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Robert Aaron Rude (AKA) Leif Aronson, LowKey Floki I was shadow ban from IG&FB after i shared MY personal story and experiences with surviving child slavery… I’m looking forward to being able to share my true stories without being lumped into a global conspiracy! I be-living in humility, humanity, love, freedom, experience! working on self education/understanding yoga, martial arts, leadership academy’s, yoga_retreats, mens groups, & a yearly spiritual summer camp(6years & running)
a special brand of folk metal, acoustic pirate music, with pirate musings from time-to-time ~
Author of three books and five documentaries.
Critical Thinking Skills Is Imperative For A Healthy, Awaken, Productive Society-- Derrick https://allmylinks.com/derrickcbyron
Eco-entrepreneur, founder of Eco-Minded Club, organizer, guide and translator at Dolmen Tours and Vedic Russia spiritual Retreats. Here you can read more about my life path: https://ecominded.net/your-guide-and-translator
Self Employed Mobile Mechanic. I do service calls on farms and businesses in my local aria. I also film local Wisconsin live music.
Missouri, United States
Jan 2018
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