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Care who deserves and Pride who care

Creative expression thru the art of Life.

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Redacted Tonight
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an antidote to the propaganda of corporate media

a photographer wandering through the universe all posted photos are mine unless otherwise stated

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Daily News Peace podcast: Www.youtube.com/reyna4321 Prophetic insight to the world’s top News 📰 stories! www.reyna4321media.com

Full-Time Twitch Gamer in the Making! Travel Junkie and Positive Vibes Creator!

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Hi, Im a Peruvian artist living in Canada. I like to draw n paint my imaginative spiritual creatures and spread good vibes worldwide. I paint canvases, murals, skate graphics n much more. Check out my styles at http://www.PositiveCreations.ca Check out my online store @ http://www.PositiveCreations.net

West Sacramento
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