Now is the only thing that's real.
I am an organic farmer and an aspiring progressive politician
Many have tried, many have failed, I was one
40 years old, getting really tired of this way of life.
Netizen with an interest in current events. Not the droid you're looking for. Se habla español ocasionalmente. Currently getting my masters in "Dad Jokeology"
I like to create.
Hair trigger NOUN a trigger of a firearm set for release at the slightest pressure. denoting something that is quickly and easily activated or provoked: "his hair-trigger temperament"
Swiss anarchist philosopher & Satirist Writer #flocktominds
Over 60, do not suffer fools well, Heinleinien Moderate. I mention my age because it helps me spot the retards faster when they express their hate of the old. If ya think I'm being excessively rude to you, I am. If you think I'm being unjustly rude you've not been following the thread. You must be on the ''autistic,retard,troll or just not smart enough for this discussion'' list.
I play guitar and sing. I also love shitposts. The internet is an amazing place.
Oct 2016
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