Betty Adams lives in a particularly damp and remote corner of the Pacific Northwest and like a hobbit enjoys visitors so long as she knows them in advance and knows when they are coming. She was born sometime last century and will likely die sometime this century. She works winters on a small organic research farm when not writing and spends most of her time herding eccentric genius scientists (she is absolutely certain cats would be easier) with the help of her Great Pyrenees mix. Summers she spends nomadically wandering the Pacific Northwest in search of material for her stories and a regular paycheck for a biology major (she is reasonably certain those are on the Endangered Species List). She has several works published in the National Park Internal Database which may or may not be classified documents.
location_onOregon, United States
Fanfiction author and lover of books. I post: Advice on how to write better Reviews of works of fiction The research I do for the stories I write so it may be of use for others
Trying my best to be a literature scholar-- A proper one. Other than that, aspiring writer and experimental artist. Looking for some insight. Philosophers would be nice.
I make videos about politics and social psychology.
Come join us on our journey to complete a Guinness World Record of destroying 100+ humanoid targets in record time! While we also review manga, comics, movies and more!
Author – Lady Merreth adventures, fantasy without magic; leather-clad heroines with sword & whip | Interests: animation, book trailers, sci-fi, XCOM, Civ
Award Winning Journalist and Technologist Making Documentaries, VR, Drones, Immersion Storytelling, and Live Video | [email protected]
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Oregon, United States
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