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CANST Children Are Not Sex Toys

Vincent Nunes Apr 19, 2017, 6:43:51 PM

This initiative is my effort to assist President Donald John Trump @realDonaldTrump in DRAINING THE SWAMP.

I would appreciate your assistance, in any way that matters. My initiative is titled CANST. CANST stands for Children Are Not Sex Toys 

Our children are being cheated of having normal, fruitful lives with the "advent" of fluoride-ridden pharmaceuticals such as Prozac; OxyContin; pesticides such as Glyphosate; vaccines containing dangerous additives and adjuvants; utterly bankrupt television and radio programming; and worst of all, parents whom don't care about their children - parents whom would happily feed their children to the predations of child killers and / or pederasts.

Data has been compiled that indicates that ALL OF OUT CHILDREN WILL BE AUTISTIC BY THE YEAR 2037.

That's only twenty years away.

Why isn't there an effort to forestall this?

This is the way they want our children; as empty vessels that they can molest, murder and barter.

I won't stand for it...and I hope you'll stand with me as I put an end to it.