Young short story writer and a poet. This is pretty much the first social media site I joined and got into so far. #Writing #Shortstories #Poems #Poetry
Australian American Nomad. Traveling Chef and aspiring Entrepreneur. Lets change the way we treat our beautiful planet one hug at a time. Living everyday like it’s my last...having a freaking blast. I am a writer of sorts. A musician for fun. Mostly a lover to the Sun. Mother Earth is where I was birthed, it here I will stay until the end of my days. (Unless I get to go to Mars) Happy breathing Earthlings...and aliens! www.naturalnomad.biz
Author of The King of Dunes, Omega Awakening, and all novellas to follow in the Origination Odyssey fantasy series. Fan of movies (especially science fiction), and MMA (horrible at predictions). Burgeoning degenerate gambler. Free thinker and truth seeker. Trying to be the best me that I can be, whoever or whatever that is. Be sure to subscribe, and check out the link to The King of Dunes below!
I'm living an inspired life expressing myself through my art...awake & aware during these troubled times.....may we all live our truth and offer support to one another to live and let live as we each see fit. xo
I'm Canadian, a writer, a gamer, and an aspiring game developer (very aspiring, a noob, really). I love the artistic side of things and believe people are inherently good. What else can I say? I guess I'll come back when I think of something worth reading. 😁
Musician, Artist, Philosopher, Crypto Hodl, I collect and trade gems and semi precious gems - Positive Person.
Hello and welcome to Minds Jackpot! This channel was created with the idea in mind of creating a fun community event where everyone has a chance to win. I place great emphasis on transparency, so participants can be sure everything is conducted fairly and reasonably. ➡️ Wire 1 token for 1 entry (DO NOT WIRE MORE THAN 1 TOKEN! 1 entry per person for now, we may open the jackpot to multiple entries per person in the future). ➡️ Usernames of entries will be randomized @ https://www.miniwebtool.com/random-name-picker/ A video of this process will be uploaded to our Minds channel to ensure transparency and to safeguard against accusations of scamming. ➡️ Winner receives 75% of prize pool, we collect 25% to boost/promote future jackpots. Note: This channel is not owned or endorsed by Minds.com
I ❤ Science, logic, freedom and art... (Superhero by night) #censorship #all #quotes #freespeech #minds
Apr 2018
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