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Chapter 10 the Fight begins

NetjrJul 9, 2018, 9:04:11 PM

In the next five weeks we’d had more success but also failure. The enemies of American people, as we now referred to them, began to understand there was an operation going out of the Round in Dublin Ireland. At about 3:30 am on what would have been Thanksgiving the forces attacked it in mass. Like the original assault in the Round it started with drones, then some rockets and finally a massive invasion force that one could only estimate as 1200 or more soldiers. The destruction of American was not 8 weeks in the past, and the effort to destroy any remaining Americans was in full swing.

The assault on the Round on Thanksgiving was reported as a minor offensive against American terrorist that blamed the New World Order for the countries destruction. The assault lasted almost an hour. It was more time than the Marine’s lasted on the Round’s first assault the day of the wreckoning as we now called it. Brian, Chris and many others survived. Dr. Rookard didn’t but his wife. He apparently got injured in the leg and couldn’t retreat. The Doctor and a few others held off the advancing hoard of soldiers long enough for a lot of people to retreat through a tunnel they’d created in the last 5-6 weeks. The tunnel never appeared on any plans so the enemy didn’t know it was even there. Those who escaped carried everything of value they could. They had weapons and ammunition, they salvaged some cash, gold, and many just carried food which was now of significant value and getting harder to get.

In order to bring peace to the world the New World Order issued a statement of rights (not a bill of rights) for all to enjoy.

1. Commerce is to be in the form of an International Green Back electronic fund. A fee of 5% on all transactions will be used to insure safe and legal commerce between all people, countries and corporations.

2. Religion is free to all practiced in the home and in the home only. It is forbidden to worship outside the home.

3. The justice system will follow an International guidance and have digital trials within no more than 72 hours of arrest. The digital court system will enable offenders to be tried from jail. Punishment colonies were established in Africa, South America and one being set up in America now for convicted offenders.

4. Communication is to be approved by a committee of common good. The committee is made up of two appointees from ten rotating countries in the UN. The members must be professors in good standing with a university in the country of origin.

5. The people will have a right to peace and freedom by insuring no civilian ownership of firearms.

The rules were adopted with only Japan, Israel and a small number of European countries in dissent. Banks were issued rules on collecting money from the Euro, the pound and even dollars (considered nearly worthless) in exchange for electronic greenback accounts. Gold and silver were given fixed sums of value that it was said would be permanent. Roughly 500 greenbacks for an ounce of gold and 10 for the same in silver. Use of barter, cash, or any other form of exchange but the greenback was considered criminal and subject to immediate prosecution.

Eight weeks and now the remaining Americans in Ireland were truly on the run with no base station. The committee established was back at five with Lyndays’ husband Bob taking her place. Her son attended most of the meetings and I could see the anger or rage in his eyes everytime we met. He was angry, but I wasn’t sure it was at the people who killed his mom. I wasn’t sure that it was at us or them.

In the 5 to 6 weeks we have been putting families on boats we have found positions in 12 different marinas and have 33 boats in use. We are working on about 7 more as I speak, Jim finished his report to the committee. Can any of the marina’s serve as a base for us, Brian asked? I don’t think so Jim said. Marinas are inherently wide open to the land and would be impossible to defend and even worse to try and escape from. Chris noted that his soldiers were posing as homeless members of an encampment just outside of Dublin. Brian and Dr. Rookard (Mrs.) were held up in a castle that was usually open to the public but had been closed since the wreckoning. They had about 20 others with them including many children - including Brian’s daughter.

We need a plan Bob said. My wife wanted to use the international court and it got her killed. We tried to establish a working community out of the embassy and it got Mr. Rookard and too many others killed, and we don’t have a community without some place to associate. I have an idea, Jim said, there is a property outside of Killarney that is a vacation resort and it’s not really all that well traveled in good times. I can’t imagine they have a lot of activity right now. We were staying there when it happened, Jim went on. I think we should see about working an agreement out with the purveyors of the property. There’d be room there for dozens of families, there could be gardening, and its remote enough that security would at least give defenses a chance and routes to escape from. Bob asked JIm and Chris to travel to Killarney together and check it out. By boat, Chris was concerned, he apparently didn’t like being on the ocean? No, Jim said, we get there and back in one day by car. The contingent of Americans had secured several cars from the embassy pool of vehicles. Chris had switched out some plates with local cars that seemed less than active so they didn’t scream US Diplomat when being driven. They’d already used them many times to make food runs to communities outside Dublin.

Jim moved the beneteau back next to the Cocker family from Texas. He apprised Mr. Cocker he was headed out and he agreed to keep an eye on both Erin and the boat in his absence. Jim openly worried the attack on the embassy could be followed up with one on the Marina. It would not be hard for them to learn six or seven boats had been purchased here by Americans. Only 3 of those boats were still in the marina and 3 were at other marina’s in town. The others had set up in marina’s north to Belfast mostly.

The drive to Killarney was not eventful. The men had obtained a “Greenback” card under the table for an ounce of gold. The card had 1500 greenbacks and the buyer was happy to have the gold instead of the card. He knew the transactions would be labeled as his own, but he had family in the states lost in the attack and was glad to help those in Ireland. Finding people like that was a full time job of some of the online bloggers in the American community.

Jim was correct in his assessment of the Irish cottages outside of Killarney. The property use to be a golf course many many years ago, but was now just a group of 30 condominiums on grassy hills and berms. The condo’s were all 2 bedroom and 2 bath except for 3 that were 3 bedroom and 3 bath. The units were surrounded by green grassy hills and very few trees. There was not much but farms around. This was about 7 miles out of the town of Killarney and there was only one main road into the property which was 2.5 miles almost straight. Chris, Jim could tell, really was hoping this would work out. We can defend this, he said, and we can create paths to run away and hide if need be. Jim agreed.

Once on the property Jim drove up to the caretakers house. He didn’t reach the door when the older man and his wife opened it up with shotgun in hand. It was pointed down, Jim noticed thankfully. Your stuff is still in the unit, the older man recognized Jim. I never told them an American was here. How are you getting by, Jim asked? Why do you care, he torted. His wife then slugged his arm, and said stop being a kinumbjen. Jim thought it was a funny exchange. You are being good to me, Jim said, and if you needed anything I wanted to help back? The man let off steam and tried to feign a smile. We’re ok young man, he said, to which Jim was begging for the opportunity to help him so he could ask about the resort.

Sir, Jim didn’t want to waste any time, we’d like to know how to lease your condos’ out long term? I’ll be clear and honest with you, something which Chris appeared fidgety over, we have a group of Americans that have no place to live. I’ve come across them and they need long term housing and I thought of this place. They are so far out of town I don’t think anyone will hunt them down out here and they’ll live here in peace. We could even exchange some work on the property for you if desired, and we can pay you in some way? The man was quiet. His wife stepped up and asked how we’d pay? When I came here, Jim said, you wanted $700 a week American and were not very busy. You have 25 or more units available? 28 she said. They lived in one and a farmer remodeling his house lived in one.

Jim asked if he could sit down and write it out for them? They invited the men into their home and to a dining table. Jim already had a pad and pen available. Look if you rent out all 28 units to us here is what we will do:

First we take over the grounds keeping 100%. Jim knew the older man was struggling to keep up with that.

Second you give us a list of repairs necessary and we’ll go to work on them. The people living here will have some skills and get them done.

Third we’ll start farming by personal garden in areas where the sprinklers for the course can be repaired and put to you. We’ll share 1/30th of the bounty of these gardens with you. You will not have to lift a finger for that.

Fourth, as I recall you were selling a condo for $90,000 American before the attack on our country? The 28 condos’ would thus be worth $2.52 million. We know that the current going rate for gold in terms of old dollars is about $10,000. We’ll give you 20 ounces right up front for 2 years of this agreement. That’s a pretty fair rent, Jim concluded.

I can’t get $200,000 for that gold the man noted. It's only worth 10,000 of their damn greenbacks. I know, Jim said, and I could give you 10,000 of the greenbacks if you preferred but they’d see that transaction. 20 ounces of gold is pretty small and easy to hold on to. The gentlemen’s wife spoke up; I don’t know how we’d pay the bills sir, she noted. We wouldn’t have the greenbacks, euro’s and we can’t spend the gold? You can get about 10,000 euros for an ounce of gold and transfer that to 10,000 greenbacks, Chris noted. We will help you with those transactions. We’re going to traveling all over the countryside and will be glad to shop that out for you.

Jim interrupted. Here is an idea. We pledge to you 20,000 greenbacks right now. However we set up a transfer to you of 800 weekly for 25 weeks. Can you pay your bills on that? Both of the elderly couple nodded that they could. You hold onto the 18 ounces of gold. We’ll start shopping it for you once we get people moved in here. When we score a sale of one we’ll set up increased weekly payments to you and never exceed 999 which is what they are watching out for. As we sell the gold off we’ll extend the weeks of payments from 25 to 104. You’ll be covered for the two years and have nearly 1000 greenbacks a week for 104 months. At least pretty close. You’ll still have some gold. I just need a few more things?

What the old man was grumpy again? I’ll need to be able to build some added shelters on the property for more people. We’ll do it quietly, we’ll do it where few can see the cottages or tents even in the beginning, and we’ll be creating added units for you at no extra cost. How many his wife asked? As many as we can safely locate here without bringing attention to us and you. As many as the land will hold, Jim said. I get veto power on that the old man demanded? I’m good with that Jim said. Chris agreed too. Deal, the man extended his hand, and Jim shook it then Chris.

The men managed to drive back to Dublin without concern. The news was received with great elation by Brian and others. The American’s would have a home for many. We can probably get 50-60 families in there with many doubling up at first. They can cram in, Chris said, and then they can develop some cottages outside the area. The soldiers can go right to work on escape routes, sentry positions, and means of protecting everyone. It was a monumental win, smiles were all around, and they felt like there was a home.

Brian asked Chris and Jim to join him, Bob and Mrs. Rookard for a private meeting. Private meetings Jim knew annoyed the other American’s. They didn’t like doing them. We need one more win, Brian said, we need a moral victory and I have a idea for it. Everyone was listening. When they hit the Round it was what was left of the initial 2,000 soldiers from China and Russia that worked out of their own embassies. Our film from that night suggests they started that battle with only about 1200 troops and ended with just about a 1000. Those troops are at a Russian embassy and a neighboring golf course. Those troops are sleeping at a golf course in tents. Before you left Chris had a few guys survey it and we can take them. They have less than ten men on sentry duty during the night. They fear nothing and have practically no defense. I want to attack, Brian said. Chris agreed. We cran raise almost a 100 soldiers, Chris went on. We can quietly hit the sentries. We then set up the 8 claymore mines we have and some explosives on their retreat towards the embassy and openly engage them on the other three sides from safe positions. When they push towards the embassy we blast them pretty good.

Mrs. Rookard was silent, Bob was silent, and Jim looked at the others with some blunt and honest questions. I’m not a soldier, Jim said, and neither is Bob I gather? I know you were both in our military and I know there are some men and women out there with similar experience but are you counting on civilians like us as being part of that 100? Chris nodded that he was. I don’t know how we’d stand up in battle against soldiers fighting for their lives, Jim said. I don’t like the odds. We could get over run easily by that volume of men?

It is about surprise, Chris said. We have just enough actual soldiers to take out the 10 sentries quietly. These same men place the claymores and return to secured positions in homes adjacent the golf course we’ll have to take them early in the day and fortify. We then use them to wreck hell down on them as they sleep and as they get up to fight. I think once they realize they are surrounded they’ll retreat towards the embassy. There are only two paths to the embassy from the country club, and we’ll line each with 4 claymore mines. We remote detonate them when we can hit the most of their troops.

Jim was quiet as was Bob and Mrs. Rookard. I think we do better, Bob said. I think we take them all out. We need to to act quickly, Jim said. The reconnaissance of them is valid now but for how long, and what if they get reinforcements? They are down 50% already. They could have a request in for more troops. We just need a win Chris interrupted. I want to inflict damage, leave an American flag in their face and get a video of it to share with the world that our country isn’t done! I get that, Jim said, but Bob is right. If we inflict damage on half of them the other half will mow our few forces down. I think we can get them all, Jim smiled. How’s that Brian wanted to know?

We do to them what they did to our country. We nuke em, Brian smiled? Almost, Jim said. I’m counting about 40 tents here? Yes, Chris said. We can get 40 drones. I’ll bet we already have that many Jim went on. We hit every tent with as much explosive as we can build and put together and we get enough on each drone to violently destroy each and every tent. The few soldiers you have, Chris, can then sniper out the sentries and any that make it out of the tents. We can place the claymores here and here as a backup. Here, Jim pointed to his ipad, between the houses and tents, and here and here on the paths to the embassy. Also, Jim said, we should drop a claymore on this side of the embassy so no one comes to the park from it. Can we really build explosives big enough for a drone to take on one of those tents? Yes, Jim smiled, don’t you have your cookbook? Brian looked inquisitive? Your anarchist cookbook?

The next day the drones were accumulated, batteries charged, and a lot of chemicals found at drug stores and other outlets across the neighborhoods. Several of Chris’ men forcefully removed cases of nails, screws and nuts from a hardware store. Most of the drones could carry a 4 lb payload. The chemical explosive took about 2 lbs and the rest was the metal ordinance. There were exactly 40 drones and 40 tents. A 41st drone was used to test the detonation and impact area well outside of town mid day. It did a number on the area twice the size of the tent. Jim was pleased with the results.

The group organized 118 guns and 27 other people who didn’t have firearms but would stand behind those who did. There were 40 people flying drones and each had a mapped target. To make it hard for them to hear the drones coming and to fuel a distraction a fireworks show was to be launched on the opposite side of the embassy. With it came ten sniper rounds hitting 10 sentry targets instantly. Moments later the drones all launched. The claymores were put into place, and then the rifles were put to the ready. A major explosion under the fireworks show lit a fire high into the sky, and just as each drone slammed directly into its target. Each pilot quickly reporting a hit as the tents exploded in front of them. It was a full minute before a single occupant of a tent managed to stumble out. It was barely a second later when a round found them and put them down. The tents burned. The men inside them died of their injuries or smoke and did so quickly.

Chris and his men raided the golf cart barn of the country club not far from the four tents that were not targeted. Men came out of them ready for combat but were quickly dispatched by civilian snipers ready for them. The recon on these tents suggested no more then 2 men in each; for they were not actually tents - they were warehouses. Chris and the active soldiers quietly rode forth on the well charged golf carts to the tents. They raced in without opposition. Inside the soldiers began accumulating rifles, ammo, and other munitions. Two of the tents were armament and two where food and essential items. The American soldiers were quickly joined by a second company of civilians. Jim brought them in, 21 men in the team, and they quickly looted the tents with 6 of the men looking out for any survivors from the attack.

Within just five minutes the 18 golf carts retreated pretty slowly. They were weighed down heavily with all they could carry. Jim’s unit didn’t take a seat but was able to push them along and escort them back into the adjoining neighborhood. There they had four stolen trucks from the compound courtesy of Bob’s small team with his son John looking out for enemy combatants. The group transferred the assets to the trucks. It was an 11 minute operation. Brian placed an American Flag outside the burning tents, got an image of himself, the flag and the burning chaos behind him. That short video would tell it all:

This message is to Americans and all. Americans’ fight back. We did, you can, and you shall. To the world we aren’t done. We’re just getting started. Brian was not a great orator but that speech would be remembered for some time.

The American’s then executed an exodus plan. Most headed with the trucks and embassy cars to the Killarney property secured just a few days before. Others headed to various marinas to double up with families on boats. The fight was on.