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2020 brought Gaea the formula of all quant universes and its open source program that shows a slice of the real cosmos we live on. The #FractalUniverseRevolution is Unstoppable! I am a collection of replaceable human (mi & mi friends) and technological (mi pici, the internetz, dis site) components, collaborating to provide the substrate for the evolution of #BAUniC and #FractalUniverseRevolution. Building A Universe Competition #BAUniC is a collaborative/competitive/challenging friendly Earth meant to grow our knowledge about the fractal base of reality, augmenting our imagination, evolving language to better express ideas and concepts. Any donation will be used to promote #BAUniC and #FractalUniverseRevolution in the same obsessive way it was always done, or better, as I grow into this skin.

Nice to meet you, my name is Sonpahien, however that is only my pen name. I am interested in philosophy, science, and a bit of politics. My mission is to spread rationality, skepticism and knowledge as well as gain knowledge myself; all in the parameters of humility and respect. I hope to be able to create a nice place of discourse. Thank you (^^)

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Feb 2017
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