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Sparkling Gloom from Lowell MA
trump gal posting her favorite pro trump content
Do tech repair, enjoy gaming, heavy metal music, and crypto. Zen and the Art of Laptop Repair. https://laptop-zen.com/
I am an open minded individual who has common sense and is concerned by the lack of it in today's society.
Brainstorming Ideas, Commonsense, Outside of the box thinking, Truth, Facts and Opinions sharing, Anti war, Anti Globalism and fed up with with lying politicians, lying mainstream media and lying elites of the world. Interested in Social Networking, World News, Geopolitics, Photography, spiritual ... I also stand for individual freedom. I stand against violence and corruption. I stand for my right to speak. I stand for my right to pray and practice my own faith, I stand for my right to agree or not, I stand for any cause that save Environment and Wildlife, I stand for World Peace, I stand to help the Unfortunate, the needy, the abandoned kids and create a smile in every Human Face... We All Are Human, Descendants of Adam & Eve, we share the same earth, sky ,sun moon and Air lets defend dements
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am a free spirit, like all sorts of music as well as making music, interests include history, science, religion, philosophy and many more, i also like travelling about. media is full of propaganda and politicians are full of shit. peace and love to all :) https://youtube.com/channel/UCa_-LqdK32zXfxS3FHlu5FQ btc - 3LJxh5YaXRVDaLF8pNPTeTVr6DKyuuGCJs eth - 0x44E6d58A4ebDeA5e4B840c06e55479C5bF6103F4 cash.app/£dragon88spirit
Underground, Off Grid
Mar 2018
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