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Nine years ago I began a journey down a rabbit hole, I took the red pill, I cannot go back. Things I post here I do not necessarily agree with, they just represent something to reflect on or to be aware of it's implications and/or possibilities. We should all keep our minds open to new information and update ourselves accordingly. My rabbit hole journey began when a random stranger on "MySpace" named "Gonzo" sent me a link about 911 being an inside job and continued to send me truth link after truth link, The ring of power, Terrorstorm, and Pineal gland info, Haarp, all the old ones and I took it from there, it was a difficult beginning, rabbit holes destroy so many layers of lies and deceit.Thank you random Gonzo. My philosophy is dot connecting, I am spiritual not religious, I love science, I prefer facts, I am an empath, I strongly believe in truth and justice, and have an affinity with nature, I am horrible at writing so no blogs just here for the journey and observation. I love that has so many diffrernt points of views so I am never stuck in an echo chamber.


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Socrates23 This work is meant to be copied and plagiarized-take all you want. I am erasing everything October 1st. Check 'My Groups' for essay content, I have this separated for easy reading and viewing. It is not necessary to join, the groups are open and I do not expect people to ever join anything. Do as you wish, that I wish. I have been asked many times what are my main influences, these are Pythagoras, Montaigne and Voltaire. If you would like citations or a reading list for a specific post, please just ask. the way, what I am putting together here are connected ideas and not some post-modern soup kitchen of slop. I understand myth and the occult much better than anyone I can find on the internet. In fact, I would go as far as to claim to be the only living expert at the level of skill I display (something I have yet to do despite the masterly level of skill involved in the work done thus far). I can prove it. If I can prove something, it usually makes me confident, how about you? By the time I am finished here there will be no doubt in any of your minds as to the validity of my claims to wisdom. Having said that, all that I know is that I know little or nothing, and that this knowledge is worthless. This page is best read from bottom to top, which was the way in which it was wrote. That is why I have numbered the essay. I also wrote everything so that it may be read separate and still make sense, if you would prefer this better. ...besides, everything I write is probibly just overrated...*smile* Subjects and topics are separated by group now for convenience..

How can you have freedom when you are enslaved by the dollar bill that isn't even owned by it's own nation?

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Apr 2017
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