Sean Finch - Deliverin' Liberty: for London Assembly 2021

Do no harm, take no crap. Libertarian, Brexiteer, pro free markets, classical liberal. The most costly thing a government can ever say is that they're going to regulate or supply something for free. Nothing is free. You will always pay whether financially or via your civil liberties.

The official page of The Libertarian Party UK. 'The Peoples' Party - Libertarianism is a political and philosophical ideology based upon the principles of self ownership and self-responsibility. It posits that all individuals have the right to control their own lives, bodies, and property acquired by honest means. Further, each individual must also respect the equal rights of others. The Libertarian Party UK, BM LPUK, London, WC1N 3XX Tel: 0208 088 8121 Registered with the Electoral Commission RP 2517848 (GB)

Liberalists - UK
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Individual Rights * Democracy * Economic Freedom * Freedom of speech * Self-reliance * Blind Justice * Secularism We are British activists advocating for liberal values in our country. Centrists ranging from centre-left (social liberal) to centre-right (classical liberal). If you are British national who believes in our principles and opposes identitarian mindset, join our group:

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Force-fed the red pill. Kinda liked it.

Infowars Reporter and Political Activist

Best Selling Author. Lover of hedgehogs & Freedom.

To introduce, I am a millennial, I am a student and I study media and politics. You may think this is a recipe for disaster but I want to show you that there is still hope for my generation yet.

Liberalist: An activist for classical liberalism.

Mar 2017
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