Professional Engineer and Creative Entrepreneur - Working on various projects, research, and new technology. Often open to possible new projects, clients, unique learning efforts & new ventures.

MM Engineering Services, Specialists in the supply of Electric Motors with access to the UK's Largest Stock of Electric Motors.

Adam Jurkiewicz - education hacker, member of the informal group SuperbelfrzyRP. A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology courses from the Python programming language. Winner of the Wide Consent for Digital Skills Poland, trainer of the Python programming language, robotics, mechatronics, computer technology with particular emphasis on open educational resources and OpenSource software. Programmer, UNIX / Linux system administrator, creator of the FREE_Desktop educational remix - remix of the operating system for free people, legal and free for everyone - available at

- Computer Engineering; - Video Games; - Cats;

Bernard pride world wide. Kik: tysen.j.nugget ifunny: IronicMemeLord

I began my current trip down the philosophical rabbit hole for one reason: The behavior of so-called "SJWs" in 2016 made absolutely no sense to me. I'd been trudging my way through the trenches doing the software industry's equivalent of blue collar labor when I realized that many of my contemporaries were blaming racism, sexism, homophobia, and many other surface biases for their struggles. I was a struggling person who had none of these excuses (In other words, a straight white man), so none of this applied to me. Instead of dying a little more inside to try to improve my computer programming skills for the thousandth time, I started to explore other areas. Slowly I got more and more into economic and evolutionary theory for explaining various behaviors, and I've been weaving my way through the ant farm tunnels of historical economic evidence ever since.

“The poetic verse with soulful undertones can only be compared to the lyrical prowess of a blue whale, if only they could speak.” Liotia is a collaboration between singer/songwriter Abigail Hubbard and producer/engineer Matt Smyth. The duo began working together while Abigail was on work experience for a local music charity, where Matt engineered the studio facility. On hearing Abigail’s 4 track demo, Matt was blown away by her unique voice and songwriting style. This led to him to produce her debut EP People Watching which gained Radio 6 play and was licensed to a number of compilations, including one from producer Robert Miles. This working partnership progressed into the Liotia project with a tighter, polished more cinematic style using a range of acoustic and electronic instruments. The band have been likened to if Portishead met Little Dragon on a distant beach.

Independent Entertainment Company Record Label Artist Management Music Production ARTISTS: @YOHIO @DISREIGN emperice PARTNERS: @REHNMUSIC #KEIOSFamily

Behind the lens of my life 📸 Follow my journey🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️ Amosc @iamnotamailbox Tweeter @yoonyungho Insta @98yoonho VSCO @y00nh0

Portuguese Computer Engineering Student. Currently in Year 3 of 3. Current Average: 15.27. Loves everything about computers. This is a blog about my journey.

This Channel is all about blogging and digital marketing

Aug 2018
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