I make videos about politics and social psychology.
Co-creator & CEO @minds rwDusaNuuqMo0jIRPBe7Nb6Da+fsDMYHPQ5xDlku7ac=
Opinionated. Interested in objective truth, beauty and morality. Neuroscience student. Like books, all sorts of genres seriously it's ridiculous. I love bees, elephants, crows and octopuses. Memes
A hobbit at heart and a born #storyteller, this weird #wordsmith is a connoisseur of #Komorebi who needs regular doses of #Waldeinsamkeit and meditation on #JesusIsKing to stay sane, a sales & customer service ninja, a data analyst, and the Progenitor of #ThoseGogganses.
Currently a science student in Canada. Avid supporter of discourse and freedom of speech.
#ReformedChristian #vantillian #libertarian // #islanders #yankees Saved by Grace, Lover of Liberty, Hockey Fanatic.
I am me ❤️ I am Faithful to God and very trust worthy. Hello my fellow friends...My name is Elizabeth and I love being free in life because I get to see the other brighter side of me and I get to share my belief with the world. 💙💙💙📚 I study more about human being, colture and spirituality every day and I learn a lot. I love book writers and I love poets..They are a hand full of big dreams and famous artist all around the world. I see care and hope for a future that is so bright. Being free is another word for living in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Because he is a miracle.
I have been a truther 20 years now. I Am pro Trump, and pro-American Patriot. Q MEMBER
May 2017
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