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Hard-hitting political commentary from the right side of the aisle. I support free speech 100%, and I'm not afraid to say what needs to be said. I am the conservative monster under the Left's bed. Tune in to Trigger Warning Radio nearly every morning.

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Adam Baum's Dream Studios This blog is NSFW, pro nudity, porn, body positivity, and sex workers.

Comics about the comical notions of social justice.

AmericanGirl I am a bit of an odd ball. I believe in personal freedom. While at the same time, I agree with the alt-right. I am extremely ethnocentric, and my hart is with the west. I reject white guilt, And know we have a right to our homelands.

Just an artist scraping by. I refuse to shy from NSFW art and am willing to draw almost anything. Patreon- Family Discord- Walled off for the time being. Redbubble- Open for Commissions Basic Prices Sketch- $10 B&W- $15 Color- $25

That one canid asshole everyone loves. Ask me Anything:

In the wake of cosmic uncertainty all that is left is pessimism or laughter, optimism is masturbation.

Aug 2017
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