The Deep Observer
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Nine years ago I began a journey down a rabbit hole, I took the red pill, I cannot go back. Things I post here I do not necessarily agree with, they just represent something to reflect on or to be aware of it's implications and/or possibilities. We should all keep our minds open to new information and update ourselves accordingly. My rabbit hole journey began when a random stranger on "MySpace" named "Gonzo" sent me a link about 911 being an inside job and continued to send me truth link after truth link, The ring of power, Terrorstorm, and Pineal gland info, Haarp, all the old ones and I took it from there, it was a difficult beginning, rabbit holes destroy so many layers of lies and deceit.Thank you random Gonzo. My philosophy is dot connecting, I am spiritual not religious, I love science, I prefer facts, I am an empath, I strongly believe in truth and justice, and have an affinity with nature, I am horrible at writing so no blogs just here for the journey and observation. I love that has so many diffrernt points of views so I am never stuck in an echo chamber.