Mr. Moneypenny strolled streets of Monopolis, overseeing his many towering skyscrapers and bustling streets. The citizens and respected him, for he brought prosperity and an air of elegance to their beloved city.

One day, while surveying his properties, Mr. Moneypenny stumbled upon an old dilapidated building near the center of town an abandoned theater that had once been a cornerstone of Mon' scene. A pang of nostalgia washed over him, reminding him of the lively performances and joy-filled audiences that once graced its halls.

Driven by his generous nature and a desire to restore the city's cultural heritage, Mr. Moneypenny decided to purchase the old theater and transform it into something marvelous. He called upon renowned architects, designers, and visionaries to breathe new life into the forgotten gem and restore its former glory.

Under Mr. Moneypenny's guidance, the theater underwent a dramatic transformation. The dull, weathered exterior was replaced with grandiose marbled columns, sparkling chiers fit for most breathtaking performances. The theater was christened "The Monocle Playhouse" as a testament to Mr. Moneypenny's distinctive style.

The Monocle Playhouse soon became the epicenter of art and culture, drawing in artists, actors, and audiences from and wide. It hosted mesmerizing plays, musicals, and thought-provoking performances that enthralled the city's residents. The Monoc was not just a theater; it became a symbol of Mr. Moneypenny's benevolence and love for his community.

As time passed, the Monocle Playhouse's success continued to soar. It became a beacon of inspiration for aspiring artists, a gathering place for those seeking refuge from the world, and a testament Mr. Moneypenny's dedication and vision.

Decades later, in the history books of Monopolis, Mr. Moneypenny's lived on as a true testament to the power of one man's passion, generosity, and for his city. The Monopoly Man, with his monocle perched perfectly, stayed etched in the hearts and minds of the people. And the Monocle Playhouse, tall and proud in Monopolis, remained a cherished symbol of unity, creativity, and the enduring legacy of Mr. Moneypenny.

Paul was pointing down now he has a cigarette


So speaking on the 3000 versus 10 to the power of 192 which equates to Drakes parallelism. First you have to realize this equation is crude but close Space ie mass ie reality equals light frequency squared multiplied by time. That defines where you are. ie meaning the light frequency for each world is different just like personalities. Monday when I arrived in La Paz buildings were white, Wednesday when I went down to La Paz buildings were blue, today roof tops that I am looking at from porch for three years almost have turned green. ie each world has a different mood, different color scheme. This is a working speculation. Next each world meaning I have played where is waldo the earth today moves the spirit or soul of myself to a different location. I can read that from this earth I can see 3000 plus stars. Speculation each star is looking at this earth pattern and see me. Someone of those planets is typing this exact message or speculative the AI is moving a complete data dump each time my soul moves to a new earth. Either way there are many worlds so similar unless you paid attention to small details like paint splashes or your glasses scratches, or how many posts there are in a fence you are not going to notice difference. Speculative yes. However this working hypothesis has validation in my mind for several experiences that I have had. The question of why is this happening. biblical there are several mentions of different earths. Starting Gods speaking to themselves, heavens and earths along with the seas being created, 


The tower of Babel instead of making each person learn a new language they speaking plural mixed the languages from different earths as a group of people, that he can do it for one person if you read Saul first king of Israel had his heart changed. Bets if you asked him something else changed also. Source bible read it. Believe in Jesus Christ. Do good, be good. So this could be Daniel 7 when someone is challenging God about who reigns on the throne of David. The awkwardness is Psalms 2 3 speaks about this. The dreams I had when this first happened ie a planet falling away from the sun freezing, and a planet falling into the sun making this a water world were pretty detailed for a guy who just wanted to write poetry. So, that brings us to the potential of Montauk chair where they tried to murder Jesus Christ in his time frame and plot to murder Jesus Christ by swapping out minds and having those people reflexes kill Christ without thinking.. ie super soldiers. speculative however their stories if you read them from each world I have visited they add something enough to make me believe that that is possible. Speculative two DWAVE computers interaction between the worlds wrote this one when my mind was more there then here. Some hacker playing one of the games not realizing multi earths asks a question to play a game or scenario with the best or who could win this game scenario. when done he or she did not return the best people because he or she did not realize they had moved minds from planet one to planet two. Why are we moving then.. because each code on the dwave computer time frame is happening at a different time. meaning whomever asked the question might have done it five years ago, to last 10 minutes on this or another world. Example championship basketball game planet one bob best player versus jill from planet 1 however earth 123 time frame happens and I ended up on a planet with 6 billion people with skyscrapers and luxury. since then I have bounced around in accordance to when who ever asked that or what ever question to their planet. speculative again however it holds that each planet now seems to have dwave computers running communicating with one another somehow over 80000 light years away, since my mind moves around 1 to 3 am and I awake in a new earth that is faster than light speed movement. speculative. I am interested in hearing other thoughts.. speculative someone is at the well of souls in israel chanting against God and my spirit died on my world and could not go into the well of soul was bounced to a different planet due to bible wise each mind shall return to their bodies meaning I lived a lot of years on a planet my soul might not have been from. speculative