Free minds, free markets. A disdainfully aware, politically agnostic, anti-interventionist. Voluntary associations to mutual benefit. Interested in real histories, root causes, and the freedom to pursue life absent fraud, force or coercion. Transitioning from FB: I also share some more formal thoughts at

Looking to expand my knowledge in my pursuit of the ultimate truth.

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Advocate for Libertarian philosophy, non-violence, free markets, and voluntarism.

Shalom Shalom. Welcome to my Minds Channel. I am a Unitarian Messianic Jew who is a proud member of the Hebrew Roots and Sacred Name Movements. My Mashiach Ministries Website: Please Support me on Patreon. All your donations are greatly appreciated: Send me any amount on Paypal. All Donations are Greatly Appreciated: Send me your Bitcoin on Coinbase: 34VfsVYSbuDNSrxZ6R1oA7uWKLwqysSRJU Download the BitTube Wallet Browser Extension App with this Link and I will be rewarded with Five FREE TUBE COINS!!!2JSDB91TZ My Group: Mashiach Ministries. Please join. My new Group: Nintendo Pokemon. If you like Pokemon, join and join the discussion. My newest Group: XBox Live Gold Players. Join now!! I'm back on Facebook now!! Add me there: I'm now on Twitter. Follow me there: I'm now on Gab. Follow me there: I'm now on Utterz. Add me there. Watch my videos on BitTube. Please Subscribe. Watch my videos on YouTube: Watch my videos on BitChute. Please Subscribe.

truth seeker, non-physical consciousness that is experiencing physical reality and truly enjoying it

I'm on a mission to wake up as many people as I can before the global rulers destroy the planet. We have the power. Want to help? Share your ideas in the Lost Arts Radio discussion group: If you want to know more about increasing consciousness, improving your health, and what global agendas are in store for us, listen to the show live on Saturdays and Sundays, or archived at: Other great groups:

Butch Crassidy
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Funny, crass, political, anti-sjw, anti-collectivist, pro-liberty, ancap-libertarian, mgtow. Funny and Political T-Shirts, hats, mugs, and gear.

World history from the beginning

A channel dedicated to the beautiful minds that love science! Be Kind, Subscribe and Remind!!! Science Group Page! List of hashtags #science #biology #chemistry #physics #math #astronomy #nature #environment #technology #engineering #medicine #space

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