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Not "Left" Not "Right" Not Centralized. Option 4 Libertarian. (Anti Mass Murder) Shocked Minds did not get grounded faster. Got #ETH Peace? Sociology not Politics #NPC Get it? @IndieMindEQ
If you think cursive is important and should be taught in schools, please subscribe! We are a family owned business founded around an innovation delivered to Linda Shrewsbury (the mother) when a young man saw her sign her name and asked if he could do that. Linda has been an educator at every level from a home-schooler to a school teacher to a college professor. CursiveLogic is a crown jewel from a lifetime of educating from a highly gifted teacher. Since our humble beginnings as a Kickstarter to launch our text book, we have launched several new products including two more follow-up books to create a complete elementary school curriculum a poster set for classrooms, and a coloring book. If you think CursiveLogic might help your school, please contact us! We know of no way for kids to learn cursive more quickly or more effectively.
On a life-long mission to create the World's Largest Pipe Organ Arrangements Library. 270+ Arrangements made thus far. Sheet Music Arrangements on my Musescore profile (between YT and Twitter Links below).
In defense of freedom. Freedom of Speech Freedom From Tyranny Freedom From Religion Offended? Just tell me where it was to post some more!
fbtube.biz is simple facebook and youtube video downloader and coverter which directly grabs the MP4, MP3 and flv video links for the facebook videos. You can easily download any video from Facebook without using any software.
Decentralized Content Distribution https://pubswap.com
I’m the founder of Zoester Records. I have some killer artists who put out some amazing work. You can see my little San Francisco Bay Area liable at www.zoesterrecords.com Please purport this page by dropping off a few coins. I’ll use them to promote some the the Bay Areas best kept secrets.
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