Anarcho-spiritualist. You're God. I bash religion and the state, both of which are rooted in the belief in outside authority, to help you see this.

bring a little crypto into your life original photographic poetry a special shout out to the subscribers who support my work @chesschats @caotringuyen

It's hard to make up your bed while you're still sleeping in it. Hard to make up your mind for the same reason. -Robert Brault

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I am going to save the world by spreading n being truth/love, this shit is pretty much me ranting about why the world is fucked and what can be done to remedy/improve reality, i am a tripper/drug user n poor person but i am going to do it, improving/studying everything. This is the result of 11 years of studying the illusion i am experiencing This is mainly a rant about achieving highest states of ecstasy. Anyway i love you

I'm a free thinker. Learning is my passion. The sea is my home. astrology, numerology, anatomy, marine biology, history, anthropology, poetry, singing, art.

Jun 2015
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