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Guitarist, Scientist, C+/-, Python3, BSD, :wq! (EN 100%, ES: 85%, RU: 3%)
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Get everything for Crypto. #BTC ⚡️ #DASH #BCH #XMR #LTC #BSV #cryptoonly, #bread and #bitcoin for Massadoption. Faithful to God and Britannia ✝️🇬🇧 Purged from Twitter 18/12/2017 Declared a “Dangerous Individual” by Facebook 28/04/2019 ‘If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first’ John 15:18

I'm a musician, athlete, paleolibertarian, Paleo-Confederate, Southern Rights Advocate, and a defender of Seattle's Confederate Memorial. #Paleolibertarian #PaleoConfederate #MurrayRothbard #Anarchocapitalism #JoeSobran My Youtube: My Cocoscope (video sharing site) BitChute: In the last 200 years the exploitation of envy, its mobilization among the masses, coupled with the denigration of individuals, but more frequently of classes, races, nations or religious communities has been the very key to political success. Erik von Kuhnelt-Leddihn Check out @whiplashartwerks @NIR1000 @Willieleev1971 @Ultimatethrash @ChrisDoogood @delastman @philosiraptor @ChocolateStarfish @Tomsullivan1 @Inquisitor_Firebrand @TristanGalvin @JusticeT @WalrusMallone @Poepoz @lilycreek @ImSorryIGotFat @jaymundo @abd2038 @doctorfreckles @ZuzecaSape @VolkParty @Necrophage

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Musician, professional bullshit detector. I believe we need more transparency in government. I know we are lied to on a daily basis by the mainstream media and the history being taught in schools today is not only untrue, but harmful to any independent free thinking individual. I believe freedom of speech is one of the most sacred rights we have as individuals. I welcome dissenting opinions as long as they are presented in a decent, coherent manner. I enjoy truth, beauty and unusual stories. I follow lots of different people and post lots of things I find interesting. If I post something it's because I find it interesting, thought provoking or beautiful. I don't always agree wholeheartedly with everything I post but I do truly enjoy hearing what others have to say. I find irreverent humor quite funny and also am known to curse. If that offends you then just move along. The images I post on my channel are all found on the internet and are not my personal work. You are always welcome to message me although I've found the Minds messaging system to be a bit wonky at the present time.

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My name is Adam Rhein. I am an artist blacksmith. Follow me on youtube @

Washington, USA
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Dec 2019
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