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Chapter 5 Members of Society

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It was about 5:30 pm when the last body bag was carried out. They Irish brought dozens of people from their police and coroners office. They were super respectful. A special weapons team, (SWAT like) was standing guard just outside the building. There were four uniformed officers standing guard inside the main hall way as the coroners placed body bags on gurney’s and wheeled them out. There were two large trucks outside they were placing the bodies in. A few detectives were taking pictures of every single diseased soldiers and citizen. They also collected wallets, personal belongings and bagged them all in separate plastic bags. I had no idea what they were going to do with them.

Two patrol cars pulled up near the trucks outside. Behind them a black SUV. It was a politician I gathered. Didn’t have any idea who, but I recognized officer O’Brien who was the first officer I spoke with. I’ll never forget how he turned his back on me to walk away despite my holding the military rifle. I was supposed to email him that video footage but hadn’t done so yet. He was carrying a rifle himself as he did before, but to its side. He was clearly escorting this bureaucrat or politician to the front door.

Sir, Jim, officer O’Brien spoke first. This is Michael Connor. He is the attache from the Irish Government to the US Government who deals with the US Ambassador. He asked to come here for many reasons. O’Brien stood aside to let Michael speak. He started with the obligatory sorry for your loss speech. The comment was genuine. Michael was a good politician I gathered.

I’m here, he went on, to offer the American’s present our help as best I can. In that regard we have 22 American’s on a bus that were diverted away from the airport a few hours ago, and a 100 or so more that have gathered in businesses nearby under police protection. The police didn’t know if they should have let them through or keep them away? He was questioning. That many, I said inquisitively. It concerned me greatly because it would be easy for someone to infiltrate such a group and spy on us.

Should we have these people check in here with you, should we direct them to a shelter, or what would you have us do? I didn’t know the answer. Brian was walking up from inside the embassy. Another couple managed to get past police lines a few hours ago named Pete and Jean Rook. Pete was in his 70’s and Jean a few years younger. They were both medical doctors and having them with us was an attribute. Despite they age the two were in great shape and helping out as best they could. Pete was a few feet behind Brian as they walked up. Including Brians’ child Erika there were just 7 of us in the embassy and clearly Michael didn’t know that.

As both Pete and Brian finally reached us I introduced them to Michael and reiterated what Michael had said about the other Americans. As I concluded Michael added information that I was afraid to be true and feared openly with Erin in the past few hours. The troops that invaded the embassy killed a large number of Americans at the airport. They also rounded up American’s off airplanes as they arrived and shot them. I’m sorry, we don’t know exactly why they are doing this, but they are seemingly targeting everyone American. And they are not taking prisoners though we have intelligence that says they tortured a few asking them questions but not for very long before killing them.

These words were hardest on Pete. He apparently had family that went to the airport to try and get home. Brian placed his hand on Pete’s shoulder. We both felt for the man. We all had losses but none were here like this. I’d like to offer you gentlemen some assistance, Michael tried to continue on. We can bring the police services in a little closer to your embassy and keep it secure. We’re also thinking of a military contingent outside to keep it protected. You will be free to come and go as you please. We are not trying to lock anyone in. We are concerned that military force which is up to 2,000 soldiers now at the airport may come back here. Our government has communicated with them they are not welcome to move about and need to stay there unless they are disbanding.

Next, Michael went on, Mr. O’Brien here is hoping to learn of how they overcame your Marines here so easily? Did you ever find video footage of what happened inside. I did, there was no reason to hide this, and I’m sorry Mr. O’Brien I could not get it sent to an email address. But you are welcome to come in side and see it for yourself now? O’Brien nodded. Brian who was the second to arrive here offered to take the officer to the video room and O’Brien asked another agent / officer to accompany them. I took the second officer for a computer nerd or geek. That I kept to myself.

Michael continued on. If you have us bring all of the American’s here we have some assistance we can issue. For example I’d suggest you allow us to issue you Irish passports so your papers are not American. These forces at work today seem to be targeting Americans’ brutally and the best thing you maybe able to do is become Irish for a bit. For some reason this made Pete a bit angry, but then he was reeling. We’re American’s damn it and I’m not giving up my passport period. I thought he was going to spit at Michaels feet for a minute. I asked Peter to recognize the Irish seemed to be trying to help. Thank you for the offer I said. Many Americans, present company included, are pretty proud. I don’t think that will be easy for us but in the future I can see where it might be needed. Michael said, “any time” all you need to do is ask, all any American needs to do is ask.

Erin and Claire were now walking up to join us. Apparently Erika was asked to stand guard in a bedroom found upstairs with a TV. I introduced both women to Michael. Ms. Rook is with Erika I then realized. We can bring you some groceries, medical supplies if needed, and if you want to set up local bank accounts and obtain local credit cards or ATM cards as you call them we have financial institutions that could come in tomorrow and help. The coroners that removed the bodies have the personal belongings of each person ready to hand over to you when ready. Nothing Michael was suggesting seemed diabolical. He was being nothing but the ally you’d hope for I noted. When was it going to get ugly I wondered?

An officer then walked up to Michael and talked to him in such a low voice I could not hear. The hammer I thought. Sir, Michael looked directly at me, two trucks with approximately 30 soldiers left the airport. Our police did not engage them. They looked prepared for the fight and ignored our demands to stay. Their path suggests they are coming this way. The officer stopped speaking to Michael and looked up at me. We have intelligence that says they received a note that there were Americans at the embassy just a few moments before they left. The report said 6 or 7 Americans.

Crap, the fear level in my brain was rising. I knew the correct answer was to bail out. I also knew the airport was only 20 minutes away and the trucks would definitely make good time. Will you try and stop them, I asked Michael and the officer? We are trying to avoid open conflict here too Michael said. Our military personnel to protect the embassy are still an hour or so away. The police would suffer losses I fear so let me just say no, I’m sorry, we won’t be able to try and stop them. I understand I said with disappointment. Cowards, Pete shouted, you Goddamn cowards. Pete the best fight is the one not fought; at least right now. Let's get everyone and get out. I set my phone for an alarm at 10 minutes. Out of here in 10 minutes I said. You want to get O’Brien and the other officer out too and I explained to the officer with Michael they were in the basement behind the elevator doors. The officer ran off in that direction.

Erin, I turned, let's grab what we can carry in weapons and move across the street at the very least to a position in one of the businesses. As the unknown officer rushed for the stairs to head down I headed up. Erin was in tow. Pete I had asked to stay outside and keep eyes on the streets. The Irish police were also opening the streets and at the same time telling the American’s they had in the area to stay under cover.

For me I gathered an M-16, a beretta and several loaded magazines for both. For Erin just the beretta and three magazines all loaded. I brought a second rifle for Brian and left it at that. We met Brian, Claire, Erika and Dr Rook on the main floor with 3 minutes left on my timer. I suggested we head across the street to the pizza parlor. From there if we had to retreat we could and knew the path as we’d come in that way. Plus we’d be able to see what happens when the soldiers arrived.

Brian was in agreement and as a group we met Pete outside. The seven of us then proceeded across the street to the pizza house. I saw O’Brien and the other officers leave as well, but then O’Brien turned and followed us. He motioned for another officer to join him and I stopped and waited. If you’d like the added security we’ll join you, or are you fleeing the embassy for good? No I said, we’re going to watch from across the street. We’re going to hope they leave again, and then go back in. Then we’d like to wait with you if it's all right O’Brien asked. I noticed Michaels’ SUV and the two patrol cars were gone already, and it dawned on me O’Brien was staying.

It’s fine I thought and agreed. No one seemed to have any trouble. We did have a little trouble getting across the fence. Dr. Rook, Pete's wife Jean and Pete himself had a lot of trouble getting over the fence but we managed to help them. The pizza parlor was locked, but O’Brien had no trouble breaking the door in and walking inside. When an alarm sounded he called the company and it soon went dead.

We were able to move up to a second floor that enabled us an ideal view of the front of the embassy. We kept the lights out so no one could see us. No phones no lights I urged. O’Brien noted he learned on the radio the trucks were passing Irish police forces outside the embassy. Moments later the trucks pulled up in front.

The drone flew right out the back of the first truck, it turned towards us, and both Brian and I raised rifles to take aim at it but it quickly turned and crashed through the remnants of the doorway we’d closed and into the embassy. A minute later, as we’d seen in the video, troops came out of both trucks and rushed up to the embassy in combat formation. There was one soldier watching drone footage on a portable screen I surmised and they entered on his command.

These soldiers were European. We couldn’t hear the voices. No African Americans, no Hispanic or Asian members of the team. The uniforms I did not recognize. There were no insignias. The rifles were kalashnikovs which I thought a bit odd. I thought the Russians’ had advanced to a new weapon but I was wrong. I could only imagine these soldiers were Russian, but there was no way to be sure without asking them.

The eternity was only about 5 or 6 minutes. The 15 or so soldiers that entered the building and 5 more outside began accumulating back at the truck. I had to admit. Brian and I could probably get 5 or 10 of them on the first magazine if we did it right. It was just a thought and a bad one for our families that is for sure. I had to remain calm and not get stupid.

More time passed. O’Brien was the diligent soldier and making sure all stayed quiet and as still. He had an earpiece in place and was getting information he wanted to share with me. Some sort of announcement is forthcoming via the media, but we can’t watch here. I think it will be in about 5 minutes.

To my dismay the trucks loaded up all but four of the soldiers. Two stayed outside the door and two went into the embassy. That was the worst outcome. I wanted to be able to retain the embassy for the other American’s. Soon the trucks began to pull away. “There is going to be a fight” O’Brien blurted out. What I said. Some Americans obtained weapons from our police they are going to ambush the trucks. In seconds a massive barrage of gunfire did in fact open up on both trucks. I could see from my vantage point the trucks were getting blasted just a few hundred feet away from the embassy from the opposite side of the road from us. The two soldiers at the embassy door were shooting in the attackers general direction. Brian slid the glass door in front of us open, and we both crawled onto the balcony overlooking the scene below. “Wait” I urged. Wait until the other two come out then let us take those 4. He nodded. O’Brien crawled out behind us. Soon the other two soldiers did come forward. The 4 of them were firing full auto in the direction of the building to our left and adjacent to the trucks. I’ll take the furthest to the right, you take the furthest to the left. Brian agreed. We had to expose ourselves over the balcony wall, gather aim, and single rounds began almost simultaneous. Then O’Brien who stood between us opened fire as well. More single rounds, my first round found its target on the soldier to the right and my second put another soldier under cover. My subsequent rounds kept him there and finally a 5th or 6th shot found him. Brian too scored a hit with his first target and I think O’Brien got the 4th soldier. All down.

O’Brien encouraged us back into the parlor and I said we need to check on those who engaged them. There was a TV no far from us and it didn't expose our position to turn it on. Erin, I encouraged, who had her weapon out, Pete, Jean and Claire please watch this presentation that is coming up it's supposed to be major. Brian, O’Brien and myself will go check on those who started the fight and see who our allies are. The girls and Dr. Rook agreed.

Outside we met with a group of civilians clamoring for weapons from the dead soldiers. Some of the soldiers were wounded. I feared they were about to get executed when O’Brien blurted out they are prisoners. We need them I agreed and asked for those engaging them to hand over a wound soldier for interrogation. They agreed. A young man, likely in his twenties, looking like a soldier approached me. You the guys upstairs that got the four in the building? Yes I said. Thank you he said. Chris is my name. From Sacramento, CA. I’m an army reservist on vacation here. I just couldn’t let them pass. How many are you, I asked and then realized maybe I shouldn’t? He was not bothered by it and said 20 or so. We got some good weapons from the cops and so we decided to hit them. We were hoping they were going to go away I admitted. Were you the guys inside? We were. The cops said there were some people inside and they’d asked the police to remove the bodies. We did, again in agreement.

Brian and the new soldier Chris seemed to hit it off too. They group decided to move back into the embassy. I told them where the weapons were that had been gathered. I already knew, I was bugging out, and heading back to the boat. As I walked back into the pizza parlor Erin looked down, she was in tears, and so were the others. Only Erika didn’t really gather what was going on.

What is it, I asked, Erin looked up at me. They just had an announcement. A new world order is in place. Russia, China and in their words several other countries have decided to eliminate the great obstacle to natural resources and peace. They have eliminated America. There order, Jean piped in, was to renounce your US citizenship, join a nation state and become members of the new society or die. Die we will Pete blurted out. No way I give up my citizenship. “All Americans are to be found and eliminated” they said.


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