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I am not referring to my adversaries as legal authority figures under western law it's simply an indicator of enemy adversaries like criminals, terrorist, radicals, rebels and NGO's. Hopefully that clarifies any confusion that other parties might have if they see me use the word adversary in a sentence.

My name is One, Gamer Girl One! If you want to support me, please visit my shop on Clips4Sale and if you see something you like, buy ↪

Reeps One
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I'm Reeps One, my real name is Harry Yeff. I'm from London city in UK. I'm a pro beatboxer and visual artist. And one more time; Welcome to my Minds channel. OFFICIAL WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: CHEER UP EVERYBODY!!!!

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Act Out! covers the news corporate media won't touch, stories from the front lines of our movements to fight and build and just a dash of spoken word, visual art and snark. Blend and enjoy.

Robert Carl Birtch
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Birth date: 5.11.91 Race: White Gender: Male Orientation: Straight Status: Taken Likes: Craft beer, Libertarian Party, Money, Capitalism, Cigars, Rock and Metal, PC Gaming, 

Independent digital marketer, writer and storyteller.

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  • verified_user Email: [email protected] James FC Hyde Sorgho™Whiskey, the most unique and innovative American spirit since the Civil War, is distilled from 100% American sorghum and then aged in oak barrels, producing a gluten free whiskey that doesn't just taste good, but rivals the best rye whiskeys in the world for quality! Adding to the innovativeness of this new American Whiskey like no other is the founders of James FC Hyde Sorgho Whiskey have decided that it should be "community owned" and are following through with an equity crowdfunding offering with

ya gaught ah license far that thought mate?

MindsfulDevs - group for game developers who know it's not "just games", but a powerful, valuable expression tool, like no other so far in human history: (A bit empty thus far, you're welcome to join if you are a dev and understand the description.) ---- Aspiring indie game developer. Hypercreative mind, hypoactive body/person. Motivation issues. Frequent feelings of pathological loneliness and alienation. Multimedia person: programmer, dabbling 3d artist and animator, dabbling music producer, loves game design and player/user/group/general psychology. Wannabe movie/game/society critic.

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