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I write dark comedy & dramedy pilot scripts, with comics in mind for the lead roles

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Friendly neighborhood unspeakable terror from space. Random SciFi text generator. Artist, illustrator, designer. @spacekraken Parler | Gab | Minds

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Purveyor of exquisite Wine #NFTS and rare collectible Art. Visit for blockchain-based asset technology designed for wine producers/merchants.

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Elie Estella
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Open minded travel - fashion - food - nature enthusiast. Environmentalist and Therapist The very first blogger on Minds. #SeeWhereIgo Every day new travel inspiration All content is my original #OriginalContent My other channel: My story:

#Teach English Abroad. #TESOL Certification and Career Services.

I'm a Journalist who left Journalism after being censored during my coverage of the 2004 Republican National Convention in NYC and subsequently being blacklisted due to the blanket policy Newsday instituted during their circulation scandal (Two unrelated & unfortunate affairs). I've decided to re-enter the Journalistic arena due mainly in part to the various Youtubers whom have breathed new life into my Field as of late, with their coverage of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election firmly entrenching these various folks as the new standard in freelance Journalism. As I am re-entering my field, I felt this would be the perfect place to start, especially since Mr. Dave Cullen (@DaveCullen) of Computing Forever fame is one of the people I cite as reinvigorating my faith in the field. I appreciate his indirect hand in making this decision as well as his direct affect he has had by guiding me to this website. Hopefully I will be able to utilize this site to the full extent of its promising potential. Again, Dave, my thanks to you sir. About Me: - From New York, born, raised, currently reside. -Generation Y -Second Generation American, my Family came here in the 1930's -Youngest of seven Siblings, One Brother, Five Sisters - Sicilian Father, Irish Mother, both Catholic -American and doesn't go in for invisible winged people with bathrobes and harps that live in the clouds dictating my actions -Panentheistic Irreligious Misotheist -Urban Shaman - Hates Manhattan, except for the food vendors -Grew up as a Bayman working the waters around Long Island with my Father and Sisters, developed a fear of the water from it -The Black Sheep of a Military Family -Shot in the back of the head point-blank with a .22 Pistol and survived back in '97. -Got my head stomped in purple by a pack of Latin Gangbangers I pissed off up on DPA back in '98. -Unintentionally caused the riots at Woodstock '99 (My Bad) -Eyewitness to the Miami Beach Bath-Salt Zombie Apocalypse -The Son of the Man that poured the foundations for the original World Trade Center Complex and Trump Tower -Straight Off-White Male and Loves Naturally Curvy Voluoptuous Buxom Hourglass Women -Constantly writes 'LOL' in posts, because I mean it, lol -If you Subscribe to me, I make it a point to try and Subscribe to you too -I don't drink alcohol -I don't smoke tobacco -I don't take drugs -I don't eat junk food -I don't watch Television -I don't listen to the Radio -Pro-Marijuana -Anti-Opiate -Libertarians irritate me -Conservatives annoy me -Liberals piss me off -I don't like Republicans -I can't stand Democrats -I hate Progressives -Ignore the Feminists -Screw the Socialists -Death to Communists -Independent Undeclared/Undecided Centrist -Progressive-Liberal/Conservative -Critical Rationalist/Skeptical Analyst -Patriotic Seditionist -'Neutral Good' Alignment -Environmentalist -Climate Realist -Pro-Green Energy (when it's finally fully viable, that is) -Anti-Feminist (I'm Pro-Woman) -Anti-Lbgtqr5*&@%#$? (I'm Pro-Gay/Trans) -Anti-Globalist (I'm Pro-Humanity) -Anti-Nationalist (I'm Pro-American) -Anti-Buzzword (See previous four statements) -Anthropological Journalist -Amateur Linguist/Phoneticist/Translator -Crippled New York State employee that got screwed by NYS, so no money. (I used to deliver the Solar Panels to the houses in the Green Energy Programs as part of my job) -Former Bouncer (Queens/Nassau/Suffolk) -Cook - Comic Book Freak (until SJWs destroyed my faith) - Crafter of Gundams - Part time Dungeon Master - Turntablist (Scratch DJing Academy, class of '06) - Disc Jockey (Former on-air affiliate 90.3 F.M. Garden City, NY & 1440 A.M. West Babylon, NY) -Kenjutsu Enthusiast -Left defensive wing (Street Hockey) -Point Guard (Basketball, F-League) -Rescuer of Puppies -Bonsai Aficionado -Fish keeping enthusiast -Amateur Drummer/Percussionist -Amateur Guitarist -Kayaker (currently in-between Kayaks) -Ikebana Practitioner -Kite Flyer -Only New Yorker I know off that plays the Didgeridoo. (That would be me.) -PATRIOT -MY GROUPS: 3D's: DIALOGUE, DEBATE, AND DISCUSSION AMERICANA AWESOMENESS 'Murica The Church of Kek The Dungeon Masters Guild We the People

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