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Red Pill Nation Hangout #110 Tonights Topics 1. 4:46 Justin Trudeau Dishonesty on Global Warming 2. 24:19 Native Rail Pipeline Blockade 3. 38:03 Andrew Scheer not at Canadian Premieres Conference 4. 46:58 Lily Singh Bombs at NBA Roast 5. 55:55 Eternals future Get Woke, Go Broke? 6. 1:12:48 Bob Eiger steps down as Disney CEO 7. 1:27:29 Democrat Party Civil War Like, Subscribe,Share
Red Pill Nation Hangout #111 Tonights Topics 3:38 Taylor Swift's Misandric Man Video 20:42 Australian Feminists are attempting to blame ALL Men for a violent Domestic Homicide 31:36 Greta Thunberg truck sticker offends lefties 46:45 Producer of Birds of Prey Admits Get woke go broke is a known thing in Hollywood 58:49 Disney Rewriting Entire Star Wars Universe! 1:19:54 Reddit ramps up the Censorship on r/TheDonald 1:32:54 Roger Stone Trial and Sentencing 1:40:44 Super Tuesday Results *Correction on item #4 it wasn't the Director it was one of the producers
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