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Mandela Effect Collides With Game Theory #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingOct 3, 2018, 8:39:35 PM

Last year I wrote a little article in our think tank called “our thoughts on evolution.” It was about the Matrix theory, known as Game Simulation Theory today in 2018. Basically the theory is what is sounds like, that our world, galaxy is nothing more than a computer generated simulation or game like the movie the matrix, you can read more about the theory here (PDF).

Anyways moving back to the Mandela theory, this is a newer theory about parallel universes and false memory's. Some may say these our embedded memory's thanks to MK ultra, a government conspiracy theory but that’s a whole other discussion so I'm focusing on the Mandela theory here as it collides with our game theory pretty nicely.

Mandela Effect

With Mandela effect we have a large amount of people remembering the same thing, that seems no longer to be true, it mostly seems to be a phenomenon inside the US up to this point or from what I have found.

“A false memory is a psychological phenomenon where a person recalls something that did not happen. There is a growing body of evidence that false memories are created whenever memories are recalled.” - Wiki 

Many examples, videos and user conversations can be found on the Mandela effect can be found on many social medias by now so we wont go into many here, mostly we will go into how they link to Game Simulation Theory, and many are going to think it’s a glitch, well no although this was my first thought but after that it just was not adding up for me personally.

Parallel Universe - Save Game

Yes many say its a parallel universe that is colliding with our current one or maybe the other way around, at any rate we are going to compare this to a saved gamed.

In the gaming theory that’s if we are a game or simulation of some type I would think much like our current games it would have an auto-save. Lets say we are playing a game whatever game you like that has a save function. Now you have been playing this game for a while so you have save1 and save2 and so on and then you have the original game.

So we play this game and we play it on a few devices like a computer and phone, but it doesn't really sync up together and we make little changes not to repeat our-self in the game and see the outcome. Now we get a game update and we can sync all our games into one from all our devices we play it on and keep all the data from all the games, and play that game on all devices. In this case we would have false memory's or memory's from our other self that really did take place just not in your saved gamed, but you remember it as if you have seen it and done it yourself.

Join The Talk

With all of the theorist and theories out in the world we encourage you to join in this topic or dive into others as gamers we of course love the gaming theory and can pretty easily identify with it, what your view and favorite theory and why? Join us in the blog spot and let us know we will add it to the bottom of this one if anyone joins this month.

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