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A collection of replaceable human (mi & mi friends) and technological (mi pici, the internetz, dis site) components, collaborating to provide the substrate for the evolution of the #BAUniC meme. Building A Universe Competition #BAUniC is a collaborative/competitive/challenging friendly environment meant to encourage discussions about the fractal base of reality, augmenting our imagination to better understand concepts and function combinations, evolving language to better express ideas and concepts, transform these ideas in formula form, make them self-consistent, get programming code out of them, and render a slice of our universe into a computer. I will update either important stories relating to #BAUniC or #FUR #FractalUniverseRevolution, or semi-important stories to which #BAUniC and #FUR make a great difference, or non-important carefully selected easy entertainment bites occasionally for my own reminding of nice art and inspiring fractals from art rather than code. Any donation will be used to promote #BAUniC and #FractalUniverseRevolution in the same obsessive way it was always done, or better, as I grow into this skin. If instead you wish to donate directly to the pot of prizes for the winners of #BAUniC, go to @BAUniC Preferable regardless of donation to remind some of the #BAUniC stories or #FUR keks.
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Feb 2017
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