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I plan to release philosophy videos with my huge cleavage out, as soon as I have a stable job. Subscribe to my channel now. I created this channel before I knew I would be able to post videos, so that I could have viewers when I post my first philosophy video. So Subscribe now. I have crazy ideas that will piss people off & confuse them. I have ideas that I have never heard anybody else say. I will make videos on these subjects, as soon as I can trust my job to not fire me over it. Hail Satan. & Satin too because it feels nice. For standard politics: I hate feminism, I hate feminists & I hate the regressive left. I hate the black lives matter movement. I hate Muslims. I'm not right-wing either. I'm sex-positive, anyone who is sex-positive is anti-Muslim & anti-feminist by default. "Sex-Positive" feminists will still beat men over the head with the bullshit concept of sexual objctifation. There is no such thing as a sex positive feminist. They don't like breast implants. They don't like ass implants. They don't like sex. Feminists disgust me. All you get is normal politics for now. I got some really weird shit to post, in videos, later.

Fitness in a way that matters to you. UB Unique. #UBFitness.

যেখানে মানুষের রাগের শেষ, সেখানে মানুষের অভিমান শুরু! রাগ দিয়ে না হলে মানুষ অভিমান দিয়ে কর্ম আদায় করে,অভিমানে যদি কাজ না হয় তখন মানুষের আত্বার অভিমান হয়,আর আত্বা অভিমান করলে মানুষ বাচে না,মরে যায়!

Apr 2017
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