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I'm a boring person IRL most of the time. Mainly using this as my weirdo / true self BS outlet because no one really knows me on here. EEᖇIE Oᑭᑌᔕ @maygem87 is my Resin art account. Little stuff that may not matter, in no real order: Former member of the LGBTABCD Politics suck but the Left is crazy and I like "sh!t posting" Parent & Married Respect differences Born female, still female, but kinda tomboy/masculine Gamer PC, Switch, and some Xbox Introvert with Anxiety and Depression Trying to work on myself without medicine ~ There is defiantly more but ya get it ~ Any art or girl pictures (cosplay, bikini, lewd, ect.) posted are not mine, unless I state otherwise. If you are unsure, just ask. I may not remember links. Most unmarked pictures I find on Tumblr and aren't credited there.
location_onWith Your Mom

The official, & only, minds account of your fav shortstack goth succubus, Spook. I just be typing sometimes & dont even know wtf I'm saying half the time. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EldritchW1tch Discord: Spook#8855

writer, witch, gamer, wife. not as cool as tinker tailor soldier spy, probably.

I am the 45..46? 57 President of the Armenia. I thank my great grandfather for voting foe me. https://therealjoe.com

Allison Bryant
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Author. Artist. Wife. Mother. Debut novel, ‘SOULSTONE’, coming October 2022. www.allisonbryantauthor.com

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Jess | the bad cripple your parents warned you about | not the wheely kind | here for the meme of it all👌 @BadCripple on everything can we say retard on here or what?

my 2nd account. will be used more now thanks to my account getting assaulted by false flaggers

Mandela Effect
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Feel free to Join the Mandela Effect Community https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/628817356868558858

Just trying to be a better person than I was yesterday. That's your true legacy.

I will mostly be using this to post fetish stuff. Follow @smugwolff for mostly SFW content.

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CEO / Former Twitter user / Sponsored By eAthleteLabs and ArtesianBuilds Use code AimbotAimy / Bitchy with mental problems /

With Your Mom
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Jan 2021
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