饾摋饾摦饾摰饾摰饾摳 饾摨饾摦饾摰饾摰饾摳饾攢 饾摻饾摶饾摢饾摽饾摦饾摰饾摦饾摶 There are lies in the facets of everything that we see. They're telling us to be scared. When all we ever all is free. 馃鈥嶁檧锔忦煇狆煇煇欚煢馃悺馃寠馃悮 Sharing spiritual posts (Christianity and mindfulness), nature pics, and a few political posts. (Media critique and libertarian themes).
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I am here to illuminate energy healing and also, false light. I am one with the elements. I walk with the ancestors. I believe in radical Selflove and I fell out of the matrix years ago. Hi my name is Opal. Check out @ActivateYourEnergy #DNAactivation #energyhealing #ascension #mechanics #chakras #electricity #physics #science #evolution #energy #economics #marketing #gogreen #gaia #heartcentered #business #ispeakforthetrees #psychic #life

Orgonite Maker. Truther. Light worker. Come friend me on facebook @ I can't check msgs so if u need to reach out do it in comments for now. My Law of One & Q group @

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Normal news is creating real news.

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Interviews with Noam Chomsky, Tulsi Gabbard, Jesse Ventura, Mike Gravel, Jill Stein, Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, Matt Taibbi, Jimmy Dore, Aaron Mate, Lee Camp, Abby Martin, Cynthia McKinney & many more!

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Christian Writer, Prophet, and Business Woman. Teaching and Equipping the Saints, Empowering through the Prophetic and Setting the Captive Free. Lost my home to the banksters and an ungodly financial system. God is restoring, rebuilding, and creating something new. Welcome, everyone. Thanks for Subscribing, up voting, sharing and reminds If you like my post. I tend to post things I believe people should be aware. Things of interest, like God, healing, prophecy, quotes, helpful tips鈥 I create original content and also use content not my own. Thanks to all unknown authors. Let me know what you would like to see more of and I鈥檒l try my best. Wires to me is an act of love, of kindness and appreciation. Donations are also appreciated, life has not been easy as we lost our home and we live day-to-day. I hope I bless your life with my presence. email: info(@)nadirsaintprix

Real person #myphoto life All pics taken with my phone

According to brain research, looking at the natural environment you can relieve your day to day stress and relax the mind. If the brain were meant to be calm in nature the natural colors of nature would be the most calming for the brain! Give that treatment to your mind, come here regularly.

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