I am not referring to my adversaries as legal authority figures under western law it's simply an indicator of enemy adversaries like criminals, terrorist, radicals, rebels and NGO's. Hopefully that clarifies any confusion that other parties might have if they see me use the word adversary in a sentence.

I'm just an iconoclast. I'm here to shake up new and old ideas. Question everything, know what you believe and why, and most importantly be able to logically support what you believe. Ask, challenge, debate, and shatter "Because 'X' says so," as an argument.

Welcome to an unofficial Minds page of the Canadian Armed Forces — those who confront death, who safeguard the nation as the nation slumbers. NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT.

A loose cannon podcast featuring casual conversations with whomever we deem interesting, often on the fringe. A value for Value podcast Come as you are…

Not ashamed to celebrate the most beautiful thing on earth.

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Force-fed the red pill. Kinda liked it.

My name is Hashim Almadani, I am an entrepreneur, an author and a Youtuber. I was born, raised and studied in Baghdad, Iraq. In 2011 I decided to make a new step in my Journey and moved to Europe. It was a start of my new life chapter. Starting a new life on another continent, learning languages, meeting new people from all over the world, managing several projects in business, led me into a continuous hunting for learning more and discovering the triggers of the fast growing world. Writing is one of my ways to express myself; it is the way to collect insights and experiences that I got moving from the east to the west. I have fulfilled my dream by publishing my first book in Arabic “Emancipation“ that addresses the socio-political issues. My Youtube Channel: is dedicated to reducing the gap between the western society mindset and a "pro-secular" Middle Eastern perspective. Freedom of speech, socio-politics, and the personal experiment are the main subjects that I cover. The primary goal is to interact with the viewers and create a mature discussion. Prepare for the ride and enjoy it! Prepare for the ride and enjoy it. SHARE, SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW ME: MY BOOK: MY E-MAIL: [email protected] OFFICIAL WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: T-Shirts Line:

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Building a #FreeSpeech video sharing and livestreaming platform that increases the earning potential of content creators, viewers, and supporters.

MINDS HAD BLACKLISTED ME Nov 12th to Dec 5th Welcome to my site on Minds where Co-Founder Ottman states contains "total fabrications" where I expose Minds' dirty tricks, expose hypocrites, expose "Free Speech Heroes", Down Vote Flooders and more ... I am a catalyst, Secular Humanist, skeptic, hypocrite exposer, outlier ANTI: #MAGA #Conspiracy theories #HOAX PRO: Reality, Responsible Freedom, Science Minds admins have altered my profile without reason, explanation or recourse. Minds admins have unblocked blocked users on me. Minds admins have not removed a doxxer. Contents of my posts & profile maybe be altered by Minds admins at anytime. Verify with me via private message on any questionable content. Check my profile & feed for free speech hypocrites that block & massively down vote #skeptic #humanist #science #reality #TerrorismHasMoReligion Free Speech Hero Special Achievement Awards Standings 1st place: @legofreak446 5 down votes / sec plus daily down vote floods 2nd place: @DemonArmageddon AKA WOLFworld 40+ days of continuous down votes still using several sock accounts 3rd place: @gfreark 6 down votes / sec ! 4th place: @memeous 5 down votes / sec ! Is your Free Speech Hero on this list of abusers? Blocked & heavily down voted by: @BadBlackSheep SimplyBS @blusty MARKOFSOROS SOROSRAPEDME @ChainReaction666 MISSINGLINK @ChemTrailsMN CHEMTURDS @Cognition inCognition @cownation EATCROWNATION @CorbettReport CORBETTCULT* @devilsbeentalkingradio DEAFRADIO @digitalsedition AUTISTIC PATRIOT @Esprit1st THEONE @futureshock FUTILE2SHOCK @futureshock2 FUTILE2SHOCKTOO @gfreark GODFINGERS @Gronkt ASSTRAILSYA @identifyuser 404NOTFOUND= @TripleFiveSoul 3X5=7 @kreukel KREUL @luculent HASHLESSWONDER @legofreak446 ZENRAGEFART @theLastStand THEFASTGLAND @MatteoNL97 FARTTRASH REVOLVER @Miodrag09 MI-DRAG-QUEEN @MindCom HASHCLOWN @MTZIGGY MTNIGGIE @naturegirl IMMATUREGIRL @NotConvinced @NyoNyo THEBIGDOG @oniakuma SILENTRAGEFART "i talk, i smile, i laugh too but, be careful when I'm silent " @Qomplainerz massive abuse, sock accounts @raereinhartz OH-CULT @redpillTV REDSHILLIV * @RedPillMedia42 42VIRGINS @Senor01 INDEPENDENSE @ShabbosShekels KRAUTWITHPEE @SilentMajorityRising SILENTMORON @standhume STAND'n'SPUME @Straach1488 with no sack @Susan87331512 SUZANZI @Slaughtz DAMNETHNICS @tengu9 SHEGETZNUN @The_Roaming_Beast FOAMING-BEAST @TotalEclipse OFTHEFART @TRS333 STU-PID @Wotansohn SPINOBORE-US @wolfalexzemla WOLFAMNESIA @wolfworld CANISANUSIS @therealsteveshives * no massive down votes + unblocked Has since apologized for floods then retracted @jack75 Well done indeed ;-) Down Votes Floods (most recent, partial list): @BellyHoofer @Farvot @Dove11 @Frazcak96 @Miodrag09 I am banned from these groups: Conspiracy, Conspiracy Files, Flat Earth, Forbidden Gnoledge, Freedom of Speech, Health Freedom, UFO ... Always remember, you are more unique. When I sent you 3 points, it signifies 3 fingers.

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