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The Fishkill Supply Depot Historic Site was entered into the National Register of Historic Places on January 21, 1974. From the fall of 1776 through the winter of 1782-83, the Fishkill Supply Depot served as one of the largest, continuously operating military bases by American Forces during the Revolutionary War. Thousands of soldiers were stationed at the site which included a sprawling complex of buildings such as barracks and officers’ housing, workshops, storehouses, stables, a prison, several hospitals and a parade ground. Today, the only surviving building at the depot site is the Van Wyck Homestead, a Dutch-American timber-framed farmhouse that served as a headquarters for American officers. The Fishkill Supply Depot Historic Site project is a Veterans led initiative to preserve and protect one of the oldest and largest military cemeteries in America, and to establish a permanent military park on the grounds of one of the largest military bases during the American Revolution. Please help us honor our original patriots who served, died and are now buried in unmarked graves at this Nationally Registered Historic site by supporting and following our preservation efforts on social media. #FSDHS #FishkillSupplyDepotHistoricSite #FishkillSupplyDepotHistoricSite #FSDHS #PatriotsNotPancakes #IHOP #RevWAR #1776 #Patriots #military #Veterans #RememberHonorTeach #WAA #AmericanRevolution #freedom #america #freedomtrail #americanhistory #history #foundingfathers #patrioticduty #USA
I grew up with a President named Ronald Reagan that Americans loved and the world feared… He made America Strong again, and that strength caused the Soviet Union to collapse. After decades of the cold war and proxy wars throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Central and South America, Russia is once again growing under the perceived weakness of the United States and the actual weakness of Europe. WE must always remain vigilant to threat posed to freedom by Communist States and their proxies. #USA #Reagan #Patriot #Veteran #NRA #Prepper #Survivalist #Tracker #Hunter #PrepperJack #military #2A #Merica
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