Betty Adams lives in a particularly damp and remote corner of the Pacific Northwest and like a hobbit enjoys visitors so long as she knows them in advance and knows when they are coming. She was born sometime last century and will likely die sometime this century. She works winters on a small organic research farm when not writing and spends most of her time herding eccentric genius scientists (she is absolutely certain cats would be easier) with the help of her Great Pyrenees mix. Summers she spends nomadically wandering the Pacific Northwest in search of material for her stories and a regular paycheck for a biology major (she is reasonably certain those are on the Endangered Species List). She has several works published in the National Park Internal Database which may or may not be classified documents.
location_onOregon, United States
Official MINDS profile of Alex Bloodfire. Author of Brock Steele Sphere and professional hacker.
Female Atheist Youtuber, adept at debate about philosophy and apologetics. Godless Discord Server Owner, Welfare Queen
Under my Purrr' I'm just an Animal... MeeeOW! 😸
I'm an Artist and Writer, Nerd and All The Other Things They Say About Me. Sub To My YouTube Channel - HAIL #ComicsGate !
Life's a bitch but god forbid the bitch divorce me. - Nas Pureblood gang.
I'm born to fight, win, adapt,conquer and overcome I'm an open minded person I hate bad vibes.
Người thích lang thang như cơn gió - đang ở trọ trần gian.
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Seeing beauty everywhere. Sharing whatever makes me curious. After a long journey around the world I am now back home
Oregon, United States
Feb 2017
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