Englishman, early 50's, lived in southern Africa for years, these days in beautiful Australia. Former professional infantry soldier. published writer, have worked at sea. Atheist (cultural Christian) right of centre politically, generally conservative and nationalist; these days dissident right. I love the natural world. Support wildlife conservation and animal welfare, like all dogs and a fair number of humans. I support ending all mass third world immigration into Great Britain, Australia and other Western nations Dislikes: The regressive left, the unreformed Dark Ages ideology that is Islam (it is not a race and it is not just a religion) feminists and all things politically correct (and strongly associated attempts to destroy Western men and masculinity) adult babies who get 'triggered' by life, the idiotic and wasteful 'war on drugs', 99% of political types across all parties (generally speaking they lie for a living). censorship. Likes: Free speech, the old Commonwealth (ie, Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand and the Western democracy supporters of South Africa) the Anglosphere (ie, the English speaking world, including the USA) Brexit and British independence from the anti-democratic EU, Western democracy, Western civilisation, the Royal Navy (my son is serving in the Senior Service) strong defence forces that act as a deterrent to aggression and can win if you have to fight. Science, history, books, travel (been to almost 50 nations, lived on three continents) wild places, the ocean, reasonably cute women in short skirts and heels, Tradition (in the shape of things like Trooping the Colour, ANZAC Day parades and Naval Sunset ceremonies, it reminds us who we are, and what our, generally, proud history is) cricket, rugby union, sailing, humour. Places I most love in the World, aside from Great Britain, Australia and South Africa (especially what is now KwaZulu-Natal) are the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean and the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.
#ItsOkayToBeWhite Yes, of course it is.
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#UK #WestenCivilisation #Demographics #MassImmigration To me the battle to keep Britain a indigenous, white, British majority nation (alongside other Western nations) is the battle of our lives, the most important fight in British, and Western, history. If we lose this battle we lose everything we are, have been and could be. This is life or death for Britain as a nation. I put this up again because Youtube (of course) censored and banned the first video... DEMOGRAPHICS: What's The Big Deal? | An Introduction A video by The Iconoclast
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